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Thursday, May 25, 2017


Continued from part 1.............

This is only an example; you can apply it in other areas in an organization. Applying this in the African contest depends on how you left the organization.

Leaving through misconduct, conspiracy or poor performance may not avail you the opportunity to succeed with your proposal. Leaving through Redundancy, retrenchment, downsizing and all that, may give you the chance to succeed with your proposal.

Are you an experienced professional seeking for a job or a change of job?

By now you should know your onus. I’m in tune with what Mo Abudu – Ebony Life TV Boss- said, in an interview at google talk – “the worst that can happen is for you to get another job.” This can only come out of someone that knows her onus.

Some of us are familiar with her story. How that she left her high profile job with ExxonMobil, just to pursue her passion as an Entrepreneur. She was saying if she had not succeeded as an Entrepreneur, the worst that would have happened to her was to get another job.

This is not to say you should do what she did. I’m only pointing out the power of knowing your onus as an experienced professional.

At this level, nothing should scare you in the market. Begin to see yourself as a consultant, if you are not doing so already.

Changing your job to a better one shouldn’t be much of a stress to you if you can apply Napoleon Hill’s steps.

You can also apply the wisdom of the Barbara Anderson's in Dale Carnegie’s book – "How to win friends and influence people." Pages 57 & 58

In getting your desired job, you may sometimes need some aid to take you there as quickly as possible. Under God, you can leverage on the following to get your desired job.

THE INTERNET: Thank God for the internet today. What do you do with platforms like and These are platforms you can sell yourself and get what you want.

The social media has made job search easy in a way, in that you can contact some key persons in an organization without necessarily going to their offices.

Besides, you can contact those in same field with you on, telling them what you want. Remember to package your profile. You can view the profiles of other key individuals to know how to package your profile.

CONTINUOUS LEARNING: Self-development should be your priority – give yourself wholly to it.  Depending on only what you were taught in school may prolong your job search. Go for versatility or depth. Better still, you can go for both.  

Versatility has to do with knowing a little of everything, while depth is being an expert in one or more fields. Learning is a never ending journey. Keep learning even when you get to the peak of your career. Someone once said, you start dying when you stop learning.

There are a good number of free and paid platforms you can further develop yourself online, but I’ll mention a few,,, I guess you know some of them, if not all.

MENTORS: Move closer to people that are already where you want to be. Ask them questions like what it takes to be where they are. This question can also be directed to HR personnel. Get to know what it entails to have the position you desire and build yourself to fit in.

Ideas rule the world today. Are you are person of great ideas? Do not relent. Look for organizations your ideas will be useful to. Many a men have gone to their graves with sound ideas which were never executed in their life time.  That can never be your portion.

You may think sharing your ideas on how things can be better in an organization may put you at a disadvantage plain, probably because you want to be their rival.

That’s okay, but if you know your reason for not presenting your idea is out of fear of rejection amongst other reasons, then you had better faced every challenge, so your idea could see the light of day.

My dear, these things work. They’re not fiction. Others have applied it and it worked; you cannot be an exception.


v Assess your skills and competence to know the kind of job to fit in.

v Look out for organizations that will need your skills

v Write down as many organizations as possible.

v Begin to do a study on them – on line and offline.

v Do a knee study of the position you re applying for.

v You can develop skills you don’t have so as to fit into the desired position.

v Get someone to help you prepare your CV to suit the position, if you don’t know how to do it.

v Decide on when to send your CV.

v After sending your CV online or dropping it in person, get a reliable contact from the organization you can always reach.

v Decide on when to call and visit. Set aside some days in the week to do that. Call or visit at regular intervals.

v Prepare for an interview or a chat.

v After the interview or chat, keep calling and visiting at regular intervals.

You mustn’t following these steps in the action plan to arrive at your desired job. There is no particular way to get there.

Go out there, give this a try, come back to this platform and share your experiences with us. Who knows, someone might learn from your experiences and apply the lessons for a change of story.

Wishing you the very Best!  You are a Success!

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