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Saturday, July 29, 2017


The Secret Movie, a story written by Rhonda Byrne and movie directed by Drew Heriot, is all about the law of attraction. Though an old movie (over 10 years), it has won several awards because it’s an eye opener. It explains the law of attraction, every one has ever known before the movie came out, in a different and exclusive light.

I first came in contact with the book in 2008, and it triggered a drive from within that got me something I had longed for, for more than a year, within 4 days.  I got to watch this movie in 2011. They are both bestselling in history.

This is one movie I can watch over and again without getting bored or tired. I have watched it countless times and will still make out countless times to watch it.

The movie, The Secret, is saying thus:

There is always a way of getting the things you desire using the law of attraction. Your chronic thoughts, the thoughts you’re holding in your awareness have the tendency to become your experiences in life.

What you think about, you bring about. What you think about becomes your belief, your belief becomes your perception (how you view life) and your perception basically determines your experiences.

Your thought emits energy that becomes your behavior, habit, and even symptoms in the body.

In the light of the above, begin to think about what you can consciously think about, rather than just thinking about anything.

Most people think the Secret is about the power of positive thinking. The power of positive thinking is a part of it, but the entire message is beyond that.

Why I’m saying this? One might be thinking positive and remain broke. Do you agree with me?

The Secret is life on the affirmative.

The law says you place your attention on the natural states of your being -love, harmony, service, beauty, power and other positive things of life. As you focus your attention there, the universe will shape its self around where your attention is.

You can begin to shape your destiny by the attitude you keep.  When you look at the world with an intention of seeing more beauty, love, life, opportunities, and the like, you have the tendency to find what you’re looking for.

But, when you walk around looking gloomy, what you often see is lack of opportunities and other negative things; there’s every tendency of radiating that in your experience.

As you begin to change your outlook, which we all have the capacity to do, then you have the opportunity to see more opportunities for you to express yourself.

I am not saying if you’re sick or broke, it is your fault. What I am saying is you need to take responsibility for your life by shifting your focus. The general idea is, take responsibility for your life; it’s in taking responsibility that you’ll get the best of life.

When you don’t take responsibility for your life, you’ll see yourself blaming others for your misfortune. People blame the government, society, friends, relatives, parents, employees, employers, colleagues and all manner of people for their circumstances and situations.  It doesn’t do any good to blame others.

Begin to walk in the direction of progress by releasing blame on anyone else and begin the see how you can put your attention inside and watch life correspond to your inner change.

As you walk in the direction of progress, please do not focus on gathering things for yourself; it’s not about materialism. Rather, focus on how you’ll begin to change internally. Your life will begin to reflect that change -mental and emotional Health, prosperity, right relationships, ideal business/employment, amongst others.

Effectively using this law will stabilize your structures in life. When you stabilize your structures, the universe can become anything to you. For example, it can become your personal ATM, that is, if finance is your challenge.  

Open up yourself and have possibilities come into your life by growing from within to dominate your circumstances and situations. 

These are laws in the universe that if you practice them, they respond to you.

Take responsibility for your life!

If you haven’t watched it before, please create time this weekend to do so and keep watching it until it becomes a part of you.  In case you’ve watched it before, just like me, please make out time to watch it over and again and you’ll better understand and absorb it.

There has been countless testimonies from people around the world after an encounter with the either the book or movie, or both.  Connect with this historic movie and see how your world improves.

Click on the youtube video below to watch the movie:

Happy Viewing!

Happy Weekend!

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