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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


In the last-two centuries, wealth, they say, used to come from the earth (soil). At some point it became something that can be gotten from trade. The mercantilists then used to move goods across national boundaries for wealth creation. This they did by moving from one country to another in search of customers to do business with.

Today, everything has taken a different dimension. From the comfort of homes and offices they businesses are being transacted with ease. Wealth is now being created easily from the internet; people have converted the internet into their personal ATM.

Entrepreneurs across the world, including Africa, are launching tens of thousands of businesses on the Internet by the day, such that there are millions of businesses on the internet.

I suppose yours is one of them! If your answer is No, why No with the internet boom we see all around of which even primary and nursery school kids have access to the internet? You have no excuse for not riding on the waves.

You know why? The internet has become an integral part of our everyday life. “According to Google Nigeria Manager,  The world’s population online is 33%. There are 700 million monthly users of Whatsapp, sending 10 billion messages daily. 1 billion active users of facebook monthly. 4 billion Youtube videos being streamed daily. 100 million searches on google daily.    

As we can see, the internet, otherwise known as the virtual world, is a world of possibilities. How can you stay away from such a system and expect to succeed in your business and career?

I tell you: The world is truly a global village right now! Why? The internet has put the world in a basket, a tray, a tank,………..just name it, such that you can access just about anything across national boundaries.

For instance, Just as you can get products through the internet from India, so will people over there access your products and services. It has made business so easy that you can set up a business and reach a wide range of customers around the world, just from the comfort of your home/office.

I have met a good number of business people that don’t deem it necessary to take their businesses online.  Some succumb after much persuasion while, others remain adamant.

Hear this: In this age and time, as an Entrepreneur or an employee, not being on the internet for one reason or the other, makes you look very unserious, especially if you are a young folk. It looks even worst when you do not have an online presence as a business/organization.

When you tell most serious minded people about your business, the first thing they usually look out for is your website.  How can such people patronize you with ease when they cannot trace you online?

No matter the kind of business you do, as long as it is legal and the product or service is good, taking it online will definitely increase your sales with less effort.

Here are the 5 ways the Internet can help you achieve your Business and Career goals:

It will quicken your advancement. It is the key to getting to the global marketplace from the comfort of your home/office.

Are you looking at expanding your business with ease? Do you desire to have more patronage that will result in high revenue and profit?  Do you want to be on top of your game in the market? Do you want to take your career to the next level? Then, you need to leverage the internet to get what you want.

Have a website and a social media presence can make a whole lot of difference in your Business. Customer service, marketing, running cost, time management, business processes can be properly managed to increase your revenue, hence profit and expansion.
As an employee, displaying your profile on platforms like and will expose you to and attract prospective employers.

I know of an IT professional that is a freelancer, he gets his customers online and he works from him. And is more comfortable than most of us that do 9 to 5 jobs.

In fact, there are times some 9 to 5 people around him go to borrow money from him with the promise of paying back at the end of the month, which they do not fulfill at the end of the month in most cases.

I have done quite a number of businesses via the internet and it was so easy that I’d wished to do every transaction online.

   Ask yourself: How can I use the internet to advance my business/Career?

2. YOU CAN USE THE INTERNET TO SPUR INNOVATION?   I remember vividly, when I first started working in 2002, we were saving our information on a diskette, on few occasions we used flash drives. Flash drives were for managers at the time.

Today, we use cloud saving to store information. That is the power of the internet. It is easier and saves us the cost of losing some vital documents to virus, carelessness and damage of gadgets.

Are you not tired of the way things are done in your office for ages? Why not use the internet to get better ways of improving things and your employers will appreciate you. Harness the power of the internet for innovation in your career will always put you at the edge and make you indispensable; you will be excellence driven at all times.

With the aid of the internet you can improve or replace your existing business processes to increase efficiency and productivity.  Meet up with the rapidly changing demands or needs of your customers, by creating entirely new and improved products and services, be ahead of your competition, hire suitable talents and increase your market share.

As a business/employee, your positioning on the internet can boost your perceived value.

The social media platforms and other applications like hopstop,, and the like, are all products of innovation on the internet.

Ask yourself: how can I use the internet to trigger innovation in my business and career?

To be continued next week........

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