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Saturday, June 10, 2017


A lot of wastage take place in the kitchen. To some families, sending food to the trash can is a normal life style. How can it be normal when even God hates it.

 A proactive family must take necessary steps to deal with this unwholesome practice. Let s assume you waste 10% of your meal on a daily basis.  Let’s further assume that the value of the wasted is N200 on the average.  If the trend is continued as a normal routine, you will be losing about N72, 000 in a year.

Unfortunately, most families are not conscious of the implication of this “little, little foxes” that spoil the vine.

In some cases perishable food stuff are allowed to rot away. That food item does not get to your kitchen for free, why do you allow it to rot without consuming it?

During my undergraduate days a friend came with me to spend a holiday with my family. At the time, my family was blind to the wastage taking place in our kitchen. Sending food to the trash can was very normal in our eyes.  My friend drew my attention to it and we (both of us( took it upon ourselves to curb the wastage.

Have you ever taken your time to calculate the cost you are incurring in this direction?  If you are conscious of it, you could have taken action to curtail the negative trend. We need to really plug leakages so that we will be able to have a firm grip of our individual economy.

Nigeria as a nation is suffering a lot of set back because she had tolerated a lot of wastages, same with some homes. Wastage has become so normal that when people from such homes see someone outside trying to curb wastage, such as one is seen like a fool or a very odd individual.

There is this popular story about two Nigerians that went to a Restaurant in Germany to eat……………………….

For us to take charge of our finances, we must have a firm grip of what it takes to provide food in our houses. If proper records are kept, it will assist us to utilize the best procedure to provide such items in our houses and kitchen.

You must seriously deal with emotional expenditure. Do not spend money on food just to please people around you.  When it comes to serving food to strangers and visitors, you must do it wisely else you’ll incur debt in a bid to satisfy them. 

Fine, It is good to entertain visitors but do not incur debt to satisfy people as a matter of routine.

Entertain people with the balance lens in views. If you love borrowing to serve strangers and visitors special meals, try as much as you can to curtail this habit, as it will adversely affect your finances.

Some families abandon the purchase of basic food items to the house helps; this attitude is not healthy financially. You must acquit yourself with what it will cost you to feed your house and take the responsibility of doing the purchases. House helps can be delegated to purchase some items that the prices have been confirmed by you.

No matter how busy you are, take some time to check the activities going on in your kitchen, especially outside of dinning periods.  Take your time to watch and ascertain the stock of your food items. If you have dishonest dependents or house helps, good money can be siphoned out of your pocket exploiting your ignorance.

We’ve had issues where house helps sell raw food to outsiders behind the master/ Madam of the house. They also use food to build and maintain relationship to the detriment of the hosts.
You must know when food items are leaving your kitchen unnecessarily.

In June 2014, I went for a friend’s child dedication and her nanny was sacked on that day. Reason: she sneaked some chicken, rice and drinks and gave to a friend. 2 days after she was sacked, it was discovered that sneaking out both raw and cooked was a routine for her.

Imagine the effect of such habit on the finances of that family.  Be very watchful to know if there is any ‘back door’ in your kitchen and seal it as quickly as possible. The money going out of your family through the ‘back door’ of your kitchen can be used to take care of other issues. 

How we handle our individual economies will determine how far we can go in building the general economy. We cannot build a robust Enterprise in Africa with a wasteful attitude. Charity begins at home. This discipline must begin from our homes.

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