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Saturday, June 24, 2017


Please, don’t salivate yet!

Do you eat Pizza? When last did you take a box or a Piece of Pizza?

Every milestone achieved calls for a celebration, whether by you or your team. After a job well done, give yourself a treat. One way is to give yourself a ‘good bite’: Treat yourself to a box of Pizza & a chilled drink……….. (somebody help me with a box of Pizza……….).

Like my Mum used to say, “Of all the expenses we make on our selves, food is the major benefit we get; it’s the only thing that gets into our blood stream, and the life of a man is in his blood.”

All through the week you’ve been busy solving problems in the Enterprise. Now, it’s time to attend to yourself. Please, do not be hard on yourself. After a hectic day or week, you can order for a box of Pizza. 

Learn to celebrate people around you, your friends, family, Colleagues, Business associates, and so on, once in a while, by giving them Pizza. With the power of the e-commerce today, you don’t have to deliver it to them yourself.

May 25th was Sandra’s birthday, an employee with one of the blue chip companies in Nigeria. On getting to the office that morning, her colleagues had already arranged a big beautiful cake for her.

Still in the celebration mood, few minutes to the close of work, a Pizza dispatch rider came calling and delivered a box of Pizza to her. Funny enough, it was arranged by one of her colleagues in the office.

Though she had other gifts more expensive than a box of Pizza but, her comment was, “This is the best gift I’ve received today.”

There’s a special affection attached to Pizza by ladies. Watch any lady coming out of a Pizza shop with a box of Pizza and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

On the contrary, go glance this conversation:

On a Saturday evening, two ladies went for a dinner in the company of two guys.  For the sake of privacy let’s call them John, Isaac, Nneka and Ifeoma.   They got to a lounge/pizza parlour and this was what happened:

JOHN:  Good to be here!

ISAAC: I really need to rock my weekend; it’s been a hectic week. Work, work, work……

NNEKA: I’ve been doing some cleaning all day I really need to relax myself.

IFEOMA:  I really enjoyed my week; it’s been fun, fun, fun……

ISAAC: @ Ifeoma, Wish I was in your shoes.

JOHN: Alright guys, are we good to go? Please place your orders.

ISAAC: To the waiter: Please let me have a glass of cock tail

NNEKA: let me have a bottle of Small Stout

IFEOMA: Same with me

JOHN: I need a glass of cappuccino

After the drinks were served:

ISAAC: Can I have a plate of ‘Nkwobi?’

JOHN: A plate of ‘Asun’ will do.

NNEKA: Let me have one Barbeque fish

After about 70 Minutes, they were done with the edibles. Interrupting their long conversation:

NNEKA:  @ the waiter, please let’s have 4 boxes of Pizza

After the 4 boxes of pizza was served

IFEOMA:  she looked at her Pizza and said, “Please I don’t eat Pizza outside.”


IFEOMA: I prefer making it myself; they prepare ‘trash’ outside.

JOHN: Thank God for answered prayer!


JOHN: Wednesday next week will be a Public Holiday, you remember my Boss’ party I told you we’re organizing?

We’ve gotten someone to prepare Barbeque Chicken and Fish and have been trying to get a Pizza  maker.  Ifeoma is the answer to the prayer.

IFEOMA: I’ll be very busy on Monday

NNEKA: I thought you were looking for a way to hang out on Monday, so you won’t feel bored? We’ll be going for his Boss’ party together.

IFEOMA: I’ve changed my mind; I’ll love to rest at home and do some studying.

NNEKA:  Why the sudden change?

IFEOMA : (whispering to Nneka)- please, I don’t know how to prepare Pizza, I only said that to excuse myself from eating it; I’ve neither seen nor eaten Pizza before.  This is the first time a box of Pizza is placed before me.



My Dear, you may not know a thing will be good for you until you give it a try. "Rome was not built in a day." It takes a gradual process to start what you are not used to, but have an open heart. 

If you don’t eat Pizza, you can give it a try. You can take it as a meal or snack.  It tastes good, you’ll love it.

Go ahead and order for one today!

Enjoy your weekend!

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