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Friday, July 21, 2017


Friday is here again!!!
Are you happier today than every other day within the week?
 Last week we talked about why Friday is an exciting day and why we must make every other day of the week exciting too, since we are working towards building a Robust Enterprise in Africa.
Saying, “Thank God it’s Friday” should be for just one reason: to put the body & soul together on Saturday, which is a day of rest according to God’s design and not the other way round. Loving Fridays so as to escape work is an error.
It is very obvious that we need to turn the table, that is, loving other days of the week over Friday. How can we achieve that?
As stated last week, life can be horror while doing what you hate doing. It seems as though one is in prison. It’s only prisoners that don’t have a choice.
Let me ask you: In this instance, are you truly a prisoner?  You are not and will never be because you do have a choice. That was why I asked last week if you think it’s not possible for you to change the game.
My dear, it’s very possible, absolutely!  What then is the way out?
The way out is doing what you love or developing love for what you do.
Talking about doing what you love. When you do what you love, you are never caught up with time. You even wish the time would wait for you.
For me, I love what I’m doing, imparting knowledge.  Even if I have all the money in the world, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. I will even do it the more, because this is my point of fulfillment. Sometimes, I spend as much as 15-16 hours in a day on it without feeling it.
I may not be rich financially, but I feel rich and fulfilled doing this. Why?  I’m passionate about it. If riches and wealth is my goal, I know my passion can take me there.
Maybe you’re doing your job just to take care of your bills, that’s fine! But you must press for what gives you joy and that is what you’re passionate about.
Now can you do a self-assessment? What are the professions or businesses you are passionate about?  What is that one thing you can do even without being paid? Being in that field will not make you love Friday over every other day of the week.
One might be saying, what I’m passionate about isn’t lucrative. It cannot take care of my bills. You can make it lucrative by the way you handle it. 
I’m not saying you should leave what you do right now for what you love. My message is, start what you love right now and begin to grow it to a point where it would start being lucrative.
We’ve had stories of how people turned their passion into profit. Some even happened around us in the twinkling of an eye.
Maybe it’s a profession. Just develop yourself and switch. Developing yourself is a matter of studying and going through some training. Don’t get scared; you have the internet at you beck and call to study and do your training if you don’t have the time for conventional settings.
Your goal should be to be happier on Mondays rather than Fridays.
People around me have noticed I complain so much about Saturdays. Why?  I love business. I love seeing the Enterprise bubbling every day and Saturdays are usually ‘dry’. Not to say I don’t like resting, but I just love to see the enterprise at its best all through the week.
Doing what you’re passionate about may not give you all the money in the world, but you’ll be at peace with yourself, God and humanity. True happiness comes when you love what you do and every day of your life.
What profession/business do you think will make you happy every other day? That’s where you belong. In life, when you find yourself where you don’t belong, so many negative things abound inside-out.  The environment may not be friendly or you may not be at peace with yourself.
I was discussing with someone this past Sunday, and he was talking about someone that works with a multi-national company with all the benefits you can imagine, yet she’s unhappy with her job. What does that tell you?
What do you think can be more miserable than having a job that avails you the opportunity of traveling abroad at regular intervals, financial comfort, excellent work environment, admiration from outsiders, and so on, yet you are unhappy?
Friend, do everything within your reach to fight your way to where you belong; that is when you can find true happiness and success. True success is more of who you are than what you have.
Remember, we are thriving towards building a Robust Enterprise in Africa, for Africans and the world, and you can’t afford to be doing what we don’t love, knowing you’ll spend most part of your life on your job/business.
Think on these things and do have a great weekend!
Remember, ‘Make Every Moment Golden.’  

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