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Saturday, July 01, 2017


“Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such.” Henry Miller.

Golden moments are not given, they are made.  Don’t expect to enjoy a golden moment from someone else; it is your responsibility to create golden moments for yourself; consider any treat from outside as bonus to your life.

There are some moments we have experienced in the past that we may never experience again in our life time. So, why are you casual about the present moment? Make the most of it.

When opportunities show up, whether or not you are prepared, they are Golden Moments. Do everything within your reach to seize the opportunity.  As William James rightly puts it, “To improve the golden moment of opportunity, and catch the good that is within our reach, is the great art of life.”  

As an employee, being at work is a golden moment; you are being given the opportunity to create and add value to a system. Same with an Entrepreneur, you are addressing a challenge at the market place.

Either way, no matter how tough or challenging your endeavor might seem, try and create fun out of it; you are in a golden moment.

Lending a helping hand to someone in need makes the moment golden because the giver is always on top. It mustn’t be only financial giving. There are other things you can give, Time Prayers, expertise, care, amongst others. 

Assisting people is a Golden moment; it’s an opportunity to unlock the heavens in your favour.  Do it with all pleasure.

Relaxing with your family – spouse, children, parents, siblings, uncles, Aunts, cousins, nieces, Nephews- is Golden. It affords you the opportunity to experience warmness – chatting, laughing, singing, teasing, gist heaven and earth – which is true happiness.

Cherish the moments you spend hanging out with friends; it’s golden; you experience great relief from every stress.

 Imparting knowledge, it avails you the opportunity to download what you have upload in the past, for the benefit of mankind. Do it with all sense of urgency to create a golden moment.

While on vacation, groove………… to the last letter. When in the valley of life, Memories of Golden Moments have a way of boosting your ego and making you bounce back sooner than expected.

 Studying gives you the opportunity to renew and develop your mind. Take in as much information as you can, for it is for your transformation alongside others.

Sleeping is a golden moment, in that it refreshes the body and mind. Therefore while sleeping, sleep like a baby. Leave the world behind you.

Thinking and meditating connects you to a higher realm where challenges have no option than bowing out; it affords you access to the world of solution and advancement, where your creative juice comes to bare. This is a golden moment.

Prayer and worship times are golden moments as they connect you to the supernatural, where you become a giant and easily get answers to the unending questions of life.

Are you adventurous? Make every journey you embark on golden whether or not within your comfort zone.

Each time you eat, make it a golden moment; food is life. You may not have the means to eat what you like or eating the right quantity, but eat what you have with all pleasure.

One of my pastors in the past told us of how she treats herself to the dining table. “I eat my house as though I’m in a five star hotel. I serve myself carrying my food and drink in a tray, placing it on my lap, that is if I don’t want to eat on a table, eating like a queen. I don’t drink sachet water directly from the sachet; I pour the water in a sparkling glass.” She says.

In case you don’t have what to it, it’s also a golden moment because you are being counted among the living. What a privilege!

Whether you are watching a movie at home or going to the movies, set your heart like a child and enjoy every scene that comes on.

What more can I say? In fact the list for Golden moment is far more populated than dull moments. So, why should you allow dull moments around you? Always create and carry golden atmosphere around.

Avoid situations that interrupt your Golden moments. Even when they are inevitable, condition your mind to see the funny aspect.

Never see any moment as being negative. Remember, the following attitude will deprive you from having your Golden moments - complain, fight, murmur, Gossip, jealousy, killing, blackmail, just name them.  Never identify with them.

Make up your mind this minute, to bring the ‘gold’ out of every moment in this month of July and beyond. Like we say in local parlance, "NO DULLING!"

This is the beginning of the 2nd half of the year; you can still have time to accomplish 12 months goals within 6 months, pending on how determined you are to make every moment Golden.

Say to yourself, “from now on, every moment of my life must be Golden.”


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