Wednesday, 16 August 2017

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By: Lolia On: 9:38:00 am
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  •  Awakening The Entrepreneur Within by Michael Gerber is one of the 3 books recommended for this month. It is for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs; it boarders around how ordinary people can create extraordinary companies.

    Having gone through what he went through in finding his feet in the world of entrepreneurship, Gerber deems it necessary to establish rule for new entrepreneurs, so as to make their journey easy.

    We all have dreams that we think should be accomplished in our life time, but bringing those dreams to limelight and making them thrive in the market place is one reality that doesn’t come naturally or easily to most entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

    In this book, Awakening The Entrepreneur Within, Gerber gives us the steps on how  to move our business ideas from our minds to the market place and make them thrive, hence making our dream a reality.

    He shares his success, failure, former fears, adventures and everything in between, just to encourage every entrepreneur to learn and have the boldness to build their desired businesses without much hassle.

    He clearly stated that entrepreneurs are business creators and not business buyers, saying, in defining and creating your dreams into a success at the market place, you require not only skills, but having the ability to know your limits.

    He admonishes entrepreneurs to accept the fact that they must be criticized, but should be patient and persevere to the end.

    Gerber talked about the 4 dimensions of the Entrepreneur personality and also defined 5 key realities of an entrepreneur, one of which is, “everyone has the innate ability to create businesses.”  Find out the rest from the book.  

    Do not relent in getting and reading this book, Awakening The Entrepreneur Within, as it’s a gateway and a simplifier to transforming your ideas from your mind to a thriving business venture.  

    You can get this idea/business transforming book from book stands and shops at a wow price, as compared to the benefits therein. This book is a great resource for your entrepreneurial journey.

    Happy Reading!


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