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Thursday, June 08, 2017


Continued from part 1.......

 3.  DEVELOP A CRITICAL MIND: Have a personal innovative idea-generating mind. Be critical about the products or services in your industry. Try and constantly test conventional wisdom. Challenge the status quo. Don’t agree with the saying “let’s do it the way we’ve been doing it, so we can get the usual result”. Try new ways.

 4.   TAKE NOTE: Ideas come unannounced. The best way to capture them is to have a jotter and pen around you at all times. The best ideas don’t come when you are ready to have them.

You can also use your phone to take notes. “The shortest pen is better than the longest memory” . Try this: go through your jotted ideas, you’ll realize new ideas will pop into your mind.

5.  CONNECT WITH NATURE: Insight can be easily gotten from nature. You can take a walk by a water front or sit by it, such as sea, river, lake, stream, natural fountain, etc. The atmosphere will spark up creativity in you.

Also, visiting the woods can connect you to nature, as there are more than enough natural creatures to draw insight from. Know the period of the day that inspiration comes to you- very important.

For me, inspiration comes to me more at the early hours of the day. For us in Africa, we can agree that the village setting is a good place that can spark up insights. If you are in the city, you can take some time off to spend in a village setting. It mustn’t be your village.

6.      COLLABORATE: You can brainstorm with others for ideas. Engage people around you in a brainstorming session. Remember, during brainstorming, you don’t condemn ideas; there should be free flow of ideas. Assess the validity of the ideas you come up with at the end of the day.

7.      THE MEDIA: Pay close attention to Print, Electronics and Social media; they are places you can easily get ideas from.  Print & Electronic Media are radio, television, newspaper, Magazines, etc. listen to what they are saying about your industry and other industries and  you’ll gain insight.

Social media: facebook, twitter, google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Forums, youtube, and the like, generate interaction and you’ll know what people have in mind concerning your industry and product/service.

8.      EXERCISE AND WATER: Creativity comes from the flow of your creative juice. To keep the creative juice flowing, you need to take regular exercise and water. Similarly, make sure your brain is well-watered to avoid mental sluggishness; dehydration can be a real creativity-killer. Creativity relies on a sound physical state, as well as a mental one.

9.      REST AND SLEEP: our most creative time as humans is when we are just up from sleep. These activities refresh the body. Rest & sleep aids the brain in creative problem solving by helps connecting unrelated ideas. Adequate sleep also helps make creativity come easily, as such aid the memory clear thinking.

Take some time off from work and rest on a regular basis. That is why weekends are good for rest. God made it so. And God rested. If God will set a day aside for Himself to rest, then who are we to keep working round the clock? My dear, working all through the week kills creativity. You must set a day aside for resting, so your creative juice will come alive. 

10.     EAT HEALTHY & RIGHT: Science has shown that foods, such as fruit, vegetables and nuts, have properties which boost creativity. Don’t just eat them, but take them in their right proportion. Over eating them may be detrimental to the body.

11.      THINK: God respects thinkers. Sometimes, you need to stay away from people and be in a serene environment. Inventors of old – Albert Istein, Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday, Henry Ford, Isaac Newton, and the like - were great thinkers. Till date, thinking is key in every of human endeavor. Thinking stretches the brain, which results in something better.

12. DON’T SET COMMON GOALS: Your goals must be realistic and be greater than your current abilities. Set high and realistic goals. This will stretch your mind to think outside the box and your thinking will be very unusual. Thinking outside the box will drive you to create ‘products or services that will make statements’.

13. BE SPIRITUAL: Worship, word, gratitude, prayer, praise, kingdom advancement endeavors, read religious literature, etc.   This is the peak of all ways to be creative. Worship connects or opens you up to the infinite realm.

While in the mood of worship, several ideas drop into a man, which can be the solution to a problem, an answer to a long standing question, a new idea to turn things around. Worship connects us to the supernatural, which is the store house of all good things, including creativity. Always create time for worship.

The overall goal of creativity is to add value to people through your product or service. Do all you can to operate with class.

In doing so, you are branding your idea; no one will have the guts to despise your brand tomorrow. Do not bother about the cost of being creative; the market will pay you in multiple folds. Don’t just define creativity, engage creativity!


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