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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


What we will be discussing here is from the classic, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

This discussion is mainly for job Seekers.

A good number of us have read this and other books, yet we complain about not getting a job, whereas, the solution to our challenge is stirring at us from the pages these books.

Below is an excerpt from the book, which have been ignored by most job seekers, yet is an answer to the challenge of job haunt.

The steps highlighted in this excerpt have been applied by some knee individuals and have gotten result.

I have unconsciously applied these steps and gotten results in the past, so you cannot be an exception, only if you can religiously put it into action.
Let’s walk through it together: pages 120 and 121

Everyone enjoys doing the kind of work for which he is best suited. An artist loves to work with paints, a craftsman with his hands, a writer loves to write.

Those with less definite talents have their preferences for certain fields of business and industry.  If America does anything well, it offers a full range of occupations, tilling the soil, manufacturing, marketing, and the professions.

First, Decide EXACTLY what kind of job you want. If the job doesn’t exist, perhaps you can create it.

Second. Choose the company, or individual for whom you wish to work.

Third. Study your prospective employer, as to policies, personnel, and chances of advancement.

Fourth. By analysis of yourself, your talents and capabilities, figure WHAT YOU CAN OFFER, and plan ways and means of giving advantages, services, developments, ideas that you believe you can successfully deliver.

Fifth. Forget about “a job.” Forget whether or not there is an opening. Forget the usual routine of “have you got a job for me?” concentrate on what you can give.

Sixth. Once you have your plan in mind, arrange with an experienced writer to put it on paper in neat form, and in full detail.

Seventh. Present it to the proper person with authority and he will do the rest. Every company is looking for men who can give something of value, whether it be ideas, services, or “connections.”

Every company has room for the man who has a definite plan of action which is to the advantage of that company.

This line of procedure may take a few days or weeks of extra time, but the difference in income, in advancement, and in gaining recognition will save years of hard work at small pay.

It has many advantages, the main one being that it will often save from one to five years of time in reaching a chosen goal.

Everyone who starts, or “gets in” half way up the ladder, does so by deliberate and careful planning, (excepting, of course the Boss’ son).

Now, let’s Talk:

Are you still struggling with getting a job as a fresher?

There is something I’ve always said, and will keeping – “there is no such thing as ‘No Jobs in Africa. Even in Nigeria, the problem is underemployment and not unemployment. Each time I say this, I get serious opposition, but that’s the truth. 

We can always get something to take care of some of our basic needs, if not all, while we gather experience for a better job. But our challenge is, we are being too selective.

There are some jobs we reject out of pride that some family people are using to take care of their families.

I once met a graduate that was very bitter about his unemployed state. I suggested her got a job with a Fastfood outlet or a school. He almost tore me apart for saying that. After some months of fruitless job haunt, he eventually settled down for a teaching Job with a private school.

Today he has a better job, 3 months after paying for an apartment for his teaching salary. Though he’s still a Teacher, his present salary is more than 300%  his former salary. He got this bigger teaching job due to the experience he got from his former job.

As I write this article, he’s planning for his wedding.

No job is trivial to your goals and aspirations. You either gain money or experience or you gain both. 

My friend, Bring down your shoulders. Thank God for your certificate. But sometimes you need to descend to ascend.

We know so much has been invested in your education; you cannot reap everything immediately. It takes a gradual process.

Rather than just idling away at home. There are other ways you can get a job that can at least put food on your table and take you off the dependents list in your family or friends circle.

You can be an apprentice, an Intern or work for free. Whatever the case may be, just choose the one that best suit you most, at the moment.

As an apprentice, you can be retained by your master in no time.

As an Intern, you can get allowances periodically until you’re integrated into the system.

Working for free avails you the opportunity to express your skills and competences, which in turn boost your experience bank. No employer will let go off a competent hand, more so, when they can have the advantage of deciding the pay.

The worst that can happen to you is they’ll employ you and pay you less, but you’ll grow with time or easily get a better job with the experience you gather.

Just take a walk around your vicinity to know the businesses you can work with. Have a list of the ones you would love to approach. You can have up to ten on your list.

Try as much as you can to get to the decision maker. When you do, tell him or her you would love to work with them.  In most cases, the first reply you’ll get will be, “There are no vacancies.” When you’re sure they’re very serious about the ‘no job thing’, offer to work for free.

You can approach them in person or via the internet or phone. The best way is to appear in person. After your first call, keep visiting/calling until you get a Yes.   

Did you just lose your job?

In his book, Business Stripped Bare, Sir Richard Branson gave the following advice:

What if you’ve lost your job? Recently, a journalist asked me what my advice would be to the newly unemployed? I pointed out, as gently as I could, that there were very many people better qualified than me to answer this question.

But there is one thought I will share. Take it or leave it: it’s what I would try to do.

The company that just sacked me? I would look for ways to save it money. Whether they’re booming or busting, young or old, boutique or bargain basements, all businesses love saving money.

Your office has an account with an expensive Cab company?  Undercut it. It burns regular light bulb? As you take slow walk to the elevator, count the bulbs. Do the maths. Show them the savings they could make, offer to make arrangements, and ask for a cut.

I see so many small Entrepreneurial opportunities that are there for the taking. Most of them have to do with saving energy. If there is one thing we know for sure, it’s fuel won’t stay cheap!

Very many companies have yet to understand that ailing businesses can be saved simply by reducing waste and using energy more efficiently.

Many businesses have no idea how much they’re flushing away on unnecessary document printing, old fashioned lightbulbs, energy-hungry office machinery, and pointless travel (on other airlines! And shipment costs.

But you do. You worked there. You know what goes on. Say something, pitch something – and name your price.

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