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Monday, 16 October 2017


Henry Ford saw an affordable & durable can for every American, today it’s a reality, as his company has stood the test of time in producing the said cars not just for Americans alone but for the world.

Marconi saw the possibility of radio transmission and he achieved it, his friends taught he was insane & took him to asylum. Today we have radio transmission in every part of the world.

The two Wright brothers, in 1899, said motor engines will fly; their father (a minister) doubted it. In 1903 they flew the first plane in Carolina.

Thomas Edwin & his team invented the electric both after countless trials. Aside this invention, he has over 1,000 (one thousand) patents on his name.
 ……….the list goes on and on.

A Vision is a mental picture or coordinated picture developed into a desirable future. The desired future could be your career, business, family, finances and so forth.  A Vision is meant to be credible and attractive.

A Vision is beyond your 5 senses; you only see it with your inner eyes. Vision is always about a future that is better than the present. Most times, the vision that comes to you will be beyond your capacity. Any vision that you only can carry out is not a vision but an illusion.

Vision is based on what you have inside of you. What you have inside of you will determine what you can see. What you can see is what you can get. Eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are very few.

What can you see concerning your business and career? What you cannot see, you cannot get. It takes people who can see what others cannot see to set the pace. What level do you see your business or career operating in the economy or your field? The responsibility to see is upon you.

Basic Requirements For Developing And Running With A Vision:

See beyond the now: If you’re always seeing things around you, you’ll never have your inner eyes developed. “Whatsoever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.”  Start painting pictures about the future of your business or career.

The difference between leaders & followers is what they see. What you’re seeing in the business world is what makes you an entrepreneur; what you’re seeing in the business world is what is really dragging you there.

The business you’re venturing into is a vision in itself or a vision to you and it’s a journey that you’ll definitely need people to come along with you. To what extent do you want to drive it?

Do not say something is impossible; always find a way around it.

Build a strong followership: As an entrepreneur, the people you’ll need to come along with you will constitute your team. Build a strong relationship with them. Show them what they stand to benefit from the vision when they follow you. In your team, some will work with you as colleagues, some as subordinates and others as superiors (mentors).

Build a strong relationship with your subordinates, develop the ability to listen, empathize with them and understand them from their point of view. Convince them you have their best interest at heart. People buy into the leader before buying into the vision on what the leader has.

When you build a strong followership, then you’re on your way to the top.

Develop your communicating skills: Whatever you have to say, there is always how to say it when to say it & where to say it.
You need communication to paint the picture. Paint a picture of a preferable future. This calls for openness from you. Show that the vision will come to pass. Tell them the vision is beyond you. It is how far you can allow the Spirit of God to lead you that you can lead others.

Have genuine love for people: Your vision will not find expression, if you are in the habit of using & dumping people. You must be amiable (approachable). Put what is important to the people within the vision. Don’t take back from the people what they need to get from the vision. Sometimes, see from their perspective and operate from their terms.

Write down the Vision:  You must be able to articulate it through documentation. This will help you not lose the ingredients.  “The shortest pen is better than the longest memory”. Develop the capacity to write; your ability to document & break it into pieces will enable others come in and be a part of it.

Incorporate the vision: Register your business, which is the means to achieving in vision, with the appropriate body in your country. Find out the body responsible for this in your country.  In Nigeria, The Corporate Affairs Commission is responsible for this.   

Organize things: Organize how people will participate in it, organize meetings, trainings, seminars, and so on. Ensure that the vision is together. Come up with ways that will make people always remember the vision. Make sure your daily activities focuses on the vision.

You can use slogans, symbols, signs, scripture, and so on, to make people remember the vision.

Be the vision personified: Live and act the vision your life around the vision position or part yourself in a way that each time people see you, they‘ll remember the vision.


Everybody is not called to be an entrepreneur. Some are called to be helpers, that is why we have employers & employees in every given economy.

A good vision is centered on adding value to humanity rather than just making of profit.
To make your vision come true, there are better ways of applying them. 

1.  Build capacity: As an entrepreneur, you must grow into the size of your vision. If you want to own a group of companies, for instance, you must develop the abilities with time to be capable of handling a group of companies. Develop yourself to what the division demands.

It starts from within. You need to take in things that will help your inner man. It will be disastrous for you to bring people into a vision when you’re not growing. Stop trying to catch outside what you’ve not grown inside. Put yourself to continuous training & learning.

