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Thursday, July 27, 2017


Over the years, there had been a crave for foreign education by Nigerians. Let’s find out from an expert on why the trend.

Meet the CEO of North Cyprus Admissions, a division of Omothouse Education Centre, as he takes us on this ride. The organization has been in the business of processing admissions for Nigerians wanting to study in North Cyprus. 

Do you intend to send your child or ward abroad for tertiary education? Do you what to obtain a postgraduate degree abroad or know anyone wanting to obtain a postgraduate degree? Do you want to payless and still have sound quality Education? You can achieve all of these and more in North Cyprus.

Let’s hear what he has to say on tertiary Education in North Cyprus.  

LOLIA:  Can we meet you Sir?

I am Kolawole Oladotun.  

LOLIA: It has been a trend for parents and guardians to send their children/wards abroad for tertiary education. Why this trend when there are good schools here in Nigeria.

Education is not just about being good; certain factors are as well required such as international exposure and advance educational quality beyond the usual.

Organizations, especially the multinationals, consider candidates with foreign degrees more. Due to their experiences with employees, which cannot be explained on this platform. There is a survey by Phillips Consulting, Nigeria that says it all.

LOLIA:  Why do you insist on North Cyprus?

The government of North Cyprus has consistently regarded Education as one of their major sectors, and as a result invested heavily towards getting a better quality as much as the A-schools.

Also, do you know you can school abroad (Cyprus) and pay 70% less or even lesser of what you are paying in UK, US, and Canada schools? I know this will surprise you, but this is absolutely real including the fact that the schools have a global ranking recognition just like the UK, US and Canada schools, with even a more convenient application process.

Above all, quality mixed with affordability makes the difference.

LOLIA: Where is North Cyprus?

North Cyprus is along the Mediterranean, South of Turkey and North of Greece.

LOLIA:  When did you start processing admissions?

LOLIA: How many schools do you partner with in North Cyprus?

At the moment, we are partnered with 6 schools with sound education quality and are affordable.

LOLIA: How can you compare them to schools in other parts of the world?

The comparism is by quality and global ranking, as some of the schools rank within the world first 1000 schools. Beyond quality, our partnered schools have proven to standout excellently in affordability.
LOLIA:  What is the response like from Nigerians ever since you started?
The response is impressive and improving.  
LOLIA:  Have you at any point attended any of those schools?

Yes I attended one of them for my Masters and PhD (in View), some of Our management executives also attended some of these schools.
LOLIA:  What was your experience like?

The experience was so impressive and a world-class-like that it instigated the setup of this business organization for the purpose of assisting other Nigerians to benefit from it as well.
LOLIA:  What is the fate of foreign students in North Cyprus?

There is no negative fate, as to the studentship or residency of any foreign student particularly, as the system of the government of North Cyprus is secularized and all students and residents are treated equally regardless of citizenship.

LOLIA:  Upon graduating, what are the chances of a foreign graduate – African- getting a good job in Europe and other parts of the world without getting frustrated?

Getting a job is perpendicular to what an applicant has to offer the specified organization, as jobs are obtained based on merit. The keywords however is that jobs are available for those who merit it coupled with the fact that the government makes serial provisions to ensure that all are gainfully employed
LOLIA:  Upon return to Africa, what are the chances of getting a good job or establishing a good business with the knowledge acquired?

The opportunities inherent, in terms of business and job are infinitesimal, as the experiences, exposures and network gathered at the school provides the chances.

LOLIA:  From when you started to date, I guess a good number of your clients have graduated. How are they faring in the Enterprise – Career & Business? Both home and abroad.

They are faring well, some did furthered, and some are doing business, while others are gainfully employed both in Nigeria and abroad.  

LOLIA:  For security and other obvious reasons, most parents of this generation prefer higher institutions that are more like boarding schools. Can you guarantee something close to that, if not exactly that in North Cyprus?

