Friday, 14 July 2017

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By: Lolia On: 7:47:00 am
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  • Friday is finally here!!!

    You might be saying, I’ve had enough of this week. Enough work, enough jumping here and there, enough of my Boss’ ‘wahala’, enough of my Colleagues’ ‘wahala’, enough struggling, enough of this and that……………

    Ha ha ha ha ha ………………Friday marks the beginning of the ‘enough of’s’ ……………..

    Research/survey has it that over 90% of people hate their jobs.
    That is why the thought of Friday can be very exciting.
     Come to think of it: Why do people hate their jobs? Maybe this will be for another day.
     Are you in this category? If Yes, what are you doing to change the game?
     You need to change the game because life can be horror when you are doing something you hate without having a choice. And your job is a place you spend the most part of your time and life.
     When you love your job, the thought of Friday will not be exciting to you. Loving Friday means detesting some days in the week, especially a particular day, which I don’t want to mention.
     Here, we are talking about building a ‘Robost Enterprise’ in Africa and we can’t afford to hate other days in the business week and love just Friday.
     So, what’s on your mind as regards changing the game? Or are you thinking you don’t have a choice? It might be difficult but it’s possible. For every challenge you are facing, if you can sit down by yourself to think, you’ll come up with a solution.
     I want to pause on this discussion for now, till next week. Until then, think about this seriously during the weekend.

    Our dream of building a ‘Robost Enterprise’ in Africa can only be made possible when we love what we do in the Enterprise.

    To be continued next week…………
     Enjoy your weekend!


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