Model after some people that have done what you intend doing. Keep eating what you require to eat to grow you inside. Always do the following: Read relevant books, scripture, meditations, seminars & workshops, and many more. You have no claim to those following you the day you stop growing. Grow from your inside. Growing is a life time thing.

2. Acquire knowledge: While growing yourself also grow your followers to the size of the vision. Train them to the level of competence they require to carry the vision with you. While helping them, help their self-esteem. Self Esteem is the way they see themselves. They should have the right perspective about life.

3.  Plan around the vision:  Planning is the key to realizing a vision. Learn to plan on paper; if you don’t succeed on paper, you cannot succeed in real life. The moment you’re able to put it on paper, you’re ready to run with it.
Have an inner cycle to screen what you do.

4.Organize around your vision:  Develop structures. For instance, who takes responsibility for what structures the vision to give adequate support to it. There’s a popular saying that goes thus: “If you don’t organize, you’ll agonize.”

5.  Model the vision: Be an example of or be like the vision. Your passion is what will help you achieve this.  If you’re not enthusiastic about your vision, nobody will. It may not be working initially; if you stay on it, the vision will flourish at the appropriate time. Become the vision personified, such that your daily living will show that you believe in it.

6. Have long & short-term goals: Goals are targets that enable you achieve the vision with time. Each goal you achieve brings you closer to your vision. Short-term goals are 1month, 6months, 1 year & 5 years. Long-term goals are 10years, 50 years, 100 years and more. Break your vision into goals.

Your goals are the key to your vision. Document your goals & review them on a regular basis. Develop a step by step plan to achieve your goals and Keep the goals before you daily, in no time you’ll be moving from one level to the other.

7.  Know the price: Every Vision has a price to pay. Brainstorm with your people and determine the price you have to pay. There is no such thing as nothing for something. There must be something you must give to get. Just knowing the price is never enough. Set yourself in motion to pay the price.

8.  Consider team members: Remember, people around you have their own vision as well. Align your vision with theirs or make them align their vision with yours. 

CONCLUSION: “Everyone looks at the sky but don’t see the same horizon – Zig Ziglar. What you see determines what you get. What you get is a function of how far you can see and act. Action puts your vision in motion for its manifestation.

That vision you bear is a baby and must be nurtured with all intent and purpose until it is birthed for the benefit of both you and the world.  

Sunday, 15 October 2017


One of the best places to buy land in the whole world, in fact the best place to buy land in the whole world, in terms of value is right here in Lagos Nigeria. The most expensive land in the world is right here in Ikoyi and Banana Island...

That’s not conjecture, that’s fact, economic fact. Lagos is growing by 6000 people daily, that is nearly 2 million people every year. It means Land is becoming scarce, that is, if you buy land today, tomorrow your land will be worth very much money.

You may not be able to afford Banana Island or Ikoyi right now, but please go and buy land somewhere quickly because God transfers wealth by giving you land.

After a period of time after you’ve bought the land, He increases the value of the land, because you being on that land adds value to it, as a result, more people want to come.

Anytime there is a major wealth transfer in the Bible, He gives the people He’s transferring wealth to, land. You have nothing in terrestrial terms unless you have land.

My father bought land for something like £2000, nearly 50 years ago on Victoria Island. It was federal government or Lagos state government allocation on Akin Adesola.

From the revenue he generated from building the house for free, because G-Cappa built it for him for free and collected the rent for 5-10 years and that was the payment for the house. That house or the two houses he built there paid my education and my brother’s education in the finest schools in the world…

After it paid for my education and generated revenue, my family decided they were going to liquidate the property and they liquidated it and the value that came to me in my equity was phenomenal, from £2000, 50 years ago. It provided for me nearly the value of a million dollars.

You don’t know what land you buy today for peanuts that will be millions tomorrow for your children to inherit.

With the city that is exploding so massively as far as population is concerned, today we are buying land and there is hardly any land to buy.

Tomorrow we’ll be buying floors like they do in New York. What land costs today, floors will cost tomorrow and there will be 100 floors, 50 floors, and 20 floors and if you own the land underneath those floors, you are multiplying wealth for your children.

They will be kissing your photograph whilst you’ve been in the grave for 5 generations saying: “Oh we bless God for great, great, great, great grandpa” while your bones are rotten in Ikoyi cemetery and your spirit is dancing on streets of Gold…...

When you get land, it means God is securing your future, because real estate doesn’t just secure today, it secures tomorrow.

