Saturday, 15 July 2017

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By: Lolia On: 3:30:00 am
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  • Wawoo….. it’s been a Sunny week! Unlike last like that some people weren’t happy about what the weather did to them; this week came with a surprise to me. I never expected a Sunny week from Monday through Friday.

    ‘hope you were able to achieve your goals for the week? No stories! I’m sure the weather gave you the ‘space’ to operate.

    So, how did it go? For those in Lagos, did you notice a dry-cold whether all through the week? Though it was sunny, but it was cold. Did you notice it?

    So, what’s your plan for the weekend? Don’t tell me you don’t have a plan; I’ll put you in my plan. And you know what that means?

    Are you Organizing a party?  Attending an event? Doing a Thorough Cleaning? Going for Shopping? Cooking? Baking? Reading/Studying?  Doing  Movies? Hanging out with some friends? Going for Evangelism? Weekend classes? Do a deep Thinking? Focusing on your business?  Visitation? Play games? Going to the Gym? Going to the Salon? Going to the Beach or Pool?…………………………….

    Whatever the case may be, do not spend the weekend doing nothing. In fact, don’t catch yourself for even an hour doing nothing; there are loads of things to do.  

    In case you don’t have what to do, start thinking now and fix yourself up.

    Ok, let me give you what to do. I’ll give you 2 options:

    1.      Take yourself out or treat yourself to a groove at home. That reminds me, when last did you take yourself out?

    2.      Since you don’t have what to do, to recoup the energy you’ve burnt during the week in the Enterprise, just eat and sleep all through. It’ll be a big plus to you.  Are you thanking me? (laughs).

    You can chose one or do both.

    For me, I’ll be doing Movies, Reading and writing.

    For those cooking and partying, please don’t forget to send my food across to me o! I’ll be waiting! Please,be kind enough to remember me.

    Have An Exceptional weekend!!!

    Remember to ‘Make Every Moment Golden.’


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