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Sunday, 11 June 2017


A little boy and his Dad were on their way to church on a Sunday morning. Before leaving the house, his Dad counted some money and put in his wallet.

On their way to church this was what happened:  the little boy saw  Murano jeep

Boy: dad look at this

Dad: Hmm.

After a few minutes a Ferarri Jeep drove passed them.

Boy: dad, look at this.

Dad: Hmm really nice

Boy: Dad, buy both cars

Dad: Hmm.

Boy:  one for me and the other for mummy.

Dad: I don’t have the money.

Boy: but Dad, I saw you counting money this money.

Buying Ferarri and Murano Jeep with money from the wallet.
Maybe you’ll lend me some money from your wallet, so I can buy either of them; I don’t need much.

Please should i'm expecting it o!


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