My father bought land for nothing and it was not of much value then, but 50 years later it’s worth billions. What you buy for millions today will be worth billions half a century from now, may be even less with the kind of population explosion that we have. Victoria Island: nobody wanted to buy land there, it was marsh, re-claimed land, but 50 years later that property with buildings on it is worth a billion.

We bought for ₦25 million, 10 years ago; House On the Rock bought just under 10 acres of property on the Lekki Peninsula for our worship site... today, without the brick and mortar on it, that land by the valuers is valued at ₦3 billion. In other words, we’ve created an asset base with 10 years differential of ₦3 billion with just ₦25 million. When you put the building on it and is finished and furnished, they told me the value will be at least 10 billion naira today. What about 50 years from now?

… Go and buy land and go and buy it quickly because without Land you are not really a power base.

Click here to view him on youtube:

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"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." Proverbs 17:22 KJV

Take a look at the image above: What do you see?

In the course of the week, I wasn’t happy at some point because someone disappointed me. I gave him a job to be delivered on Monday  morning and he couldn’t deliver it even on Tuesday and that singular art almost made a mess of my week.

I came in contact with this image on Friday evening on facebook and immediately I was lifted in my spirit. Instantly I said good bye to the issue at hand (the disappointment) ; as I write this post, the job is still pending.

Take a look at her again. What do you see?

I see Gratitude, Joy, confidence, Beauty of life, all smiles, courage, carriage, positivity, happiness, Hope, Inspiration…….. just name them. She radiates all of these and more in spite of her condition. She has defeated the circumstance.

What is that challenge you are passing through that is making you look sad, down casted, dejected, abandoned, vexed, discouraged, depressed, broken and more!

Do you think God is deaf or He is happy seeing you go through what you’re going through? Focusing on what seem not to be working ingratitude.

Many a time, we tend to forget the things working in our lives and focus on the things that are not working. This attitude ties God’s hands from coming in our direction, hence we miss the mark.

A heart of gratitude attracts God. Imagine when you keep attracting God. It means every good thing in life becomes bread for you.

I want us to learn from the lady in the image. In spite of her condition, you cannot see her and not want to identify with her or favour her; she’s a positive magnet. She’s a great inspiration to me; she’s gratitude personified. I don’t know about you.

Someone said, (paraphrased) “You may have been punctured or lost the valuables, but you’ve got LIFE which gives you the chance to still look your very BEST and so very BEAUTIFUL!” –  Solomon Ekpo. 

No matter what you’re going through, the solution is in your attitude. So, cheer up, so you can magnet the solution to your challenge. Gratitude is what God wants from us per second.

You’re out of every challenge by simple obedience, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Have A Merry Merry Sunday And An Exceptional Week Ahead! 


TOPIC: Service – The Mystery To Divine Exemption And Upliftment.

TEXT:  ……. The labourer is worth of his wages. ( 1 Timothy 5:18) KJV

It beats some people’s imagination how that Rehab’s name is among the generals in the scriptures. One cannot wonder, but ask why she is listed among the generals. The answer is simple – Service. She rendered service unto God’s people and she enjoyed divine exception. 

The scriptures recorded that she was a harlot, yet she enjoyed divine exemption.  When God’s people came to destroy the city of Jericho, she was exempted, not because she was righteous, but because she rendered a service in the past. Joshua 2.

This means, on that day, everyone under her roof, including the men that came to patronize her were exempted from destruction. What a humourous God we serve! Her service unto God saved her and everyone/thing associated with her. What a mystery? Long after she’s gone, we still talk about her.

Where are you in the kingdom? Are you are stakeholder or just an on-looker? Stakeholders in the kingdom are those that contribute to the advancement of the kingdom, while the onlookers are just there watching what is going on, on a daily basis. Worst still, there are some that behave like nothing is going on, let alone watching.  

I want to believe you are a kingdom stakeholder; there is so much you stand to gain as a stakeholder.  Why do we say stakeholder? Service!  Service or stewardship in the kingdom makes you a stakeholder and is your gateway to divine exception and upliftment.

What area are you serving in the kingdom? There are various areas you can involve yourself and serve in the kingdom – Soul winning, kingdom advancement prayers, financial seed for kingdom advancement, giving to the needy, belonging to as service group in your local assembly, praying for great men of God, praying for follow brethren in need of one thing or the other and more.

