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  • Thank God for a responsible lecturer.

    "I’ll  do anything."  When you do anything to make grades. You'll do anything to get a job. Do anything to maintain the job. Do anything for promotion. Do anything to …………………

    Listen: Good grades and any other good thing are gotten through hardwork. 

    There are  no short cuts to success. 

    Our young ladies need to be well Tutored, counselled, coached, mentored and the like.

    When Bill gates said, “everyone needs a mentor”, he didn’t make any mistake.

    We need to take them by the hand and lead them through the right path in almost every issue/facet of life.

    Learn to invest time on the young ones around you. 

    Friday, 15 December 2017


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  • Let me quickly share something I have captioned: Secrets of Nurturing Your Hidden Talents.

    No matter how old you are, discovering and developing your hidden talents can lead to greater fulfillment in life — and possibly additional income.

    So why don’t more people take advantage of their hidden talents? When people choose careers early in life, the decision is often based less on their talents than on an immediate need for income… or the expectation of high salaries… or on the career paths of family or friends. And, because the job market places a high premium on experience, changing occupations in midlife often means taking a cut in pay.

    Later in life, people frequently think about the talents that they haven’t fully used. I spoke recently with a group of government employees. Their eyes lit up when they discussed retirement, a time when they could wake up each day eager to engage in activities that truly give them joy.

    To discover hidden talents…

    Think back to early successes and times of great enjoyment. Don’t be afraid to dredge up memories that go far back in the past. The standing ovation from your classmates for that solo you sang in your high school choir, for instance, might be the last time that you used your musical talent before it languished in a career that didn’t require that aptitude. Or how about that heroic moment when you caught a pass in the end zone and won the game for your college football team? Too bad your talent in sports wasn’t needed later in life.

    Or in your first job, you may have wowed the boss with your ability to speak Spanish to a group of visiting clients — only to spend the rest of your career in areas where language talents weren’t necessary.

    HELPFUL: Write a list of the talents that you haven’t used for many years. As you write the list, some will come to mind that you haven’t even thought of in quite a long time.

    Ask close friends and relatives about your talents. Others often see our strengths more clearly than we do. If you have any doubts about this, just think about your own friends and the talents that they fail to take advantage of. Friends who knew you early in life can be especially helpful.

    Try things that you’ve never done before but perhaps always wanted to.

    New activities often reveal talents and interests that have remained dormant for a long time.

    As people grow older, they rarely think that they need mentors. In fact, we can always use the advice of those with wisdom and experience. So when one or more people point you in the right direction, think of them as mentors.

    Keep in touch, and express your thanks whenever you have a success.

    Attend The Pathfinder Mentoring online class, by Dr Shogo,  coming up in January 2018. You need a Mentor! 


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  • Image: Harry Akinola - Johannesburg.   
    A Workplace Learning and Performance specialist. 

    Just to remind us: To play along the success route with less stress in 2018, you must learn and master the following:

    How to sell yourself, your products and services. 

    Communications skills both written and oral

    How to manage people.

    How to manage your emotions.

    How to manage projects.

    How to collaborate with others.

    How to manage money and cash flow.

    How to manage time.

    How to get knowledge & information continually.

    How to manage yourself and your life/home.

    Just like my former MD used to say, the bottom is crowded, while the up is free. Your place is at the top. Go take your place.

    It may seem difficult, but it’s very possible.

    Success does not come by accident. You must be deliberate about it.

    You can add to the list.


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  • I was in a client’s office in February this year, at Ajao estate, Lagos, and someone walked in. They got talking and finally closed a deal within 24 hours.  They both had been on the same street for some time without knowing  about each other’s business. Guess how this new client discovered my client?  He was online as usual, doing a search and my client’s business popped up through google map.

    Is your business on google map? If No, why the delay? Most Small business owners don’t know what it means to set up their businesses online, especially on google map, and as such have lost a good number of sales to their competition out of their ignorance.

    Google map is a good advertising and sales tool for small businesses with physical address and it’s absolutely free.  It doesn’t require any technical skill to put your business on google map. It is even easier than setting up a facebook account, which almost everyone is familiar with.

