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Sunday, July 09, 2017


How was last week? ‘Hope you enjoyed it? Did you achieve your goals for the week? If yes, Kudos, if No, Why?

For those of us in Lagos, did the rain affect your residents or business?

Take a look at the pictures below:

I want to use this medium to say to the people residing or doing business around Ikoyi, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, & Lekki, Lagos; my heart goes out to you. Also to every other residence and businesses that were affected by the rain in other areas. I mean those that could not control the effect of the rain on their businesses and environment.

Yesterday I was trying to get something around my house with a small umbrella. With the wind pulling my umbrella, the rain beat me blue-black, and I was looking like a live chicken soaked in water. That is rainy season for you.

Plan and set out on time to go to wherever you have to be. This is a season to engage your phones and computers more than ever. Go out after assessing every option, otherwise use your phones to sort out your activities and learn to delegate if you are not doing so.

I had an appointment during the week with someone for 9:30am. Guess what? He came by 11am. I called earlier and he told me he was waiting for the rain to either subside or stop. But I got to the venue of the appointment at past 9 while it was still raining. The person I’m talking about is a business man. Do not use the rain as an excuse this new week for not reaching your goals.

As we can see, the weather is cold and as such challenging to some individuals. If you are in that category, try as much as you can to keep yourself warm. If you work in an office where the air conditioners are always on, try and plead with your colleagues to either increase the temperature or put it off for your sake.

There are offices that air conditioners don’t go off during office hours, owing to the nature of their job. If you are in such organization, please kit up yourself accordingly. You can also take hot tea, Coffee, Pepper soup and the like, to keep you warm. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Patronizing clinics and pharmacists is not a funny experience.

Apart from the inconveniences health challenges come with, the money it consumes can be used to move a victim’s life a step forward. Now, what about its effect on your productivity level? Please take caution!

I was in an office to see someone last week, it was raining and the air conditioner was doing its ‘thing.’ I had no choice than to plead with the owners of the office to put it off, which they did for a while and I felt better. You can also plead with your colleagues in the office, rather than ‘forming’ big boy or big girl. I no dey o!

To everyone, please reduce your intake of cold drinks, it may not be convenient for you to do so at the moment, but just do it to avoid the unforeseen.

As for the children, please do not expose their bodies. Cover them with thick clothes. Some might be looking very warm, to a point of sweating. Please don’t let that deceive you. Cover them! Children between the ages of 0 and 9 or 10 should be watched closely and cautioned appropriately this season.

If your child or ward has a health challenge, it will definitely affect your productivity level in the Enterprise. I don’t need to explain how to you; you know it.

Have you written your goals and activities for this week? I mean personal and enterprise goals and activities for the week. Activities are the tasks you need to accomplish in order to achieve your goals. “No activity, no goal accomplishment.” Someone said, “No activity, no productivity.” Achieving your goals gives you the confirmation that you are productive. So, list your activities in line with your goals.

So……, if you haven’t written your goals for the week, you can start now; it is very important to plan your week today. Know the people you need to involve in helping you achieve your goals and book or contact them on time.

Please plan yourself taking the season into consideration. Don’t allow the rain to stop you from achieving your goals this season, except otherwise. A new week has come with new opportunities and you must plan to harness the opportunities.  

That reminds me, we’ll be discussing Goal Setting one of these days.

For the Christians in our midst, did you go to church today? Did you pray for me? (laughing).

Until tomorrow, Good evening!

Remember, Make Every Moment Golden!

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