Committing yourself to one or more of these causes paves way for you. When you do any of these consistently, the concerns in life are addressed automatically, without your asking from God; “what you make happen for others, you make happen for yourself.”

For instance, there are people that have been on the prayer alter for kingdom advancement and their challenges in life were solved without struggle. When they stopped praying or became lazy about prayer, challenges in their lives sprang up. I am one of such people.  

The prodigal son was restored when he made up his mind to become a servant in his father’s house - Luke 15:11-32. He was ready to become a servant, but he was restored to His place. Service in the kingdom will take you places and also restore you in destiny.

In the time of need, your service in the kingdom will speak for you. According to our opening scripture, you are worthy of your wages. Your wages can come in different forms -  Healing, fruit of the womb, breakthroughs in your finances, business, career and marital, healing in relationships, deliverance, exemption from unseen dangers, Honour, Posterity and more.  

When experiencing prolonged challenges as a service person in the kingdom, you have every reason to ask in confidence for the resolution of  such challenges. It is written, “and concerning the work of my hands command ye me”  - Isaiah 45:11. You cannot command God to do your bid if you have not done His own bid.

I don’t know what you have been  believing God for in your life.  That seemingly stumbling block in your life is bound to give way when you give yourself to kingdom stewardship. You don’t need to know how it would bow out, just give yourself to service and God will do the rest.

Kingdom Stewardship does not speak for you alone, in most cases; for your household, descendants, friends and everyone that cares to identify with you.

Example: The great men of God around us today- everyone hovering around them, be it a family member or an outsider, enjoys the grace upon their lives. What you do today in the kingdom will speak for you and your household now and even long after you’re gone to the great beyond.

A family in my home town built a church in the 1950s and they were very receptive to missionaries at the time. Today, you can barely see a member of that family becoming a concern. They are great people, highly favoured and honoured in the community and wherever they go.

You might be hurt at several points in the cause of rendering your service in the kingdom, by fellow brethren or other people; ignore them and focus on your focus. God is the rewarder, focus on Him.

Do something about kingdom stewardship today and see the hand of the Lord in your life and everything around you.


A life of divine exemption & upliftment can only be made possible by the spirit of God.  If you are yet to receive Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, being born again, this is the time to do so; the first step you need to take for God to grant divine exemption & upliftment  is for you to be born again. You become born again by accepting Jesus as you Lord and Master. 

Make Jesus the Lord and master of your life by praying this prayer:

Lord Jesus, I know I’m a sinner, And I believe you died for me, I surrender my life to you this minute, Please come in and cleanse me with your blood, From now on, you are the master of my life.

I’m cleansed, I’m saved and I’m born again, until the day of your appearing, In Jesus’ name, Amen!

CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the new world of eternal life! Your triumph is sure from this minute.

You can visit the following websites for resources for your growth and sustenance in Christ - www.domionlinestore.org

You can also click to view messages on youtube from the Great men of God listed below: 

and a host of others.

To reach us, you can fill the Contact me form on your right. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!

To you that is born again and still dwell in sin, plead for His forgiveness and mercy this minute and turn from your wicked ways, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

General Prayer: Father, I receive grace to become a kingdom steward, so i can enjoy divine exemption & upliftment in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Receive grace and revelation for kingdom stewardship, in Jesus’ name, amen!

Saturday, 14 October 2017


ABC & VIP Gardens are Real Estate brands of Pertinence Limited, with almost 30 estate locations across Nigeria.

We want to specially invite you to identify with us in our forth coming promo Launch, happening live in Lekki, Lagos.

The Lekki edition of the promo launch promises to be second to none in the history of Promo launch, both in Pertinence Limited and the Real estate industry in Nigeria.  

We have the bragging right as the first company ever, to organize a Promo Launch in the real estate industry in Nigeria.

Promo Launch is a season of giveaway from Pertinence Limited to her highly esteemed clients/customers and prospects.

You can never be wrong identifying with us as a brand.   


1.     An Automatic all-expense paid trip to Dubai come November 2017, when you subscribe to our Lakowe-Ajah estate. Also,Instant allocation and free architectural design. 

2.     Invest in plots of land at a huge discount ( Outright payment or Installment).

3.     Lectures on how to become a multi-millionaire through Real Estate investment and trading, hence using Real Estate as a Wealth Creation & Retention tool.