There are accommodation packages similar to boarding facilities in Nigeria, where the feeding, security and other amenities of the students are put into consideration. Some of our schools provide 3-square meals as it is applicable in a typical Nigerian Boarding facility.
LOLIA:  What are the challenges you face in the process of delivering value to your clients?

Even though issues such as Clients unwillingness to make payment on time and the rush it results for the processing at the embassy level, we do not regard all these and related as challenge as they are not beyond control.
LOLIA:  Can you talk about fees processing? There seem to be some difficulties in sending money abroad from Nigeria.

0ur organization has partnered with some agencies in North Cyprus who receive Naira in exchange for the operational currency in North Cyprus.
LOLIA:  What are your plans in assisting your Clients make fee payment flexible?

We are working on some packages that allows for our Clients to save for their studies in North Cyprus right before the completion of their secondary education.

LOLIA:  What would you say to those that can afford North Cyprus schools but are skeptical?

There’s no reason to be skeptical because you’ll always get value for your time and money, anyday, anytime. The impact right now is already speaking.

LOLIA:  In summary, what do your clients stand to benefit from schooling in North Cyprus?

-          Sound Education, Affordable Tuition
-          Scholarship for intending and on campus student
-          Easy admission process
-          Easy and guaranteed Visa processing
-          Better chances of being gainfully employed.

LOLIA: What are the two major things to consider in choosing foreign schools?

-          Quality
-          International Recognition
-          Affordability
LOLIA: When is the next admission?

In September this year. Less than 2 months away.

LOLIA:  Is there any other thing you would like us to know?
I would like to talk about Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ’s)

1.  What are your plans for students in SS One and Two (Year Ten and Eleven) who are close to their tertiary education?

To make the financial burden less stressful, I advise they start saving from this point for their foreign admission.

2.  Can your Client further in other Universities abroad especially the “A” class Institutions with the certificate bagged from a North Cyprian University?

Yes and even easier than Nigerian schools.

3.   How do you engage your Clients after they are granted admission and are already in North Cyprus? Is there an enduring system in place that keeps your Clients glued to you several years later?

We are still working on a mobile application which is intended to engage all our clients on a platform.

4.   What relationship exists between the government of Nigeria and that of North Cyprus particularly as North Cyprus is not regarded as a sovereign state?

Every relationship between the Nigerian government and North Cyprus is broker through Turkish Embassy in Nigeria and vice versa.

5.   North Cyprus operates an Islamic kind-of influence from the Republic of Turkey, what threat does this imply to Christians who wish to study in North Cyprus?

North Cyprus does operate a secularize system, as all residents are treated equally regardless of religion.

6.   What chances are available for students to secure part-time jobs while studying and is there a provision in place by North Cyprus Admission that assists your Clients to obtain part-time jobs?

We recommend to some of our known agencies in North Cyprus but our application in-view is intended to create an employment hub from where our clients can access their jobs of interest.

7.  Is there any existing relationship in form of affiliation, partnership, selected programmes, etc. between any of your partnering schools and any Nigerian University?

None for now.

8.   What is the guarantee that a Graduate of any of your institution in North Cyprus from Nigeria can gain residency in North Cyprus?

It depends on the organization you find yourself after school. The government has no troubles in granting residency.

9.   Is there an online programme by any of your partnered institutions and what is the authenticity of the certificate?

Some of our partnering institutions like EMU offers online program for courses such as Banking and Finance as well as home management.

10.  On what condition can a student be rejected Visa or admission by the concerned authorities?

On issues relating to Visa documentation.

11. What is the weather condition of North Cyprus compared to other European countries as well as the Scandinavian countries?

North Cyprus has a weather condition that is very friendly and not cold as some of the European Scandinavian countries.

CONCLUSION: It is very obvious that North Cyprus is a better option, why not give it a try by contacting North Cyprus Admissions today to get the best of tertiary education.  

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  1. Foreign admission is very good and North Cyprus is a very calm place to study, but at the moment, Nigerians need to recover from the presents administration's torture.