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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Some of us know Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor, while others do not. All the same, we are all internet users and we all know Google. She is the country Manager of Google Nigeria from 2011 till date and her leadership has improved on how Google does business in Africa, especially Nigeria.

Her career profile has been quiet impressive and might be intimidating to some. I just want to use this medium in bringing her to us, pointing out a few things about her, so we can learn for her, in our pursuit of building a ‘Robust Enterprise’ in Africa.

 She holds an Executive MBA from the London Business School, a Post Graduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, UK; a Bachelor’s degree with First class honours in Computer Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

She may not have all the qualities you desire or need to emulate, but there’s something about her that you could adopt.

SHE IS A VISIONARY LEADER:  Under her leadership, a good number of initiatives have been put in place to help grow businesses through various online platforms.

In one of the initiatives, ‘Get Nigerian Businesses Online’, Google provides free and easy tools that enables any business owner create a website in a couple of hours, and also get listed on Google Maps.

According to her statement, We ran our program on how to get businesses online and there were a lot of success stories.” With the help of this program, a lot of small businesses have gone online. 

Following google’s goal of building Nigeria’s online Ecosystem,   Under Juliet Ehimuan’s leadership, Google Nigeria has launched a three-pronged strategy of innovative products and services   driving initiatives around  making the internet more available and affordable to the Nigerian user, support local content creation, and  building capacity.

 Google apps for Education software was deployment to over 40 institutions in Nigeria at no cost and  free international bandwidth provision was made to 10 higher institutions.

The launch of  in 2011, one of the moves  to support local content creation.

Speaking to News men, Juliet said, “My goal will be that those products and solutions become household names, second nature for people.” 

 A HUMBLE ACHIEVER: Juliet's contributions to technology and entrepreneurship has won her several high profile positions, awards and recognitions in the course of building her career. 

She has won scholarships and scholarly awards:  The London Business School Global Women’s Scholarship, Selwyn College and Malaysian scholarly awards. "IT Personality of the Year" at the 2012 National Information Technology Merit Award. A Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society, Commonwealth Scholar.

While with Microsoft, She received the Microsoft “Ship-IT” award for successfully launching the new MSN online subscription business in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Today, she is the Country Manager of Google Nigeria. Rather than take the credit for all her accomplishments in Google, she attributes all of her successes to the work of a great team.

Speaking to Guardian Woman she said, “I would ascribe our accomplishments to great team effort.  “My role is to lead the team towards a common vision and coordinate the great talent we have towards key strategic goals.” It takes only a humble leader to say that.

A DEMOCRATIC LEADER: Juliet believes in democratic leadership as a means to achieving set goals - getting consensus from her team members; making them see things for themselves, and the like.  

She inspires her team by providing information, insight options, showing them possibilities, how they can improve on their capabilities and how they can work together to achieve the set vision.

“My leadership style is more democratic and coaching and that’s a function of my personality as well. I do really believe in sharing and supporting other people with the stories of my journey with any lessons learnt.” she says. 

 A TECHNOLOGIST PAR EXCELLENCE:  Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor is a very accomplished professional in the field of technology, and that keeps her on top of her game as a technology expert.

She worked with Microsoft UK for six years, initially as a Program Manager managing Strategic Projects for MSN Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), then Business Process Manager for MSN International covering 11 subsidiaries worldwide.

Earlier in her career, she worked with the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria as a Performance Monitoring and Quality Assurance Supervisor.

Her ship-IT award from Microsoft and appointment as the Country manager of Google Nigeria are confirmations of her expertise in technology.

A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER/TEACHER:  Juliet has spoken in several platforms across Africa, which has really impacted lives.

She gets invited to speak to young people. And she shares how young people can be  self-leaders; she believes they could be champions.

She organizes intimate sessions with young women, tagged, ‘Beyond limits.’ In these sessions, she makes them see the possibility of achieving anything they set their minds to: talking about what their goals, how they can create plans, time management, their beliefs, and many more.

She also encourages women to be a part of Google’s initiative for women in Technology – A platform that celebrates and encourages women to pursue & excel in Technology careers.

 INNOVATIVE:  She has initiated programs that have bagged her awards, recognitions and commendations in the past and she has not stopped at that.

After launching the new MSN online subscription business in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Germany successfully, she left Microsoft to start Strategic insight (SI), a solution that connects African Business leaders and Professionals with their global counterparts.

As mentioned above, being the head of Google’s operations in Africa’s largest Internet community, Nigeria, she has led her team to initiate a number of programs that have been a relief to individuals, small businesses and corporate organizations.

BOLD: Juliet Ehimua-Chiazor has always taken the bull by the horn on several occasions and enjoys the challenges that come with her job.

She left shell Nigeria to further develop herself for higher responsibilities.
When she saw a gap in the market, she left Microsoft and came up with a solution - Strategic Insight (SI)- for Entrepreneurs & professionals around the globe.

When a challenging position presented itself in Chams Plc, she took up the challenge - General Manager, Strategic Business Units-  where she was responsible for leading and formulating strategies for Chams Strategic Business units.

Two years after moving back to Nigeria, she joined Google and saw it as a great opportunity to make a difference with technology.

She is a typical example of the popular saying, “What a man can do, a woman can do better!”  YES! *wink*

AN ENTREPRENEUR:  In 2005, she saw a need in the market and left Microsoft to start Strategic Insight Consulting Ltd UK, which she ran for 4 years, prior to her appointment with Google Nigeria. 

The business focused on providing collaborative programs that connect African Business leaders and Professionals with their global counterparts.

In her statement, “ I resigned and setup my consultancy, which I ran for four years travelling back and forth doing projects.”

SERVICE ORIENTED: She enjoys serving mankind. One of her goal is to empower people through technology and to be engaged in activities that make positive difference on mankind.

Responding to her new appointment as the Country Manager of Google Nigeria, she said, “It’s a very exciting time for me to join Google. At least, amongst other initiatives, it will afford Nigeiran enterprises the advantage of growing and at the same time engage their customers online.”

“What I find most fulfilling is seeing the impact of our initiatives in an individual’s life” she says to premium Times.

EASY-GOING: This quality has made it easy for her to lead her team to its present height. It can also be seen from the way she interacts with the young folks. She is patient enough to bring you to the same page on any issue.

Her team members and everyone that has had dealings with her can attest to the fact that the atmosphere around her is a ‘relaxed’ one.

A POET: She has a strong imaginative prowess. In an interview with Premium times she says, “….That is why I feed my artistic desires by writing poetry.” This she does at her leisure.

A FAMILY WOMAN:  She is Mrs Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor. She is one of the women referred to as ‘Super Woman’; regardless of her tough job, she says she strives to ensure that a healthy work-family life balance is maintained.

Her life as a family woman is worthy of emulation, as she never sees family life as a barrier to attaining her goals in life.


Over the years, she has subjected herself to a number of circles which has made her what she is today – a celebrated Technology expert. 

She is indeed an inspiration to all, especially the women and our young folks. We can take a cue from her to make the most of ourselves in our various endeavors.

To know more about her, you can google - Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor

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