    The benefits of placing your small business on google map is enormous.  Do take advantage of it. As a Small business owner, you need every available and legal tool to boost your sales.

    Caroline Wabara, a Strategist and a Digital Marketing Consultant outlines the steps to placing your Small business on google map to boost your sales.
    If you do a business with physical presence and you’re yet to list it on google map, I urge you to do it right away and you’ll be glad you did. It’s so easy that you don’t need anyone to do it for you.

    Thursday, 14 December 2017


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  • The most important skills for the Digital Age are the 4Cs.
    Finland recently changed its national curriculum to this updated Digital Age model. By 2020, the country will replace the traditional classroom subjects with the 4Cs approach.
    1.     Communication skills: Sharing thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions.

    2.     Critical thinking skills: Looking at problems in a new way and linking learning across subjects and disciplines.

    3.     Collaboration skills: Working together to reach a goal. Putting talent, expertise, and smarts to work.

    4.     Creativity skills: Try new approaches to get things done equals innovation and invention.

    These four skills are essential to teamwork, which is essential for the innovation-driven hyperconnected world we live in today.
                                     Written by Hector Quintanilla. First published on

    To add to these skills, you also need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. With an entrepreneurial mindset you will always reason, work and tackle problems like the owner of the business you work with. 

    Employers/recruiters look out for this skill in today's market place. A typical example is Google Inc. They hire their people with entrepreneurial mindset, which is one of their success secrets.  

    Gone are the days when people just come to work, do their jobs and go home, leaving every other thing in the hands of the business owner(s). Employees and business owners do not reason the same way. Step up on your thinking. Put on the shoes of the owner(s) of the business you work in. 

    Today if you must excel in no time on your job, you must be an 'entrepreneur' working with/for another entrepreneur. 

    Having an entrepreneurial mindset is more than being a manager. Find out what it takes to have a entrepreneurial mindset, develop yourself in that light and the sky will be your launching pad in your career.

    What do you think? 

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017


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  • Yesterday- Tuesday, the 12th of December 2017- all roads led to #2 Tenuola close, Animashaun Bus Stop, Akowonjo-Egbeda Road, Egbeda, Lagos, where Pertinence group launched her Corporate head office. It was a gathering of major players in the real estate industry, financial partners, stakeholders- partners, customers, contractors, suppliers, staff, etc.

    The corporate head office comprises of 2 floors, a training hall with 500+ seating capacity with a massive parking lot. The master piece was completed in less than 6 months.

    The general manager and the first staff of the company - Mr Victory Cleanclay- in his address said, in the early days of the organization, the Directors kept talking about things to come and this master piece is one of their confessions.

    Giving glory to the Almighty God for His mercy, favour & grace, the two great minds ( Mr Widsom Ezekiel & Mr Olurunsheyi Sunday)
    behind the global brand made the attendees understand, this is just a tip of the iceberg. The world is yet to see the reality of the real vision of the organization.

    They further encouraged everyone present to have a vision and hold on to it and pursue it, irrespective of the circumstances.  

    In his charge, the Mentor to the Directors, Pastor Olumide Emmanuel said, there's a price for greatness. Everyone wants to be great, but not everyone is willing to pay the price. Everyone wanting to be great must be ready to pay the price.

    Pastor Olumide Emmanuel, stated his proteges' trade secrets - Dangerous prayers, Dangerous holiness (projected as integrity at the market place), Dangerous investment, and Dangerous giving.

    He thanked God in prayer for the Vision, provision and completion of the project. Pastor Olumide Emmanuel did the formal launch and dedication of the master piece by anointing the entirety of the structure with anointing oil.  

    More than ten Awards were given to both staff and partners, by the company, for outstanding performances, dedication  and conduct, one of which is car award. Two cars were given to two partners - Mrs Justina Omoyajowo & Mr David Charles - for their outstanding performances in sales.

    The new logo of the group was formally unveiled by one of the Directors, Mr Olorunsheyi Sunday.  

    The marketing Director, Mr Amos Yeboah, appreciated everyone present and stated that a twenty five storey twin-tower, as professed by the Directors at different occasions will be a reality in a few years to come. Awesome!

