Thursday, 27 July 2017

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By: Lolia On: 7:47:00 am
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  • Have you had about Sugarcane juice in the past? It has become a preferred drink in Abuja, Nigeria. The drink is being produced in commercial quantity and the Entrepreneur championing the business is one Mr Isaac Onoja.

    Speaking with NTA International, Mr Onoja says, “The business, if taken seriously by Nigerian Entrepreneurs, can employ 5million Nigerians or more.” That’s an interesting business, considering the uprising of rate of unemployment in Nigeria, in recent times.

    Mr Onoja  a pharmacist by profession, an Entrepreneur by calling, a motivational speaker, a coach and Trainer has turned Sugarcane juice production into a lucrative business that can employ up to 5 million Nigerians.

    He  resides in Abuja  and has 4 outlets  producing and selling Sugarcane Juice, and residence of Abuja are in love with the drink, as they order both online and offline.

    He emphasized that the juice is natural & medicinal with nutrients that nourishes the body.  To confirm the love for the drink, while he was yet speaking with NTA International, customers where trooping in, in their numbers to make purchases.

    According to him, his workforce is over 20 persons. In a chat, his staff members attested to the fact that the business is really lucrative; ever since they came into the business to work with Mr Onoja, the quality of their lives have improved, as they no longer lack the basic things of life.

    The juice has their different flavours, such as like apple, pineapple, orange, grape, lime and the like, depending on the customer‘s preference.  The arrangement is like ordering for smoothies in a natural drink shop, as customers wait while the product is being  processed instantly. Maybe it should be named sugarcane juice instant drink.

    I think this is a welcomed development in natural drink manufacturing in Nigeria. As we all know, taking natural drink can barely have side effects. The juice has some nutritional benefits such as relieving the burning sensation while urinating and  controls the loss of blood from the nostrils due to heat.

    So, how do we harness an opportunity so great?  A business with the capacity of creating 5 million job opportunities for Nigerians.

     Stay connected as I bring you an interview with Mr Isaac Onoja  on the business and how other interested Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the opportunity, in view of the 5 million employment opportunities.


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