4.     A chance to win a free plot of land.

5.     A chance to win a brand new car.

6.     Learn how to start Real Estate business with little or no money.

7.     An opportunity to know more about the future of the Real estate industry in Nigeria.

8.     An opportunity to work with us.

9.      To know more on how to use Real Estate for Retirement planning.

    10.  Discover how to build your first house or more houses with little or no money.

    11.   Take advantage of the new locations to be unveiled, as the prices will be
            mouth- watering.

12.  To have a better knowledge of the plans & prospects of ABC & VIP Gardens, for your Real Estate investment decisions.

13.  Interact with already existing Customers to know the Real Truth about ABC &
       VIP Gardens.

14.  We are a company with integrity: With over 4,000 Customers and still counting, we are yet to record a case of fraud or deceit.

15.  We are dependable: You can invest with us and go to sleep with your two eyes closed.

DATE: Saturday, October 28th, 2017.

VENUE: Monarch Gardens Events Centre, 2 Osap London Way, Jakande Bus stop, Lekki
               (After Shoprite), Lagos, Nigeria.

TIME: 11am.

FEE: #5,000 (Five Thousand Naira Only).

Hurry and reserve your seat now!

Do not miss this event for anything.

For enquiries and seat reservation, call:

08160009959, 08170429967

The locations are as follows:

LAGOS: Lakowe golf course environs* Sangotedo-Ajah*  Ayeteju- Ibeju-Lekki* Osoroko-Ibeju-lekki* Festac-end of 6th Avenue* Festac estention-Abule-Ado* OPIC estate-Agbara* Magbon Town-Badagry express way* Agbowa-Ikorodu.
ABUJA: Trade Moore – Airport road* Kuje-Abuja*  Soka Villa extension* Gwagwalada
OGUN STATE: Sango-Ifo Okenla* Sango-Ifo Sojuolu 1&2* Sango-Ifo Ilogbo-Mosa* Ewekoro-Itori 1,2 & 3*  Ofada-Owode Olori Itori* Ajibawo-Onse Atan Ota* Sokoto road Atan Ota* Atan Lemomu*  Ofada-Owode Afojupa-Nla* Ita-Oshin Abeokuta* Abada-Oko Abeokuta.

ILORIN: Agbabiaka Tanke* Eyenkorin- Olooko* Eyenkorin- Arowosaye* Beside Metropolitan Square-Sadam.
EASTERN NIGERIA: Akwa- Anambra* Agbala Aba Road Owerri* Ako-Nike Enugu* Iselle Azagba Asaba* Okpanam- Asaba … still counting.

Some of our locations are fully subscribed.

Image below: Free house winner in 2016 Promo Launch

Hear what customers and Partners are saying about Pertinence Limited:

Adesola Bosede When you are talking about integrity, Pertinence Limited is the best. Every other good quality can be found in this company and with my own personal experience, I believe we are moving to the topmost top. Don't forget Rome was not built in a day and this is just a tip of an iceberg.

Itodo Joseph Pertinence limited is really people empowerment, reliable, high integrity and productivity rewarding company. Join me achieve your dreams here. Be your own landlord buy a house or land from us today without fear of encroachment or seizure by anyone.

For more on the Promo Launch join us on AIT shoppers’ guide today and next week’s Saturday at 6:30pm.


Click here to view Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s  submission on the value of Real Estate investment. 

See you there!

Friday, 13 October 2017


I want to share a training a attended yesterday with you. It was a  Customer Service training organized by  Pertinence Limited. The training was facilitated by Mrs Bosede Olusola-Obasa, the Lead Facilitator, Royal Character & Values Limited, Lagos.

Lecture begins here: 

A lot of things we don’t do well are the things we don’t think well about.
In retrospect: Identify a product or service provider that recently left you with something to remember after patronage - (Positive or negative).

Every customer has got an expectation. At the end of the encounter with you is an experience.

-         Resetting mindset
-         Get the value orientation.
-         Expectation meets experience
-         It’s a relationship
-         Reminders.
What is a mindset? A mind set is a set of belief system that influences our attitude.  You cannot produce better than the capacity your mind has to accept, produce and deliver.

1.     Customer service is not just a role to play; it is a life to live. It happens everywhere. If it’s only a role to play, you’ll only do it right when you’re being watched.  It is a live that you must live. Every area of your life must play customer service.

2.     Customer service is not just what to do, it’s who to become.  It is leaving  playing a role to life living. So, who are you?  Whether a front desk officer or a teller at the bank, be a person who is customer service personified. 