    The event ended with prayers, songs, light refreshment and a movie.

    Five years of grace, favour, mercy, strength, good health, hard work, relevant network…………. It’s the Lord’s doing and its marvelous in our eyes.

    The official launch of Pertinence Place (branch office), Ayeteju- Ajah, Lagos, is ongoing right now.

    Congratulations to the management, Staff and all stakeholders of Pertinence Group. 

    To God be the glory!

    Click here to watch videos for both the events on facebook. 


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  • I was at an event yesterday and the guest of honour,amongst other things, said, “There is a price for greatness. Everybody wants to be great, but everyone is not willing to pay the price." What then is the price for greatness?

    Yes, we are in a continent where things are not going the way they should, which have left a number of people handicap. Owing to the structures (social, health, Education, financial, political, economic, etc) inherent in the continent, brain drain has always been the order of the day for decades, as people migrate to other continents of the world in search of green pastures let alone greener pastures.

    These immigrants see ‘dead pastures’ in Africa and have taken to their heels to other continents in search of the ‘greener pastures’ and have lost their lives in the process. They believe the price for greatness or survival is to risk their lives in the desert, across the Mediterranean, sea and more.  So sad!

    On one hand some Africans are saying the place is no good place for anyone desiring the good things of life. On the other hand some Africans are saying, there’s always a way to get around things and achieve your desired result and these individuals have proven beyond reasonable doubt that Africa is The place.

    While some are weeping, cursing, blaming, migrating and the like. Others are thinking deeply on the soultions to Africa’s problems and are taking massive actions to salvage the situation, which have made them the ‘Kings’ of our time.

    Let’s hear from a group of ten African millionaires and billionaires (in dollars) who have made it through tick & tin, on the secrets of their successes - the price for greatness.

    Tuesday, 12 December 2017


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  • Young African,
    You are brave, you are resilient. You are savvy, you are entrepreneurial, and unlike the generations that have come before you, you are much hungrier for success. You call your ambition, “your hustle”, and you have several of them because you are tireless and eager to achieve financial independence – no matter how elusive it appears.

    You are optimistic but you are also anxious. You have seen others toil long and hard for economic security in vain, decades of labour without fruit. Some of your friends may have discussed emigrating with you – legally or illegally, and some may have lost their young lives crossing the Mediterranean in search of a future overseas where their talents are recognized and rewarded.

    You may even know a few in Libya, unsuspecting victims to the ugly acts of slave trade. A combination of these factors has left you disillusioned and disconnected. You don’t believe in politics. There is no use in getting involved. You have seldom experienced good governance, so you think, “What’s the point?” But despite the gloom, there actually is indeed a point.

    My generation and the ones before may have failed you, and the infrastructure for success glaringly absent – a persistent darkness in place of electricity, a stifling business environment that discourages enterprise and innovation, debilitating bureaucracy, inaccessible public officials who remain oblivious to your needs, an outdated education system in urgent need of reform– and the list goes on, but, if there’s anyone with the power to transform our continent and reshape our economic and social trajectory, it is YOU.

    There is formidable power in your intellect and creativity, your talent and ingenuity are rare, and your resolve and determination against all odds, can drive great change. But most importantly, the greatest force is in your numbers. Together, all 600 million of you that are under 30 years old, have the potential to be the most influential bloc on this continent. The indescribable influence that you can collectively wield, I hope that you soon fully understand and hopefully, deploy.

    Today, I’d like to discuss the inescapable reality of politics with you. It has been a busy week of traveling from Lagos to Boston, to Los Angeles, and in a few hours to New York, to receive BCIU’s inaugural Dwight Eisenhower Entrepreneurship Award, but I thought to take time out this evening to share a few thoughts with you. I have been inspired to share this with you after listening to my former professor at Harvard, Prof Michael Porter, whose session during our leadership council meeting of the Harvard Kennedy School Center of Public Leadership, was insightful, powerful, and very thought provoking.

