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Saturday, June 17, 2017


Startup.com is a movie for everyone planning to venture into business on either part time of full time basis.
In this movie, two friends working together at Goldman Sachs had a noble idea of an internet business. They quit their job and went into the business.
The age we are in digital age in has both positive and negative effect on business. The negative side if not well handled can lead to the fall of any business venture, no matter how smart the management can be.

It talks about finance for entrepreneurs, capital raising, growth management, entrepreneurship skills, team building and management skills. 
Watching this movie will also teach you how to manage your relationships, especially your friends, when it comes to doing business with them or partnering with them.
There’s so much to be learnt in this movie that can be applied in both the Enterprise and our personal lives.
Though we don’t have the same system as they have in Africa, but the most of the lessons can be applied in our environment with success.
Do well by creating time to watch this business and life transforming movie of the rise and fall of a $60 million internet venture.  
You can do it tomorrow, Saturday or on Sunday. It’s an hour & eleven minutes (1:11)  video that can be streamed or downloaded from Youtube.com

Click on image below to watch Movie
Double-click on screen for full view
Enjoy your weekend!

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