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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Over the years, this name has become a household name. The first time I had the name was in 2004, but I came in contact with him in 2006 when he came to my former company to facilitate a training. He was a very good friend to my MD then, I’m very sure they are still together and better.

 I was amazed at the training on how someone will be this sound; he was speaking from depth.

I was told by a senior colleague then, that Fela Durotoye’s Library was bigger than the average bookshop I see around; he studies like ‘wild fire.’ If it would be that big as at 2006, you can imagine what it would look like now, 2017.

Just a few highlights of who he is:

He is Nigeria’s most sought-after transformational speaker. Besides speaking to Board of Directors and Board of Trustees of indigenous and multinational organizations, on several occasions he had also spoken as a guest speaker at the Global Bankers’ Conference held in London- England in 2006, key speaker at the first Anti-Corruption Summit that held in Abuja, ECOWAS Annual retreat programs, European Union summit, Employees, Men, Women and Youth bodies.   
HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPER: In line with what Zig Ziglar says, “You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business.” Fela Durotoye is passionate about empowerment and developing people.  
All of his projects are aimed at building people, which is the core of Enterprise Development. He has several platforms, one of which is the YES Project.  
The YES project is aimed at facilitating Youth Economic Summits nationwide and raising a generation of global-minded entrepreneurs from the shores of our nation. The project aims at making participants financially independent, improve their self-esteem while building their marketing and entrepreneurial skills.
A SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR:  In submission to God’s instruction, he went into Human Capital Development. According to his statement, God instructed me to raise a Generation that is Empowered, Motivated, Stirred and driven To Operate with Natural Excellence, and that generation is to build Nigeria into the world’s most desired nation.
Today, THE GEMSTONE GROUP was born in obedience to that instruction. That is why  he boldly declares, “I am in my place of obedience”.
The GEMSTONE GROUP is made up of: Eden, Visible impact, Gemstone 2025, Speakers’ corner, 24/7, The Future Leaders Program, YES, True Nigerian Project, Super Speaker, amongst others. 

A RECORD BREAKER: In November 2012, Fela Durotoye, entered the history books by signing 10,000 of his book, “17 Secrets of High Flying Students,” in 8 hours 49 minutes!
He gave a shout out,  ‘Hi Guys, BREAKING NEWS!! I’ve currently broken the record of the MOST NUMBER OF BOOKS SIGNED IN ONE SITTING BY A SINGLE AUTHOR!

AN ENTREPRENEUR:  Fela Durotoye is the Chief Executive Officer of Visible Impact Consulting Limited, a member of the GEMSTONE Group, a company set up to assist clients create visible improvement in their service delivery culture through training and consultancy.

Also, the company is set up with the aim of building people into super-achievers and responsible leaders and responsible corporate citizens, corporate organizations into global market leaders, as well as assist governments in developing blueprints and programs that create a desirable environment for their people to do great things.

Areas of expertise of VIP includes: Customer Management, Strategy, Consulting, Project Management, Multi-media & Investment Holding.  

A CONSULTANT PAR EXCELLENCE: Beyond the shores of Nigeria, he is known as an acclaimed business & National development strategists and Transformational speaker. 
In a statement to youth, he said, “I’m committed to being the best in what I’ve been called to do.”
Visible Impact Consulting, under his leadership, has assisted several organizations, in their quest for high quality service delivery in achieving their goals.  
A few of their clients include Zenith Bank, U.B.A, Access Bank, StanbicIBTC and Zenith Bank, Federal Ministry of Education, Lagos State government, amongst others.
In December 2004, he was honored with the “Excellence in Human Resource Consulting Award”, in recognition of his contributions to the field of Human Resource Consulting. This award was given him in Miami- Florida, United States, by a body of Nigerian Professionals based in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, at their global conventions.  

He anchors the highly sought after program for business solutions on SilverBird Television every Tuesday morning, tagged Business Clinic with Fela Durotoye, where he gives practical business solutions to entrepreneurs and business people.
A TEACHER/MENTOR/COACH: Fela Durotoye has also gained a reputation as one of the leading experts in the field of Customer Management and Workforce Activation, particularly in the banking sector.
His former employer, Mr Folusho Phillips was amazed when he saw Fela Durotoye teaching Customer Service. According to him, I saw Fela preach the gospel of Customer Service, according to Saint Fela Durotoye and I watched in amazement as he converted all the souls of his listeners involved”.
In 2005, Fela Durotoye was invited by Mr. Phillips to return to Phillips Consulting to speak to all the staff on the topic, “Becoming a Successful Consultant”.
He is a mentor/coach in Business, Public speaking, Customer Management, Leadership, just name it.

