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    The pathfinder by Nicholas Lore centres on how a career professional can  choose Or change career for a lifetime of satisfaction and success.

    This book is the writer’s closest tool for coaching you through your career, which is the intention of the writer. It would take you through a defining moment of your career.

    Nicholas Lore’s  wrote, "You need to get clear enough about your commitment to the quality of your life that you can take potent and resourceful action to make your commitments become your reality… Don't just fit your career change into the cracks of your life. The quality of your life depends on the choices you make. You will get what you give."
    For a better understanding and practice, the writer divided the book into 4 areas which are as follows:
    1  a. Living A Life You Love
    2  b. How to Get From Here to There
    3  c. Designing  Your Career
    4 d. Marketing and Job search.

      Are you seeking to build a career? Are you considering a switch in your career? Do you
      want to build a career out of what you love? Do you want to lead a fulfilling life while
      pursuing your career? Do you want to get the best out of your chosen career?

      Then get this book and digest all there in. it’s a 448 pages book with 4 sections that will
      transform you and your career pursuit.

       Happy Reading!


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