    His well-articulated argument emphasized that as a people we cannot afford to remain passive about politics. Though his reference region was America, there are strong parallels with our own situation in Africa. The main root cause of our continent’s underlying failure to pull the majority of its citizens from the unyielding clutches of poverty is poor leadership, so then why do we continue to tell ourselves that politics exists in a realm outside our own realities?

    Why do we refuse to engage in the political process of identifying and supporting visionary candidates, instead we remain at the mercy of political leadership committed to putting private interest ahead of public interest. Leaders who are beholden to the ideology that political parties come before citizens. Leaders who are private gain-seeking actors.

    What we desperately need is a continent-wide awakening. We must grow to become active citizens who are committed to getting involved. The system is not self-correcting, there are no market forces at play to ensure that it corrects itself. It will require human actors – me and you – to identify and dismantle the structural impediments that fuel the status quo of bad leadership.

    We must address this issue both systemically and systematically. Our democracy has become very disconnected from being democratic, we must bring power back to the people. We must reform the rules of our electoral processes to inject more transparency. We must transform politics from being an industry for a few interests, to being about the people and addressing the public needs.

    We must change the oligopoly nature of our politics today to being one for the majority. The barriers to entry are high in politics, and very often, our best brains and talent are discouraged from running for office. We must dismantle these systems that keep away talented, individuals from joining the race.

    We must open the door for generations knocking after us. We must take advantage of our demographic dividend, millions of young people who are ready to make a change. We must welcome this new generation of new ideas and we must democratize access to opportunity for all. We must get more women involved in the process because when you empower women you empower communities.

    Structural reforms mean that no one individual can make this change alone, but with our collective voices and the realization that this is our time and that no one but us can save our continent, we can achieve change. We can no longer outsource politics or governance to people we do not trust. We must understand the inextricable link between governance, economic growth and national security. To pretend that politics does not influence the entirety of our lives harms us more than it benefits us.

     We must change the rules of the game. We must put up a coordinated front to reorient our values and bring power back to the people. Our leaders must be the best amongst us - those with the most transformative ideas and the capacity to deliver. . It should be the best amongst us leading us in government, in the military, in our judiciary and of course the corporate sector.

    We must instill accountability in our processes, but also hold ourselves accountable. We must play our own role in identifying and empowering those amongst us best placed to make this difference. To abscond from this duty is to be negligent of our responsibility to our continent.

    It won’t be easy, but nothing good comes easy. A famous man once said you should learn to categorize all your problems in three sections: Easy, Impossible and HARD but doable. When it’s easy, you should give it to someone else to handle. When it’s impossible, you shouldn’t bother with it. But when it’s hard but doable, you should go straight to work to make it happen.

    My fellow Africans, I appeal to you that though this task seems hard, it is entirely doable and we must begin this journey. Let us rise to this challenge and begin to elect leaders who we trust in and are confident will help us realize the social and economic hopes of our continent.


    Tony Elumelu is the Chairman of Heirs holdings, an investment company in Africa, and the founder of Tony Elumelu foundation. A foundation with a goal of raising 10, 000 Entrepreneurs across Africa in ten years.  The program is on and a number of lives are being transformed, directly and indirectly. 

    Monday, 11 December 2017


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  • Continued from part 1.  Click here for part 1

    SIGNS, WONDERS AND MIRACLES: Over Five hundred testimonies were recorded, but only 55 persons were called up stage to give their testimonies, amongst them were:

    A medical Doctor who gave birth to her first child (son) at the age of 55, after waiting for 24 years.  A deaconess at LFC Kogi, gave birth to her second child during Shiloh 2017 at Canaanland at age 58. She had her first baby at age 55.

    A sister, Nkechi Okwuone, had a career breakthrough after sowing an equivalent of her one year salary at Shiloh 2016. She was employed by Microsoft Nigeria and later became the country Lead of a multinational company in Nigeria with a salary that is 31 times her former salary.  

    She was honoured by the world bank as one of the four leading women in open data in Africa. Listed at the global chamber at the world economic forum in Africa. She is now in the curriculum of a department at Harvard University as a data champion in Africa, meaning she’s now a case study in Harvard University.  

    The sick were healed, strange movement in and on the body stopped, terminal diseases healed, the oppressed delivered, Promotions, breakthroughs in business, career, academics, finances and more.

