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Monday, July 10, 2017


Continued from part 1 (last week)........

12   INNOVATION & CREATIVITY: You need to know how to re-invent yourself. Use
what you have to get what you want.  Successful people know how to invent new tools or
ways to achieve their goals.

Our world rewards innovation enormously. Find a faster, cheaper and better way of doing what you do. 

Question: As an Entrepreneur/ Career professional, what are you inventing? What do you want people to know you for?

You mustn’t be a Thomas Edison, but you can improve on what already exists in your industry/ workplace. 

13.     SPECIALIZATION: You must specialize in something and know a little about other things. There should be something that distinguishes you from the crowd. Specialization gives you an edge in the market. Don’t only specialize, but be an expert in your area of specialization.  

If you are an Accountant, for instance, specialize or focus in an area of accounting. If you are into Real Estate business, focus on an area in Real estate.  When you focus, you become the center of attraction, and you know what it means by becoming a centre of attraction.

To succeed in your career/ business, its better you specialize in the area of your strength. Don’t allow people to drag you away from your area of strength.

14.     EXCELLENCE: It’s a never ending journey; you keep working at it. It must be your watch word, that is, your core value. It means good quality in an unusual degree. Doing things better, each time you try it. Excellence is not a destination.

To encourage excellence in the Enterprise, we need to demand for it and also give it. Being an excellence oriented person calls for Creativity and diligence.  

15.     ASSOCIATION:  Who are those talking into your life? “Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are.” Successful people are very deliberate about the people they associate with, because they have discovered the effect it has on them.

 Watch out! Who are your friends? You’ll always turn out to be like the people you associate with. According to Bishop David Oyedepo,“ Don’t be sentimental about people, be sensitive about your destiny.”

Anyone who helps your thinking to go up has helped your life to go up. You can be nice to everyone, but you cannot be a friend to everyone. Be mindful of who is ‘building a tent’ around you. Surround yourself with people smarter than you are.

16.     PRUDENCE: It is the ability to effectively manage your resources for optimal result.  God hates waste. To be wealthy is to increase your income and control your outflow. You must know where your money is going per time. Don’t allow a Dime to leave your pocket without planning, except on emergency.

Have a list of all you expenses for each day, week, month and year.  Having a list will prevent a repeat of unnecessary expenditures.  

17.     INTEGRITY:  To be honest with God, man and yourself, as a person. Let your yes be yes! What do you do when no one is watching you?

People are on the lookout for those with integrity. If you have it, you’ll win the hearts of many. You lose so much when people don’t trust you. Success can elude anyone without integrity. 

Can people put money in your hands and go to sleep believing you’ll deliver? How far can people trust you right now?

Don’t cut corners in business/ career. It can only pay you in the meantime; you’ll be a loser on the long run.

As a matter of fact, let Integrity be your life style; it’s a major prerequisite for success.

18.     TIME MANAGEMENT:  Time is more than money. It’s the most valuable resource heaven has given you. It can be converted to anything – Wealth, Love, Career advancement, wisdom, business growth, etc.

Avoid people that waste your time. Whoever that doesn’t value your time, does not value your life. Anyone that kills time is committing suicide.

A poor man has all the time, but no money, while the rich man has money but no time. It is so because the rich invest time wisely.

To make the most of your time, I’ll give you just 3 things you should do:

a.      Value time over money & activities. Concentrate 80% of your time on the top 20% of the things you’re looking for.

b.      Delegate some of your responsibility without abdicating. 

c.       Be sensitive to seasons and opportunities; they come without informing you and in most cases, they come in disguise.

19.     REPRODUCTION:  It is the capacity for you to reproduce yourself.  You are not successful until you have a good successor.  Success without a successor is failure.  As a leader, work towards reproducing yourself in others. 

In your team, when things go right only when you’re present and go wrong in your absence, watch it! You’re yet to be a successful person.

Strive to reproduce yourself, especially as an Entrepreneur; your Vision must outlive you.

20.     RENEWAL: Renewal is recreation. Rest is what God has designed for your renewal.  “And God rested.” If even God would rest, then who are you?

When you stay too much on the job, the law of diminishing returns will set in. Successful people work hard but also know when to rest. Rest helps renew the mind for better productivity.

Going on leave is an investment.  In every labor there is reward.  Rest is also part of the reward. Take time to rest at least once in a week. Also plan vacations.

21. GRATEFULNESS OR GRATITUTE: Stop complaining; always give thanks. Sometimes, thank God upfront. Gratitude opens you up to the supernaturally and the supernatural connects you with God. You cannot be connected with God and be stranded in life.

God has a reason for not doing what you asked Him to do for you. He’ll do it at the appointed time. Ingratitude calls for sadness, and a sad man cannot attract success.

That challenge before you will melt like wax, if only you will make gratitude a life style.

22. SELF CONTROL: You can take charge of your life if you can control: what comes out of your mouth (words), negative emotions, appetite sex, food, drink & sleep.

Also, you must subject yourself to doing things at the appointed time. When you plan to wake at mid night to study, do it when its time.

Most destinies have been reined due to lack of self-control.  If you must be successful, then have good self-control.

23. BIG DREAMS: Successful people have a picture of their desired future and they walk in that direction. The beauty is that their dreams are usually bigger than them.

An ordinary dream will not make you successful; you can only get bye with it. A Big dream draws the attention of big people; big people are Great minds.  Small dreams attract small people (small minds), while big dreams attract big people. 

The worst that can happen to a dreamer is to be surrounded by small people. DREAM BIG!!!

Where do you see yourself in the next five, ten, twenty years? Are you just living your life by default? You must be deliberate about everything you do.

Your world is built on your habits. You must strive to build good habits if you must succeed in your business/Career.  

The difference between those who are successful and those who are not is in their habit. Those who are successful are committed to becoming successful.  To go beyond the level of wishing to become successful, you must be committed.

Take time to grow your good habits; habits simplifies our lives. There is nothing wrong if you establish a habit that will make your life work. Your life becomes successful to the degree to which you nurture and grow good habits.

Your success comes through this sequence: Thoughts – words – actions – habit – character - Destiny.

 If you don’t make conscious efforts to change bad habits, it means you are not growing. Make deliberate efforts to uninstall, from this minute, those negative habits. Habits that prevent you from moving forward, you know them!

It may take some time to effect your desired change of habit, just keep at it, it must come to pass.

YOU ARE A SUCCESS!!! See you at the top!


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