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Monday, July 24, 2017


Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs,  gave a speech in 1983 speech saying,  “The company's strategy is really simple. What we want to do is we want to put an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you and learn how to use in 20 minutes ... and we really want to do it with a radio link in it so you don’t have to hook up to anything and you’re in communication with all of these larger databases and other computers.”

True to his word, fast forward 27 years, in 2010, the first generation of the ipad was launched. Though there had been other mobile devices launched by the company before 2010, such as Message pad 2100, Newton message pad 1000, iphone, amongst others, ipad continues to stand out in all apple’s products and is second to only Android operating system in terms of sales around the world.

The company has not rested on its laurels since the inception of this product. There have been seven versions of ipad from inception and every version is an improvement of the previous.  Every version is unique in its right to customers’ delight.

This they do to build loyal customer base, market share expansion and being ahead of their contemporaries in the mobile phone and computer market.

They have so delighted their customers so much so that an Apple product user finds it difficult to substitute it with any other product.

After the launch of Iphone  in 2010,  not only have they improved on the product, the marketing process has also improved, the apps have  increased. At present, there are over 1000 apps for ipad, downloadable at apple store for ipad users.

One thing I have noticed about the company is that they are always ahead of time; they focus on producing exclusive products that will take some time for their contemporaries to catch up with. 
Dissatisfaction with the present is one of a major driver of their ‘escape.’ They have this continuous drive to escape the present and arriving in the future before others.  

Dissatisfaction with the present has a way of spurring your creative juice into action and placing one ahead of time.  
Being ahead of time is projecting into the future and arriving there before your contemporaries. That is a simple formular on how to escape the present.

Have you ever thought about escaping the present in your business/Job?

 Whatever you picture in your mind is what you capture in the future.  What you have today, you must escape it, so as to remain relevant for generations.  When you no longer catch up with tomorrow, you are no longer relevant.

J. J. Okocha, Super eagles of Nigeria’s former player was relevant for a longer time. He played more seasons than any of his contemporaries because he made himself relevant in his career. During his seasons, he was said to have gone beyond the football age, yet he was relevant.

You will agree with me that, In spite of his retirement physically, he is still relevant in the profession.

What are your plans to escape the present and continue to remain relevant in your field for generations to come?

For me, I have decided to remain relevant even in my old age, such that the government, Multinational companies, other institutions, the young ….. just name them, will be at my feet to learn.

Whatever you must have achieved today is good; you must escape it to continue to move ahead. Do not let it get into you head.  When you get puffed up by your present achievements, you tend to relax; overtime you may no longer catch up with tomorrow, meaning you are no longer relevant.


a.     The present is an enemy to the future in that, when you stay with the present, you miss the future.

b.      Today will always become yesterday.  Things become obsolete faster than you can imagine.  You need to escape where you are!

c.      Due to the changing times, customers and employers always desire something new and better.  

d.     There is always a prime period in the seasons of life. Use your prime period to leverage into the future and remain relevant for life. In other words, build a mechanism to sustain your prime period for a longer time.


There are several ways to get around this, but we shall be talking about a few of them:

1.     Be clear on exactly what you are looking for: What do you what in life? You must understand that life is far beyond the present.

In knowing exactly what you want, you must define your playing field and build yourself to a point that your contemporaries can barely match you easily. 

2.     Know your present status: If you cannot describe your present self, you cannot know how to escape. Describing yourself/ self-assessment has to do with your personal status and the list is as follows:

Economic – Net-worth*Profession – Designation *Education – qualification *Family – Fulfillment *Spiritual – character* Physical – health & fitness *Person-hood – Values *Social – Goodwill (Reputation). You can add to the list.

3.     Dream big and set goals: Suggest your new future to your current mind. Your mindset will change when you give it what to change with.  Develop your opinion of what you want.

“I will not hire anyone that is not aspiring to be a director in my company.” – Andrew Carnegie. The picture in your heart must always be greater than your current experience.  

4.     Change your mindset:  How you have been conditioned to think & act.  A mindset is doing what you are used to doing, irrespective of the information that come your way. You must force yourself to change the way you do things.

Your mind will be conditioned over time with the condition you come in contact with.  Before you can change your mindset you must question your activities. When you keep on your activities, it is difficult to keep up with new ideas.

Ask yourself: My product/skill set, is it the best in the market? Train your mind by telling it what it what to capture into the future.

5.     Take action: A dream is not for writing, it’s for acting upon. Do all you can to actualize the picture you carry in your mind. Example: If your skills/qualification is not enough to get you your desired job, go back to school. It may not necessarily be a formal setting.

CONCLUSION: To escape the present, you must think and act ahead of your contemporaries. The era of operating within the box has long been succeeded beyond the era of thinking outside the box.  We are now in the era of thinking like there is no box ever.  

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