    A total of 13 babies were born at Canaanland during Shiloh 2017.

    There was a 98% increase of New converts as against Shiloh 2016.

    To God be the Glory!

    ACCOMMODATION:  There is a camp house at Canaan land built to accommodate people. The camp house during is almost like nothing. Participants slept in Covenant University hostels, Faith Academy hostels and class rooms, Covenant University Secondary School Class rooms and hostels, Kingdom Heritage Nursery & Primary school classrooms, Private tents in the open field, in cars, every available space, and the like. 

    Participants slept at the camp house and Covenant University for a fee; while other areas were free.

    State-of-the-art facilities and equipment (Musical, Media, Sound system, Medical) were deployed to Shiloh 2017 for a better experience. 

    DOMINION PUBLISHING HOUSE: This is the publishing arm of LFC. Six books were published by the house, authored by Bishop David Oyedepo and his wife, Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo. The books are available in all dominion bookstores (Online & offline).

    Another news about the house is that, it now does mass publishing of the holy Bible. Samples were shown to the participants at the event. 

    MEDICAL CARE: The health Centre of Canaan land ran full scale service throughout Shiloh 2017. Medical services were available at major points, with the team’s main operational base at the Youth Chapel.  Medical Centres were available at the tents and the major wings of the Tabernacle- Hope, Faith and Love.

    BANKING FACILITIES:  A number of banks were located at the shopping complex opposite the main entrance (Grace wing) of the Tabernacle.  They all offered commercial banking and foreign exchange services. The ATM queues were so scaring that some participants did their ATM withdrawals outside of Canaanland.

    TRANSPORT: Transport services were available within Canaanland at the rate of N50 per drop. Transportation was compulsory for participants that slept at Covenant University; the distance calls for transport services.

    PARKING LOT: Parking space has never been an issue to motorist in the history of Canaanland, no matter the event and population; there’s more than enough space for cars. At Shiloh 2017, orderliness at the car parks was as usual. No issues, as the car parks were assigned to different groups and users.

    COMMUNICATION: Though there was a Cyber café for commercial purpose, participants were not happy with the internet reception on their phones, especially 4G phones. 4G phone users were not able to access the internet all through the event. This is a call to all data service providers in Nigeria to upgrade their services in Ota and its environs.

    FEEDING: All food vendors were authorized operators. Though there were other food vendors, Covenant University cafeteria was the major vendor at Shiloh 2017. Participants bought food from the numerous food stands at designated points which were easily accessible. 

    Free food was also made available all through the event. Thanks to hospitality unit of Faith tabernacle. Though the population at the free food stand was discouraging, there was orderliness.

    DEPARTURE: Participants began leaving Canaan land on Saturday, 9th December. It was an Exodus. As at 4am on Sunday, delegates from some African Nations left in a convoy (13 Luxurious buses). That I guess was the last convoy. The first convoy left at about 1pm on Saturday.

    Though a few individuals were still behind on Sunday, the Sanctuary keepers were the last group that left Canaan land at 6pm yesterday in a convoy, after performing their duties.

    As at today, Monday the 11th of December, it was confirmed that all foreign delegates that left on Saturday and Sunday arrived home safely. This can only be God.

    CONCLUSION: Shiloh 2017 is indeed A New Dawn for all participants and anyone that cares to key into this prophetic wave. Bishop Oyedepo prophesied that the participants will never know a better yesterday.

    2018 is a year of A New Dawn in Spiritual upliftment, Ministry, Business, health, career, fruit of the womb, Finance, academics, Change in marital status, Deliverance, healing in home/marriages, favour, grace and many more.
    According to Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo, the founder and President of Living Faith Church (LFC) Worldwide, Shiloh 2018 will be coming up on the 4th – 9th of December 2018.

    Hope to see you there!

    Jesus is Lord!

    Click here for Shiloh event on youtube. 


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  • Shiloh is the second largest Christian gathering in Africa.  It is an annual gathering of the saints to meet with Almighty for various reasons, corporate & individual, for a turnaround. It is a mountain of transformation for participants from all around the world.