You would need to be more than an actor for you to get and retain customers.  Know your customers’ birthdays, if you must be serious with them. Birthdays are more than wedding anniversaries; you need to be alive to have a marriage.

Your staff should have an identity such that whoever relates with them will know they’re your staff. Have a culture.  Shift your mindset and put in the right perspective and you’ll know the best things are cheap.  Example: Smile, breathe……...

3.     Customer service is not just a department to have, it is a culture to hold. It is not somebody’s business; it’s everybody’s business.

4.     Customer service is not just service to offer; it is a relationship to nurture! It is not just resolving complains; it’s always seeing through the customer’s eyes.

A marketer, for instance, should know he/she is in-between the customer and the company & not expect customer service department to handle issues alone.  As a marketer, you are not expected to slater your customer to the company and vice versa.

5.     Customer service is not being reactive; it is being proactive.  You don’t decide how a customer reacts to an issue. Such reactions are emotionally tied up. You’re not supposed to react, but respond.  Reacting makes a mess of your business or the issue at hand.  Be calm so you can understand the customer first.  Respond to the issue rather than reacting to the action from the customer; it would escalate the issue. If anyone must be calm, it’s you.

Customer service is not just meeting customers’ expectations; exceeding the customers’ expectations.  Stop planning to meet expectations, go ahead to plan exceeding expectations and it doesn’t come by wishing.

6.     Customer service is not just what you think the customer  needs; it is what you found that the customer wants. Expectations are ever growing. Do not think that you know what he/she needs, go ahead to find out what he/she wants.

7.     Customer service is not just believing you did your best; when the customer says you did well.

8.     Customer service is not just plotting to do the big things; it is doing the regular little things that count.

9.     Customer service is not being great once in a long while; it is being intentional about always leaving a lasting and right impression on the customer’s heart.

10.                        Customer service begins with value orientation:

Value orientation doses:
1.     Others may have your qualification; if they don’t have your quality, they don’t belong to your class. There are many players in the industry.

2.     Other products may have the same packages as yours, if they are not well packaged, they don’t belong to your class.

3.     Other containers may look exactly like yours, if they don’t have your content, they cannot affect your market prospects.

4.     Customer service is the provision of service, before, during and after.

5.     Customer service is not just a service to offer; it’s a relationship to nurture.  In customer service, you woo a customer, he /she gets hooked and you either keep or loose him/her.  The link between hooking and losing a customer is customer service.

6.     Their interest to you is more than money the money you get from them. You can go a step further to become a value adding person to them.

Exercise:  Do you deserve your customer’s loyalty?  State 5 reasons.

Facts about customer service:

Do you know that:
a.     90% customers never complain about a poor service; they just walk away.

b.     96% businesses never hear from customers?

c.      More customers can be lost to poor customer service than a poor product quality?

d.     68% customers leave because they feel mistreated.

e.     It costs 5 times more to get a new customer than to retain an existing one?

f.       Good customer service can avert losses by 25-85%?

g.     If a customer is happy with you products or service, he will tell 5 people?

h.     It he is unhappy with your products or service, he will tell 10 people?

In moving from connection to retention, you must be and have the following:
1.     Be creative

2.     Be intentional

3.     Be genuine. Be real. Be you.

4.     Be prompt and responsive; customers will never outgrow things done instantly.

5.     Be empathetic

6.     Be reliable

7.     Be believable and trustworthy

8.     Use communications skills well.

1.     Customer service is an attitude; it’s not just a department.

2.     Your character is what remains with your customer long after you’ve left.

3.     Customer service is a relationship. Memories, experiences, feelings … drives decisions.

4.     You don’t need a fatter budget to execute customer service.

5.     Take a customers’ complain as a gift; majority of customers simply walk away.

6.     Customer service takes you being detailed.

7.     Make it a culture, integrate it into your personality.

8.     Use your communication skills well.  50% is body language, 43% is tone while 4% is words.

9.     Follow through on any issue. Give feedback as soon as amazing.

10.  Ask: would you recommend me or us to a friend?

CONCLUSION: Customer service is all about Help, assistance, guide, support and advice, relationship, and more. 

Mrs Bosede Olusola-Obasa is the Lead Facilitator, Royal Character & Values.

She is a regular host of the program – “Mind Your Character”  on Inspiration FM, 92.3, Lagos.  Click here to connect with her on facebook, for more on the program and other issues.