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Friday, June 30, 2017


It was on the news last week’s Monday, “Dangote celebrated Sallah with his friend in his yatch.” All around the News hub (online, print, electronics), we saw the News caption to a point that I cannot tell who really broke the News.

Dangote did a party and did not invite me……………. (Crying) how can that be when I'm not his enemy? Why didn’t he invite me? Your answer is as good as mine.

But come to think of it: Why was it on the News? Most of us do celebrate, yet the press does not take note of it. The answer is simple; we need to ‘shake the ground.’ He and his friends have done it and are still doing it in their various endeavours.

I know most of use that came in contact with this news must have had some level of desire. When will I be in such parties or when will I organize such party?

Dear friend, why get angry over a friend that has stopped relating with you closely due to a raise in social status? You don't blame him or yourself. The solution is for you to move up, that is, if you must maintain the relationship. You have to grow; it’s as simple as that.

The truth is, there’s always segregation in every social setting. Trying to abolish it will end up in frustration. Getting angry or nursing bad feelings will never solve the issue. 

There’s a new release by Mr Wisdom Ezekiel a co-Director of Pertinence Limited. The book is titled, “Don’t get mad, get rich.”If you’re interested in identifying with the recognized class in your environment, you must step up your game. 

How do you step up your game? Take full responsibility for your life. Take full responsibility for your life. Take charge! According to Winston Churchill, “Responsibility is the price for greatness.” Take full charge of your life and never blame anyone for any setback you experience in life. 

Take charge! Take full charge of your life and never blame anyone for any setback you experience in life. "You are not a failure until you blame someone else." 

When I say take full charge, I mean do not blame the government, your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, Business associates, witches or even the devil for any setback you experience in life. Some people even go as far as blaming God.

My dear friend, blaming God and every other thing will never solve the issue; Know when to cross the “T’s and I’s” in your life per time. Begin to take full charge of your life and you’ll see the difference.

After all, some of the faces at the party, at some point in life, were write-offs or down-trodden, but today they ‘Top Charts.’ They are where they are today because they took responsibility for their lives. 

You too can make it if you so desire; if you really  have the desire, you’re almost there; “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” That same God will do it for you and others.  

The next time anybody comes to mock you for being where you are right now, tell him or her, you are building a High-rise building. As we all know, the cost of foundation alone for a high-rise building is enough to build several houses.

I suppose you know the story of the Chinese bamboo tree. In case you don’t, not to worry, it will be a story for another day.

They may not see you coming, but you’re a Global phenomenon. After all, “Rome was not built in a day.” It took some time.

I challenge you today, to 'take the bull by the horn' in the affairs of your life.

Your time has come!

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