    As part of the Mandate given to Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo by God, Shiloh 2017, A New Dawn, is 19th in the series. The first Shiloh was in 1999 when Canaan land was newly built.

    Shiloh 2017 commenced on Tuesday, the 5th of December 2017 at Canaan land Ota, the headquarters of Living Faith Church (LFC) Worldwide, a.k.a Winners’ Chapel, and ended on Sunday with three thanksgiving services.

    The event took off with the evening session, at 7pm, tagged Encounter Night.  Ministering on Tuesday night was Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo, the founder and president of Living Faith Church Worldwide.

    His message was tagged The celebration of our New Dawn heritage in Christ, with the key texts drawn from 2 Corinthians 5:17, Romans 6:4 and Ephesians 2:19.

    Shiloh 2017 had ten (10) main sessions, which were as follows:

    1. Shiloh prayer hour: 5:30am – 6:30am from Wednesday through Friday at the Faith Tabernacle. In this session, every participant was left alone with God for a minimum of 30 minutes each day to make any form of demand.

    2.  Hour of Visitation: 7:00am – 11:00am, from Wednesday through Friday at the Faith Tabernacle. In this session, there were messages from anointed ministers such as Bishop Thomas Aremu the minster in charge of LFC Ibadan- Nigeria, Bishop David Abioye- the Vice President of LFC worldwide and the minster in charge of LFC Abuja, Pastor (Mrs)  Faith Oyedepo, Pastor David Oyedepo (Jnr)- the residence pastor of Canaanland and Bishop David O. Oyedepo.

    During this session each day, four messages were delivered by the above named anointed men of God.

    3.  Encounter Night: 7:00pm – 11:00pm, from Tuesday through Thursday. Ministering at these sessions was Bishop David O. Oyedepo.  During the Encounter nights the message series was Unlocking our New Dawn Heritage in Christ. 

    4.  Shiloh Specialized Services: 1:00pm -2:45pm, Wednesday through Friday. The Venues and specialized Services are as follows:

    a.   Healing & Deliverance at the Hope wing of Faith Tabernacle,

    b.  Fathers & Mothers of Nation at the Faith wing of Faith Tabernacle,

    c.  Breaking Generational Curses at the Glory Tent outside the Tabernacle,

    d. Breaking Marital Spell at the Love wing of the Tabernacle and

    e. Academic Success at the Hope wing of the Tabernacle.  

    All of these classes held simultaneously. Participant choices were based on their most pressing circumstances they want immediate answers.

    5.  LFC Leadership forum: 3:00pm -4:45pm, Wednesday through Friday at the Youth Chapel Canaan land.  These sessions were meant for Leaders in LFC worldwide.  Leaders such as Head of Departments, Groups &Units. Others were Pastors, Deacons & Deaconesses, Home Fellowship Teachers, assistants, Secretaries, etc.

    6. Youth Alive Forum: 3:00pm – 4:45pm at Faith Tabernacle.  As the name implies, the forum is for the LFC Youth.

    7.  Ministers’ Summit: 3:00pm – 4:45pm, Wednesday through Friday at Covenant University Chapel.  The Summit was for the Pastors in LFC and the sons of the Prophet. The sons of the Prophet are Clergy men running their individual ministries, but are spiritual sons, grandsons and great grandsons of Bishop David Oyedepo.

    8.  Shiloh Celebration Night: 7:00pm – 11:00pm on Friday at Faith Tabernacle.  At this service, nations present were celebrated.  Marriages and Babies born out of former Shiloh prophecies were celebrated.  Other blessings gotten from previous Shilohs were celebrated.

    All celebrants were prayed for by the Bishop Oyedepo. The celebration ended with a message from Bishop David Oyedepo tagged  Unlocking our New Dawn Heritage In Christ – Part 6, and prophesies on participants.

    9.  Shiloh Impartation Service:  Saturday 6:00am – 10:30am.  This service had the highest attendees as the overflow was more than other days.  Shiloh Impartation Service as the custom is, is a service where participants come with bottles of anointing oil and handkerchiefs or any material that can serve as a mantle for impartation.

