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By: Lolia On: 9:00:00 am
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  • Continued from last week......
    I bought a pair of shoes last-two months through facebook. While discussing with the seller on phone, I realized she was operating from home. The internet has saved her the cost of securing a shop, rates from local authorities, spending much time and energy on the business, moving from place to place to get customers, amongst others.
    With the aid of the internet, you can get across to your target audience easily. Using this blog as an instance, without the internet I will need to use a print media to get across to you, my target audience. You can imagine the cost of using a print media?

    The internet has made publishing so easy that there are millions of websites and blogs sharing information; it costs almost nothing to start.

     In the same vein, career professionals & ‘freshers’ can have access to their desired jobs in the labour market, without having to spend money and time carrying their CVs and credentials about.

    Ask yourself: how can I use the internet to reduce my startup cost?

    You can form a mastermind group, access forums & membership groups that could improve your performance. Having access to the knowledge you need for the growth & development of your business/ Career is made easy through the internet.

    There are people that have been relieved from job stress ever since they joined linkedin; they have access to people in same field with them, who are more experienced, that they could share their job challenges with and get instant solutions.

    The internet connects recruiters and job seekers. Recruiters these days use leverage the internet to get the talents they want. Job seekers also use the internet to reach prospective employers.

    There are loads of free and paid courses on the internet that can advance your career, if you are seeking career advancement.

    The ease with which you can get information and connection through the internet, we are not supposed to lag behind in our career and businesses if well utilized.

    Ask yourself: How can I use the internet to access skills, expertise and Partnerships?

    I am quite sure you either know or have used Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Uber, Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay, Jumia, Konga, Olx,,  the list goes on and on.  Others, not-too-popular Internet-based businesses, are Taxify,, and so on.  All these businesses rely on the Internet, in that without the internet, they cannot exist.

    According to the World Bank 2015, Nigeria s GDP was at $486.8bn and South Africa at $317.6bn. As at 2015, Google ($645bn) was almost the worth of Nigeria and South Africa s GDP combined. Facebook (430bn) in its 11th year was worth close to the GDP of Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa at the time.

    Do you know a lot of businesses are built on the internet with the owners not having a platform of their own? I have several friends whose businesses are ‘facebook based’. They sell their products and services –trainings & books- majorly on facebook.  Training on facebook closed groups go on, on a daily basis. And these individuals earn their living through these trainings they sell.  

    According to Dr Strive Masiyiwa, “The titans of the Internet -Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Tencent - are all bigger than nearly all mining, manufacturing, telecoms, and natural resource companies in the world today! Even the likes of Apple and Microsoft are only able to compete with them because they manufacture phones or provide software used to access the Internet.”

    You must not have businesses that are as big as that of the internet titans above, but you can start from somewhere. There are several internet based businesses you can start that will become your ATM. Businesses like website flipping, drop shipping, Membership sites, Blogging, affiliate marketing, online Freelancing, e-commerce sites.

    Having an internet-based business is not for business people only, Career professionals can own then as well; most of these businesses can be set on auto pilot to give you residual income, while you go about your day job or normal routine, as the case may be.

    The beauty about an internet-based business is that it doesn’t require much stress like the Brick and Mortar businesses we see around. All you need is your idea, Desire, internet access, little or no capital and little time.

    When the titans of the internet- google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba and the rest-  started early in the millennium, not much people were on the internet. Yet these businesses were able to grow over time to be what they are today.

    This is to tell you that you can set up a mega business online if only you can think.

    Someone once said, “Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box.”  The businesses are stirring at you, just think!

    Ask yourself: How do I set up at least one internet-based business.

     Each time I see some young folks waste there data chatting and doing other things that do not give them money at the end of the day, I just laugh. At some point I feel for them; I know what they can achieve with the data they are wasting on unproductive things online, just to be among the band wagon.

    A good number of them have all kinds of sophisticated smart phones, yet they live in lack and want. Robert Kiyosaki says, if you have a smart phone and you are still poor, you are a fool.
    Why not change the game and start making money with your smart phone? There are people that have understood the power of the internet and they have made it their personal ATM.

    I think there is no product or service, as long as it is good, that cannot get patronage via the internet. All you need do is to make it a duty to know the areas your target market visit online on a daily basis and you will get them patronize you in droves.  
    Here’s my point: With the aid of the internet, you can set up a multinational business overnight with little or no money and expertise. You can also gain employment with companies outside of your country via the internet.

    Do something today, in using the internet to advance your career/business. So many young folks have done it and are still doing it. You can do it also! Just make up your mind to harness the power of the internet!

     Get an internet presence for your business and Career today!


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