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Monday, July 17, 2017


Mo Abudu, Ebony Life TV Boss, was able to set up a Pan African Television station in spite of all odds. She's being celebrated today by Forbes magazine as the most successful woman in Africa. Why? She persisted in the face of difficulties in actualizing her dream.

She never had the means to air her program, Moments with Mo, at the initial stage; right now she can air any program of her choice in any TV station around the world. (Click here to read story)

Strive Masiyiwa, Econet  Wireless Boss, subdued all oppositions to the establishment of Econet Wireless Network in Zimbabwe, which was its starting point. He was bold enough to sue the highest authority, the government of Zimbabwe, to get justice.

The battle, at the time, almost led him to bankruptcy, but he persisted. Today, Econet Wireless Network is in more than 15 countries across Africa and the world. Strive Masiyiwa is valued the richest man in Zimbabwe.

Both organizations are market leaders in their industries.  All of these came as a result of persistence.

What is that dream or Vision that is lingering?  What is that one thing that will announce you to your world? what is that one idea you have that will alleviate pressing problems in the market place? What is that one thing that will make you an asset to be cherished forever? You need to persist to bring it to limelight. To persist, you need Sugar Energy.  

A friend once said, “Nobody cares about you until you are made.” Do you know we are in a dispensation where you no longer allow people define you or assume people know who you are? You must define who you are. If you don’t tell people who you are through your actions, they’ll ask: “Who are you?” Some will even go as far as defining you in their own terms and treat you as such. Don’t let people define you.

To boldly define yourself, you must standout. You must thrive to make a mark in life. To make a mark in life, you must pursue; the only proof of desire is pursuit.  To pursue your desire with all intent and purpose, you must develop Energy; there is nothing you want to do and succeed in life without energy.

What is Energy? Energy is the force/ vibration within you apply in getting things done. It may not necessarily be physical.

How do you develop Energy? Energy is built over time by having the desire and using the little you have on a regular basis. When building Energy, you must build Sugar Energy. The same way sugar attracts ant without invitation, so it is with Sugar Energy. Sugar Energy makes people feel you wherever you are and makes thing happen for you.

When you make things happen for yourself, it means you are living your life on the attack. Living your life on the attack is what makes you standout. It makes you take some dangerous steps and make audacious statements. You must live your life on the attack rather than the defensive.

“Everything remains in a state of rest until a force is applied to it.” Waiting for things to happen before you move, puts you on the defensive side of life, which might be very dangerous. Living a defensive life puts you under pressure.

 Stop living the defensive life! To be on the attack! Don’t wait for things to happen before you move. Be the mover. Things don’t just happen, you make them happen. If you desire something, go for it!

When you see a thing you desire that is out of your reach, never say, “I cannot afford this thing” Ask yourself rather, “How can I afford or achieve this thing? This question activates your creative juice and helps you build Sugar Energy.

If you desire to standout, begin to make moves that will make you leave your peers behind. Until you leave your peers and everyone behind, you cannot stand out. What you see now is not the real you. The real you plays out when you live your life on the attack.  

No matter how rumple you may look now, just have the consciousness that you are more than this. A dirty #1,000 (One thousand Naira) note and a mint have the same value in the market. You are more than you think.  Decide and build Sugar Energy today!

Have A Better Fruitful Week Ahead!

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