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Monday, July 03, 2017


There is no shortcut to success. It doesn’t happen by chance. Success happens when you set a goal and achieve it at the set time. It happens to all of us but in different degrees. It’s largely a result of what we do consistently.

Research has confirmed that, anything you do consistently for 21 days becomes a habit.

Habits are those things we do repeatedly or often and almost without thinking and sometimes it’s hard to stop.  That is why we must chose to do the right things at all times; they are what will give us success in life. When we do the right things consistently success is inevitable.

Using decisions for instance, the number of good decisions you make gives you a good life and vice versa. When you are indecisive, the force of gravity will pull you down to the negative side. You don’t decide your destiny, what to decide is your habit. Habits in turn decide your character.

If your decision and your habit do not tally with your imagination or confession, you will not make it. You must therefore guard your thoughts; your thoughts are very important in the school of destiny.

Good habits are sometimes hard to form but easy to leave. Bad habits are easy to form but hard to leave. Breaking a counterproductive (bad) habit is a tough job, but it’s possible. Bad habits can be unlearned (uninstalled).

Examples of bad habit are: Procrastination, Lateness to meetings, over eating, over spending, Gossip, Jealousy, Laziness, social media addiction, drug addiction, internet addiction, too much sleep, stealing, strong desire for sex, covetousness, lying, and many more.

As human beings, we are creatures of habits. To be successful, there are habits we must form.
Success habits are numerous, but we will be talking about a few of them on this topic.


1.     THINKING/MEDITATION: successful people are great thinkers.   Sit down and analyze your life.

There is power in thinking that is why God respects thinkers. He says, come let us reason together.  It’s the realm of meditation that we engage our spirit and mind in thought to get answers to lingering questions in our lives.

What you see in the place of meditation is what you have.  Good meditation attracts God. Thoughts are things. If what you’re saying is different from what you are thinking, you’ll not get result.

If your thinking and your words do not correlate, success is far from you. When you think deeply, you catch fire.

2.     PRAYER: People who succeed supernaturally make it a habit to pray; prayer connects man to heaven and changes things.  

No matter how tight your schedule is, make out time to pray.  You can’t be hearing from heaven consistently and people will not want to hear from you.  The spirit of man was designed to be sustained by consistent connection with God and prayer is what really does the connection. God is your source. Stay connected to your source to make things easy.

You must come to understand that success is not by struggles, but by Mercy, Grace and favor, though there is the human aspect of it, one of which is hard work and diligence.

3.     TAKE RESPONSIBILITY:  Responsibility means ‘Response and Ability.’  Take responsibility for your life now!  You are not yet a failure until you blame someone else.  You have the power of choice, Wake up!

God is the chairman of your life, but you are the CEO. You are responsible for the outcome of your life. Nobody owes you except you. You owe yourself success.

Don’t wait for things to happen to you; successful people don’t let things happen to them, they happen to things.  Taking responsibility for your life is the key to true freedom.

4.     SELF IMPROVEMENT:  Learning should not be restricted to the fore-walls of the classroom. Learning should be a continuous thing in your life, formally and informally. Have an insatiable quest for knowledge.

When you attract value, people will find you. All you need to succeed in your business & career are on the pages of books. You cannot be loaded and not be needed.  Don’t only work for money; work for what to learn.

5.     POSITIVE TALK:  Let your conversation be positive at all times. Make positive talk your life style; your life will always move in the direction of your confession.

If you are aiming for the palace, start talking like a king now; you cannot walk to the palace talking like a peasant.  Don’t say the negative things you see in your life. Say what you want and it would wipe out the negative things on ground.
With positive talk, you can afford anything within your destiny.

6.     GIVING:  When you give, you plant a seed, and when you plant a seed in the right soil, you get a good harvest. Everyone with a seed is guaranteed of a better future.

Your seed could be your Time, money, energy, material possessions, your life.
Your future is buried in your giving.  You become what you want based on the kind of seed you sow today.

The death of a seed is the burial of a forest. Your destiny is your forest. Don’t waste your seed today. Be careful with the seeds God has made available to you now.

Never consume all your seed, sow some for the advancement of the kingdom and mankind. When last did you assist someone with your seed?

7.     PLANNING: “Proper planning prevents poor performance.”  Planning is simply thinking ahead. You cannot define wisdom outside of deep thinking, planning and strategizing.

 For you to rise in life, you must be a planner. Sit down to plan before moving. Before you start building a home, business, career, etc, you must sit down to plan on paper. Whatever you commit on paper, heaven will help you achieve.

How often do you plan? What are your plans? Where do you see yourself in the next five years? The more you plan, the more you rise.

8.     ACTION ORIENTED:  Some people lack the inner drive to succeed.  “Every object remains in a state of rest until a force is applied.” Same is applicable to everything in life.

Planning alone does not bring success. Without action, your plans will be mere wishes. You must take action at every point.

Reduce your talk and take action; Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.  Action delayed is destiny delayed or denied.  Destiny delayed is the devil’s delight.

9.     PERSISTENCE: Don’t give up until you have your desired result.  Persistence is what leads you to your breakthrough. Persistence will always wear out your challenges.  Success eludes people that relent.

10. SERVICE:  Most people fail in life because they only want to get, they don’t want to give. “Small work plenty money” is their slogan. Be passionate about what you want to give.  You lose so much when you don’t serve people. The way up is down. You must descend to ascend.

11. DECISION: “Decision is the Hallmark of Destiny.” According to Anthony Robbins, “Decision determines destiny.” Successful people have developed the ability to make up their minds fast and on time.

When you stay too long in making decisions, you lose energy and opportunities.  An indecisive Enterprise player will not be useful to himself, God, The Enterprise, and even the devil.

Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific.  Be specific about what you what in life and do it fast.

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