Friday, 28 July 2017

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By: Lolia On: 7:15:00 am
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  • Congratulations!  You’re excited!

    So, how did the week go?

    No doubt you’re excited about today; let’s look into a few things.

    This is the last Friday of the month. What percentage of your goals for the month have you achieved?

    Our theme for this month, July, is to make every moment golden. How golden were the moments you’ve spent thus far this month?

    Have you planned your weekend or you just want to ‘obey the wind?’

    From the close of work today till Monday morning, you have up to 60 hours. How do you intend spending this time?

    It’s ok to get excited, but you must make it last for as long as possible by the things you engage in during those moments.

    The moments you capture when excited can be your source of inspiration when you find yourself in the ‘valley.’ That is why you must plan and spend those time well.

    I want to urge you to create time for self-assessment this weekend and do it with all sense of sincerity. Assess your: Finances, Relationships, Spirituality, intellect (knowledge base & competence), Family life, Character (Values, Reputation ……..), Health & fitness, and many more.

    You may also want to use this period to plan the new month, August.

    Don’t hesitate in giving yourself a special treat, after all you’ve worked so hard all through the month.

    Maybe you’re already on vacation. You still need to create time and do your self-assessment; it will determine how you’ve live your life after your vacation.

    Remember, excitement is contagious. Stay around excited people, if you must make the most of this weekend. Don’t let anyone’s action stop you from enjoying the blaze of exciting moments. Stir it up from within!

    Have The Best Weekend Of All Time!  

    Make Every Moment Golden!


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