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Monday, June 19, 2017


According to Ben Carson, “We cannot overload the human brain. This divinely created brain has fourteen billion cells. If used to the maximum, this human computer inside our heads could contain all the knowledge of humanity from the beginning of the world to the present and still have room left over. Second, not only can we not overload our brain – we also know that our brain retains everything”.
From the statement above we can see than there is no limit to which our brains can achieve store information. Now, the question is: are you using your brain at full capacity?
Do you have a picture of where you want to be? If you do, then, you must become a better you first before you can get to where you want to be.
How you got to the point your, in most cases cannot take you further. You must improve on yourself to get to another level or where you want to be.
To get to where you want to be you must ask yourself the following questions: Where am I now? How did I get here? Where do I want to be? When do I get there? What steps do need to take to get there? What are the obstacles & challenges?

1.     WHERE AM I NOW?
At every point in time you must know where you are. Without knowing where you are, you cannot know where you are going.

You must know the following:
a. Your spiritual level: Your standing with God.
b. Assets: knowledge, Skills, Money, Properties, certificates, etc
c. Liabilities: Your debts, Weaknesses, etc.
d. Your contribution to the society, thus far.

The things you did yester years were the things that brought you to where you are right now. Example: Family, environment, peer group, your friends, your level of information, your personality, Education, Work experience, Business successes/failures, and so on.
 The things you do today will take you somewhere tomorrow. If they are positive you ll smile but if they are negative, you may not find thing easy. So, learn to embark on things that will give you positive outcome tomorrow.
Some people are regretting the decisions they took 5 years ago because of the effect on their lives today.

Ask yourself: what do i really want?
You must be clear as to what you want in life. If you really know what you want, you can say it any day, anytime, anywhere  when the need arises, without hesitating. Where do you want to be in the next 5, 10 20, 30 50 years?

Do you want to secure a high profile job? Own a Business or a conglomerate? Be the best in my Industry? Just define what you want.

4.      WHAT DO I NEED TO GET THERE? This has to do with the steps you have to take. Every endeavor has its requirements to get to the top.

Know the requirements:
There are 2 basic ways to get there:  Entreprenuership &Career development

 For a Career person: Competence, Experience, Training & Certification, Character, Labour market information, , good portfolio, the right company for networking & insight, regular self-development, diligence, perseverance, Mentors etc.

For An Entrepreneur: Know your products, the processes involved, your customers, your competitors, Have a good knowledge of the market, have a strategic edge over your competitors, put your customers first, the right company for networking & insight, doggedness, commitment, Mentors, some quality for Career list and many more.

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals” – Henry Ford.
There is no business or Career free from obstacles. Identify the obstacles and create plan(s) to overcome them. They are inevitable, as they are always surrounding us.
There is no smooth sailing endeavor or risk free endeavor.

Do not join the school of thought which says, “When we get to the bridge, we’ll know how to cross it.” Even before you embark on the journey, have a plan on how to cross the bridge such that when the time comes, you’ll do it without wasting time.

Obstacles can come from anywhere. It could be your close allies, Boss, colleagues in the office, professional bodies, customers, business associates, the market, government policies, environment, company policies, amongst others.
a.      Have a plan:  “He who fails to plan has planned to fail.” You want to prosper in business? Have a plan. Do you want to get to the peak of your career? Have a plan. You cannot get there by chance. You must be deliberate about it.

Knowing the requirements is not enough, you must have a plan. Have goals and step by
step plan to achieve your goals. Ensure your goals have time frame.  As much as you are
passionate about your endeavor, you must have plans ABC & D. Work with each plan as
though it’s the only plan you have.
Your plans must have contingency section. This section will take care of the uncertainties in your journey. Negative uncertainties (obstacles) not handled can retard your progress.
b.       Take action: -Work out your plan, planning is never enough. Planning without action is like a car without an engine.

In taking action you must be persistent; you’ll meet hurdles and walls. Know what to do at each point. When you meet hurdles, leap over them. When you meet walls be smart enough to one the ones you cannot leap over, so as to ‘create doors’ without much hassles.

c.       Be focused: “When you don’t know where you are going, everywhere will look like it.” focus breeds Consistency; Consistency is a major habit you must cultivate in this journey.  Distractions are part of our everyday life. To remain focused and overcome distraction, you need to master yourself.

There are businesses and careers that will look appealing to you along the way. You may not know they are not real (for you) until you hop into them.

Finally, beware of your company! Someone say, “The Company you keep determines what accompanies you.” The more great minds you have around you, the better your life.  The more the ‘small people’ you have around you, the more pressure you face.
Some destinies are tied you. Become a better you, impact others, get to where you want to be, and multiply yourself. That is the true meaning of life.   
It may take you sometime, but you must surely get there!
Kudos to Mr Olunrunsheyi Sunday of Pertinence Limited, for giving me an insight into this article.
Mr Olunrusheyi Sunday is a Deuvout christain, A husband, a father, a business mogul, a man of integrity, a Teacher, an author, a Business/management Consultant, a philanthrophist, a mentor to many……………… it.

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