Sunday, 18 June 2017

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By: Lolia On: 4:30:00 pm
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  • I almost forgot to send greetings to our Fathers; I was so busy, got so tired and slept off. It was a call from one of my nephews that woke me up and he reminded me it was FATHER’S DAY. He probably was expecting my greeting, and when it wasn’t forth coming he had to call. LOL! 


    Let’s hear from some Fathers around the world: 

    Richard Mofe Damijo (Nollywood Actor) with Children:

    Richard Branson: Virgin Boss
    “Held many roles in my life, but the one that has brought me the most gratification is being a father.”

    Udo Maryann Okonjo: Chief Executive Officer/Vice Chair at Fine and Country International Realty, Nigeria. 

    To God be the glory for all fathers in our lives. No matter how great a mother is, she can never fulfill a man's role in a child's life.
    There's a clear attack on men all around the world. May we be the women who rise to lift them up before our God. 

    May our men be heard and seen at the city gates. Respected, noble men providers, nurturers, men after God's hearts.
    May we respect and honour them as admonished by our Father and all knowing God.
    May He crown them with divine wisdom in Jesus name. Amen
    Happy Father's Day to all the men who Father the next generation through their lives of godly values and vision. 

    May they realize that fatherhood goes beyond financial provision to spiritual covering and godliness for our sons and daughters. 

    May God crown you all with every resource needed to achieve your divine destiny at home and in society.
    We need more male role models and mentors for our boys. May a new generation of male role models and leaders ARISE. In Jesus mighty name. Amen. 

    End of greetings!

    All the Celebrants, please send my Rice, Chicken and Drink through the internet. I'm waiting!

    While waiting for my food, I would love to commend someone, a Nigerian actress, Tonto Dike. I’m not speaking from the family angle; that’s not my business, but I’m coming from the professional angle.
    Disguising herself like a man to cheer up your son on Father’s Day Celebration in his school? Interesting!
    She has really proven to her fans beyond reasonable doubt that she’s a core & professional actress. She just told me she’s an embodiment of acting. Acting is really in her marrow.
    We always talk about innovation and creativity in the Enterprise. This is a typical example. She used her creativity to subdue her circumstance.
    Being a good actress or actor is not just about acting on stage or acting when being called upon to act. You must be able to act your way around every situation; that’s one of the skills that make you exceptional in the Enterprise.
    I think this act alone will earn her more attention and more pay in the industry. Or what do you think? 


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