    This service is in line with the book of Act where the Apostles transferred the power of the Holy Spirit to other vessels can be conveyed to other places for signs, wonders and miracles.  Participants are expected to use the mantles and anointed oil to their advantage, on the way and when they get to their various destinations.

    During the impartation service, Bishop David Oyedepo cursed buyers and sellers of human parts including their families. 

    10.  Shiloh thanksgiving Service: Shiloh 2017 ended with this session. Three Services held yesterday (Sunday) at Faith Tabernacle, from 6:00am – 11:50am.  Ministers at the services were Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop David Abioye and Pastor David Oyedepo (Jnr). 

    The topic of the day was: Understanding the Power of Thanksgiving.  The summary of the message was: ever thankfulness is ever blossoming; no one appreciates God and ends up depreciated.

    There was jubilation in each service with the faith Tabernacle choir leading in singing and dancing. Bishop David Oyedepo Prophesied on all worshippers at the end of each service.

    GUEST MINISTERS AT SHILOH 2017:   A number of ministers outside of LFC were present at Shiloh 2017. Amongst them were the President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) – Rev. Felix Omobude.

    The President of Christain Association of Nigeria (CAN) – Rev. Samson Olasupo Adeniyi. In his address to the congregation, The president of CAN, Rev. Samson Adeniyi, described Bishop David  Oyedepo as a man with an extra-ordinary grace.

    Also present were: The General Overseer of Salvation Ministries – Pastor David Ibiyeomie,  The General Overseer of Dunamis Int’l Gospel Centre – Pastor Paul Eneche, The President of Daystar Christain Centre – Rev. Sam Adeyemi, amongst others.

    OTHER GUESTS: Also at the event were Traditional rulers   from Western and Eastern Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Benin.

    Unannounced:  Captains of industries, Inventors, Top politicians, top civil servants, renowned Entrepreneurs and more.

    Also in attendance were: Top leaders  and members from other denominations.  Pagans, Muslims, and  other religions.  Members of white garment churches came in their numbers, fully dressed in their apparels.

    I guess herbalists, soothsayers, sorcerers and the like, were there in disguise. Even if the devil ended up coming, it is scriptural – –“Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them” Job 1:6. KJV. 

    ATTENDANCE: Fifty four nations were present at Shiloh 2017, among them were Ghana (800+), Benin (600+), Kenya (400+), Dubai (200+), United Kingdom (200+), United States (200) and more.

    Over one million participants were recorded in all the viewing centres across Lagos and Ota, on the first night. The viewing centres across Lagos and Ota were increased from 50 to 110 on Wednesday the second day of Shiloh 2017.

    Close to twenty million viewers from 156 nations watched the event online.

    The attendance of Shiloh 2017 was increased by 28% as against 2016.

    OVERFLOW: Faith Tabernacle was filled to its brim with an overflow in the tents around the tabernacle. The tents around the tabernacle are about 70, with an average sitting capacity of 150 persons each. These tents also had overflow.

    The overflow in front of Grace Wing alone, which is the main entrance of Faith Tabernacle, can measure up with the population of a modern day booming congregation.

    In spite of the overflow, the crowd was properly managed, as there were no incidents of injuries or emergencies, before, during and after each session. 

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    Saturday, 9 December 2017


    By: Lolia On: 2:00:00 pm
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  • Did you say the second woman is better? Please take a closer look at both women. Don’t get deceived by “the modernity.”

    The first mother is more focused and caring. You can see her baby is relaxed and even sleeping.  Her baby is at a very low risk, should there be any form of domestic accident. 

    The second mother has her baby in front, facing the fire. She’s on the phone and you can see the baby is not relaxed. She’s not committed to what she finds herself doing.  How are we even sure her food will be tasty.

    Should there be any form of domestic accident, the baby stands the risk of being hurt. She is not committed to what she is doing.

    Mothers really need to consider the family first, especially our babies, when we take to modern lifestyle; this lifestyle can be very detrimental to the family.

    Remember, the family is our first point of call.

    Looks very funny, right?

    Think about this: this baby is alone, using flour on himself. What if this is not flour, but something else that is harmful to him? 

