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Monday, June 05, 2017


In life, when it's not your turn it appears as though you are not intelligent, industrious, anointed or wise. People will abuse, ignore or denigrate your person, but only you and your God know what you are capable of doing and becoming.

You don’t need anyone to believe in you and your dreams and visions. Anyone doing so is a plus to you. All you need is God and you.

They might be calling you a failure, may be you have attempted some things and failed.   The successful people that are being celebrated today, do you know the number of times they failed in business? 

Jason Njoku of Iroko TV failed 10 times in business before succeeding with Iroko TV, which is the 11th business. Linda Ikeji failed up to more than 5 times before succeeding with her blog.
Today, they are not only celebrated in Nigeria, but beyond the shores of Africa.

Do you know Donald Trump was once indebted to a point that he was almost out of business?  perseverance kept him and today he’s the president of The United States. 

Do you know Paul Pogba – the higher paid footballer in the world today - does not play better than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo? It is because his time has come.

Just be consistent with God and be focused on your assignment, for no one owns the stage forever. The greatest mistake you’ll ever make will be when you allow their voices and actions weigh you down. 

Your destination in life is known to just you and God; you owe no man any explanation.
Your today may be looking bleak, please, do not get dispirited.  Know that what God has done for others, He would do for you.

Someone once said, “When the voice within you becomes louder than the voices around you, then you have mastered yourself. “  Strive on mastering yourself; that’s one thing I know will keep you going.

When your turn comes, it comes loud and clear, the stage becomes yours and those who ignored, abused or denigrated you will return to sing your praises to the glory of God.
But remember, the praises of men are like chewing gum. You don’t swallow it; chew and throw it away.

If Bill Clinton could bow before Obama because it was Obama’s  turn and papa Adeboye who appeared unsung when papa Idahosa owned the stage, can today command generational attention, then your turn is coming!

Do you want to build a career? Be focused! Do you want to build a Business or a Conglomerate? Be focused!

 My dear, Your turn is just by the door. God has not forgotten and will never forget you. Hold on!

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