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Monday, July 31, 2017


The Dream of Disneyland came into Walt Disney’s mind when he was attending Griffith Park in Los Angeles with his daughters Diane and Sharon.
Investors at the time, including his brother-Roy, turned him down because they believed that the project would not bring revenue. Yet Walt Disney went ahead to make the dream a reality.
He believed so much in his dream and went on convincing investors to a point that the construction of Disneyland commenced  on July 16, 1954, with the total investment spend of $17 million (in today’s money – $150 million).
A year later, Disneyland was launched- Sunday, July 17, 1955.  Since then everything about Walt Disney’s company has changed for the benefit of the American public and the world at large, as Disneyland has become a world landmark.
The company has grown to become a great entertainment conglomerate with parks in California, Ontario- Florida, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Paris.
Also, the conglomerate has in its assets 320 Disney store locations throughout the world, hockey and baseball teams, a number of newspapers and magazines and diversified television networks.
Millions of people visit Disneyland annually for entertainment. As of 2014, 16.77 million people visited Disneyland in Anaheim.
We can see how Walt Disney harnessed the power of positive dreams and turned a concept into a big business venture.
What are you seeing concerning your future? Do you have a dream? What are your dreams of becoming great? 
Woodrow Wilson once said, “We grow great by dreams. All great men are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red of fire of a long winter’s evening.”

Most people do not achieve greatness because they do not dare to dream. Even when they do, they dream small. It costs you nothing to dream.

Some of us dream big and let these great dreams die. Others nourish, protect and nurse them through the good and bad times until they are brought to limelight.

We are in the Dreamers’ world and those who reign in life are those who dare to dream. What you get in life is in direct proportion with the content of your dream.

In other words, it is what is contained in your dream that determines your placement in this world of dreamers.

If you really desire to move from where you are now to a better place, you must have a dream.

How do you create the dream?  Dreams are created through the process of thinking/ imagination. When you take the time to engage in a long term positive thinking of painting a desired future, you are in the process of creating positive events which becomes your dreams.

James Allen once said, “Thought is the fountain of action pure, and all will be pure. All that man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his thoughts.”

It was said that when Bill Gates was still a little boy with his parents. One day his mother was looking for him, shouting Bill, Bill, where are you?

After a long time of searching for him in the house, she opened the door in one of the rooms in house and found him sitting down alone. Then, she asked, “What are you doing here alone?’ Bill answered, “I am thinking.”

Bill Gates thinking/imaginations have brought him to where he is today and he has not stop dreaming.

Don’t you think? “As a man thinketh, so he is.” The tendency for you to become what you hold strong in your imagination is very high. What images are you holding in your mind concerning your future?

Where do you see yourself in the next 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 years? As mentioned earlier, it costs nothing to Dream. Nobody will query or arrest you for Dreaming; it’s your life. All you need do is use your imagination to paint a desired future for yourself and write it down.

Writing down your Dream helps you create the actual picture.

Conway Stone once wrote, “When you write something down, it takes a life of its own. Suddenly, it becomes clear in your mind exactly what you want. Your dreams become clear to other people, because they can read what you plan to accomplish.”

The dream you do not document in details, you not achieve; “the shortest pencil is sharper than the sharpest brain.”   And no matter how sharp you think your memory is, you cannot fulfill a dream that you don’t write down in details.

The act of documenting your dreams in details has the power to change your life. Until you are able to document your dream by using sentences, graphs, charts and pictures, you cannot fully actualize it.  

You must take your time to do series of writings, drawings and plotting your dream in a very clear term; there is power in writing down what you want to do before you begin.

In studies carried out by Massachuserrs Mutual and AT & T, it was discovered that 40% of businesses that have written business plan and follow them succeed more.   

The power of a positive dream committed to writing cannot be overemphasized! If you are not Dreaming at all, start dreaming now. In case, you are dreaming small, dream again and dream big. When you harness the power of positive dreams today, you’ll see it at work in your life tomorrow.

Dream Big! 

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