    Two things: it’s either the baby passes on or is rushed to an emergency ward.

    Let’s take good care of our babies by paying close attention to them. It may not be easy, but can be done.

    A lot of children are between life and death right now, due to carelessness from family members, especially their mothers.

    When a baby is at the point of death, the family loses focus. So many loses will be incurred – money, time, energy, low productivity, high blood pressure and more.

    Always keep an eye on the young ones to avoid unnecessary pressure.

    Monday, 4 December 2017


    By: Lolia On: 6:49:00 pm
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  • The importance of the Word in the Enterprise cannot be overemphasized; everything in life has its spiritual aspect.

    Your Career, business and personal life all have their spiritual sides that must be attended to whether or not they are doing great.

    It is on this note that Shiloh 2017 is being introduced on this platform.  Shiloh is a global spiritual event that people around the world from all walks of life look forward to.

    The likes of Captains of industries, government functionaries, Academia, career professionals, Entrepreneurs, high profile managers, Clergy men & women, Traders, Traditional rulers, Artisans, Students, Christians and non-Christians alike…… just name them, all look forward to Shiloh.

    Every blessing you have received in life came from above and must be maintained with the Word from above.  The truth is, you have to attend more to the spiritual aspect of your business, Career and personal life when the grass is greener, so as to maintain them. 

    Today, we see people having breakthroughs one minute and having a breakdown the next minute. Why? According to Bishop David Oyedepo, “Your breakthrough cannot last beyond the intensity of light at work in you.” So, you must make out time to connect continually connect with your maker.

    Any negative situation you are going through is against what the Word is saying concerning you, so you don’t have to tolerate it. More so, when the situation has lingered for long in one’s life, it turns one into an object of mockery.

    Many a time, it is not the situation that we are in that gives us pain; it’s the mockeries, letdown, insults, humiliations, …….. we go through in our environments that cause us pain.

    Hannah in 1 Samuel chapter one, poured out her heart to God, not because she was childless, but because she became an object of mockery before her mate – Benina.  And the Lord settled her.

    Friend, I don’t know what negative situation that has been lingering in your life, you need to get angry in your spirit and put an end to any negative situation in your life that is against the Word.

    Say NO to Career stagnation, Business stagnation, poverty, sickness & diseases, childlessness, prolonged singlehood, demonic oppression and more.

    Until you say NO and uproot them, they have the tendency of staying longer than necessary.

    In John 5:1-15, the man at the pool of Bethesda waited for 38 years before having his healing. You don’t have 38 years to wait, if you are to wait for that long, how long do you have to live on earth to enjoy God’s glory early?

    Aren’t you tired of your circumstances?  Why not put an end to them this season?


    1.Desire a change:  You must crave to have an encounter at Shiloh 2017. Be hungry for an encounter. 

    2. Purge yourself of any filth: Ask God for his mercy.  Search yourself: There might be things in you that are stopping God from acting in your life. Do away with those things.

    3. Let your heart crave for God’s Word. Let nothing distract you.   You must be focused; that’s when the light will dawn on you. 

    4. List out all the issues you want God to address. Shiloh is 5 days.

    5. Search for God’s Word that addresses each issue – at least 2 scriptures per issue.  In other words, look for the Word concerning every situation of your life and settle with it.

    6. From your list, pick 5 pressing issues.  

    7. Press one issue per day in the place of prayer using the scriptures you have found.

    8. Pray fervently every night concerning these issues and give thanks at the end of each prayer session.   

    Please don’t look for miracles, look for the Word.
    Do these things with your heart and see the God of Shiloh at work in your life.

    Viewing centres:
    For those in Lagos, there are 50 viewing centres across Lagos and Ota. All you need do is look for Winners’ satellite centres or come to Canaanland, Ota.

    If you’re outside Lagos, but in Nigeria, look out for the nearest Winners’ Chapel branch in your state.

    If you’re outside Nigeria, you can get Winners’ Chapel branches in your country or view through satellite channels or online.

    Decoder or satellite: Winners International.

    Messages will also be transcribed and posted on this blog.

    Prepare your heart to experience the God of Shiloh.

    Jesus is Lord!