A LEADER OF LEADERS:  He is a diligent man and that has earned him the place of leading Kings/Leaders. High profile individuals, Business Leaders, government functionaries, and so on - seek after his counsel in key areas for sound decisions. 
Under God, he is the engine room of House of Tara. A brand owned by Tara, his wife, Nigerian’s pioneer bridal make-up artist and an award-winning beauty entrepreneur.
A PHILANTHROPIST:  He is the founder the GEMSTONE NATION BUILDERS FOUNDATION, which seeks to inspire, empower, motivate and raise leaders of excellence, at every level of the society who will be committed to the process of building Nigeria into the world’s most desirable nation to live in by 2025. 

HE IS BOLD: He rose to the position of the head of customer Service group in, Phillips Consulting, a high profile job with all its benefits, and left the company to pursue his passion.

A MAN OF INTEGRITY:  In 2009, he was given the prestigious award as Africa’s Ambassador for Integrity.

A PEACE AMBASSADOR: Fela Durotoye embarked on the laudable feat to create awareness for world peace. He was recognized by the Universal Peace Federation and the Youth Federation for World Peace as a United Nations Young Ambassador for Peace. 

PATRIOTIC CITIZEN:  He is widely regarded as a nation builder owing to his Vision that by December 31, 2025, Nigeria will be, undoubtedly, the world’s most desirable nation to live in”, and he is devoted to this course. He is popularly called Mr Nigeria, due to his undying passion for Nigeria.

A KINGDOM ADDICT: This he demonstrated by establishing ‘EDEN’, a Christian Lifestyle and Entertainment Ministry on Nigerian campuses.  
His words and actions are majorly for the propagation of the Kingdom.  Hear him, “Anyone, especially believers that can find and provide a viable and excellent solution to any of our problems will make unbelievable wealth legitimately even as they bring glory to God through their good works”.
A HUMBLE SERVANT: He recognizes the place of God in his life. He recognizes the fact that everything he has ever achieved in life is made possible by the grace of God.
He has also made himself available to use his God’s gift for the development of mankind, especially Nigerians. 
A BEST- SELLING AUTHOR: He is a writer of several articles, journals and books, amongst which are the 17 secrets of a high flying student, Mr Fantastic, How to become the woman of his dream and How to become a global brand.
A PACE SETTER: In 2008, Fela initiated a Core Value system for Nigerian youths that was adopted by over 420 young leaders in Abuja, Nigeria.

According to Alayide Oketoki, in 2009, Fela initiated the historic “Mushin Makeover” project; a one day physical beautification exercise of 294 houses along 7 streets in the suburbs of Mushin; where he raised a host of Nigerian Celebrities as well as over 2000 volunteers in what has come to be termed as the “largest volunteering effort in Nigeria’s history” to rebuild the city.

His advice to young Nigerian professionals: ‘Build a reputation of expertise’. “Don’t just be a general practitioner; identify something that you can do better at. Grow from being just being a pursuer of business to being sought after.”
“Young people are doing extraordinary things here in Nigeria and around the world if they can, so can you” says Fela Durotoye.
A LOVING HUSBAND AND FATHER: He is married to Tara Durotoye and they are popularly called ‘the dynamite couple’. Their marriage is blessed with 3 boys who see their dad as a Super Hero. 

According to his wife, Tara, I’m not married to the Fela Durotoye that you all know, I’m married to an amazing man who cares for his family, committed to God and committed to Nigeria and his vision. I feel very blessed to have a husband who is very committed to me and my own purpose and destiny in life.” 

The list is endless. He has countless awards and recognitions. Time and space will not permit me to say more about this Icon of change in our generation. So many lives have been transformed through his deeds – in business, workplace, finances, government, families, just name it.

I’m sure you too have experienced the life transformation savor radiating from this great icon of our generation.

One way to learn faster from exceptional people like him is to follow them closely. It doesn’t have to be physical. You can follow him through his books, electronic teachings, social media, print media publications on him and by him, and so on.   

Remember, we are working towards building a Robust Enterprise in Africa, for Africans and the world.

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