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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Have you ever played the game Monopoly before this time? If your answer is yes, how far have you applied it in real life?
If your answer is no, you need to learn and play it on a regular basis.
I could remember  when I was growing up, my house and the next house in my neighbhourhod where Cheese centers, while one of my uncle's house, which was about 2 kilo metres away from my house, was a Monopoly centre.
Not to say you must play these games at these venues, but if you want to really enjoy these games, go to the appropriate quarters.
Then we used to have Scrabble, Ludo (normal & Snake), Whot  (normal & Joker), and other games (both local & foreign).  Then, it was almost an abomination to be caught playing Draft.
But being an inquisitive child, I learnt it, played it, and got some gifts from adults; I won most of the time.
While playing all these games , they never made real sense to me until later in my life. They began to make sense to me as events in life began to unfold and as I kept learning through books, Experiences, observation, questioning, browsing the internet and many other ways.
This weekend, Playing Monopoly will be our leisure activity.  No movies, no books, just Monopoly.
As an Enterprise player, Monopoly is a must learn; it can be applied in all aspects of your pursuit.  
I just want to touch a few areas about the game that are more pronounced in our everyday life in this part of the world.
These aspects have made and marred people in the past and present. To be made in life you need to make up your mind to address these aspects of life both in business and career.
The areas I want to talk about are the ecosystem and the rules in the Monopoly game. Other aspects will come up in our next discussion on the game.
1. The ecosystem: Business and Career – the enterprise- is all about the ecosystem. The community chest Cards in Monopoly makes you interact or engage with other businesses or organisations around you, such as the bank, Doctor, Opera house, Stock Broker, Hospital, Beauty Pageant and City Repairman.
As a small business owner or an aspiring career professional, you are building your business/career in an ecosystem having Entrepreneurs, Investors, mentors, Customers, Helpers, Artisans and the like.
You are not an Island, so you must learn to deal with these people appropriately to grow your business/advance your career. You need people;you cannot do it along no matter how smart you think you are.
Keep building a network/relationships;you don’t know where help for your small business growth or the next employment opportunity will come from.
For instance, in the game, when you find it difficult to land 3 properties in a series, all you need do is build relationships with fellow players to move to the next level, which is the construction of your house. and that calls for negotiating, synergizing  and Collaborating with others to achieve your goals and objectives.
In addition to other fields listed above, you’ll also need the services of Lawyers, Accountants, Financial planners, Teachers and the like, to easy your pursuit for you.
Caution: As much as networks/relationships are important, you don’t have to rely on them. Just leave an open mind and be self-sufficient in your finances.
Treat people justly so they will not hesitate dealing with you each time the need arises. When you don’t treat people well, they’ll naturally shy away from you never to come back.
2.      The rules of the game are a test on your integrity:
If you intentionally take a shortcut through the game by rolling three doubles in a roll, you will land yourself in jail.
You must understand that every system has rules and if you break the rules, the system will break you and your life will never remain the same. Going to jail will earn you a bad reputation in life. Avoid it!
Don’t be deceived, there are no short cuts to success.  To move up the the leather of life in a steady and sure way,  you must be seen as a person of integrity in all your dealing.
In this part of the world where cutting corners is almost a normal life style, you may not necessarily go to jail but you’ll dent your image.

Integrity is a social capital that can be traded with, any day, anytime. Without integrity you lose so much without knowing.
Hard and smart work with God’s grace is the sure way to building lasting wealth.
Everything boils down to you. Your successes and failures boils down to you. It’s an open market, where you take your decisions considering the rules on ground.
Take responsibility for your life. You can’t afford to blame anyone for your failures and at the same time you cannot take all the credit for your successes; you work in an ecosystem. Learn to appreciate and recognize others as part of your success.
Get the game through this link and play.Your system must have adobe flash player. In case you don’t have it, go to google and type “adobe flash player free download”.

You can also learn how to play on this video:
                                                                   Part 1:

Part 2:

Have A Blissful Weekend!

Remember, 'Make Every Moment Golden'

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