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Monday, August 07, 2017


Team lolia.com.ng wishes to congratulate Pertinence Limited on her 5th year anniversary celebrations, which started on Thursday, 3rd of August 2017 and ended with a Thanks Giving service on Sunday, the 6th of August at Calvary Bible Church, Idimu, Lagos.

Pertinence Limited is an Enterprise Development and People empowerment company. She has various platforms to actualize her vision, such as  Real Estate (her major product) Investment services, a multi-purpose cooperative Society,  Financial advisory services, Transportation, Training, Entrepreneurial development, Business/Management Consultancy services.

One of the reasons the Real Estate arm of the business was establish to tackle the 17 million housing deficit in Nigeria and the company has not rested on her laurels since inception. Customers and partners can attest to the fact that the company has made a tremendous impact in this regard through her endless Real estate projects.

One of the executive Directors, Mr Wisdom Ezekiel speaking: “We are committed to people empowerment and enterprise development.  At Pertinence Limited, our goal is to play a significant role in solving poverty and unemployment problems.”

“We bring solution to the housing deficit challenge in Nigeria, by ensuring that everyone, regardless of their socio-economic status, can be a landlord/own a house.  We unravel real and genuine opportunities in the real estate sector to the populace. We currently have interest in a number of estate development projects within and outside Nigeria.”

Since inception, in August 2012, she has kept to her promises, such that in 2016 alone more than 50 persons became millionaires through her platform.

Pertinence Limited is the first Real Estate Company to organize a Promo Launch in Nigeria, which has been adopted by other companies as a sales strategy.  The company has taken the Promo Launch beyond the shores of Nigeria, to become the first Nigerian Real Estate company to organize a Promo Launch outside the shores of Nigeria.

The aim of the Promo Launch is for investors interested in investing in the Nigerian Real Estate industry, especially Nigerians in the Diaspora.

Promo Launch is an event that gathers the company's customers and prospects on a particular day, mostly on a Saturday, between the 11am and 3pm, to showcase the products of the company and the plans of the company to better serve her customers. 

At the event attendees have the following benefits: opportunity to invest in land at a huge discount, win free plots of land,receive lectures on how to start Real estate business with little or no money & how to build a house with little or no money, win free plots of land,electronics, an all-expense paid trip to Dubai and of late winning of a house was introduced at the event. In October 2016 a couple residing in Nassarawa State won a 2 bedroom bungalow, which was delivered to them in 2017.  

One of the Executive Directors, Mr Olunrusheyi Sunday speaking: “We are the first to organize a Promo Launch in Nigeria and we have the bragging right.”  This means Pertinence Limited is a Pacesetter in the Nigerian Real industry.

One of her core values is purity, which translates to integrity in her business operations. She has been transparent in all her dealings and is known for her integrity. With more than 30 Real Estate locations across Nigeria and still counting,  close to 100 Staff, more than 1,000 partners and more than 5,000 customers, the company is yet to record a case of fraud or deceit.  This can account for her huge success in business. 

Thus far, the company has fulfilled all her promises to both her all the Promo Launch winners and Partners.

True to her word, in November 2016, Pertinence Limited sponsored 30 Persons, which includes Partners who meet their sales target for the year, Promo Launch winners and Staff, for an all-expense paid trip to Dubai.  While the Partners were in Dubai for the trip, this is what they said:

"Wow, this is Dubai season 2 for me and still counting. I see myself coming here all over and over with my able company, Pertinence Limited, owners of ABC & VIP Gardens. Don’t lose focus, stay focused on your job with God on your side and with smart work you are going to get where you wish to be." – Jinadu Omobolanle.

"It’s been great. We really bless God for His grace upon all of us here. This is an opportunity I never wanted to miss for one minute. It is very educative and also believe that we all would grab this opportunity next year. Thank You!" – Nkem.

Wife of the first Dubai trip winner, Madam Sandra, who went for the trip in her husband’s stead, said this after the trip: “It’s real; I thought it was a scam. You kept your promise to your promo launch Winners. I stayed in a five-star hotel in Dubai."

The second winner, Mrs Awefiranye Feyi said this after the trip: “They have done a great job. I can now announce them to the whole world. Really, I’m short of words; I don’t know what to say; all I want to say is that from now, I am part of Pertinence Limited.”

The staff of the company is having their best time ever in their work history as mouthwatering pay pack, training, foreign trips, conducive work environment and service condition are being given them.

Apart from commission on sale, which is basic, to further reward her Partners, Pertinence Limited has given out a good number of gift items such as, Gold wrist watches, Tablets, generators, Plasma TV, Cooking gas, set of Chairs, Cars, slots for all-expense paid trip to Dubai, amongst others.

Some partners who came in bartered and beaten by circumstances became millionaires in a short while.

Click here to read the testimonies of some Partners.

You can either work with us on part time or full time. As a part time worker, you can refer people to do business with the company and earn huge commission. A good number of people can attest to this.

The company has succeeded in satisfying customers.  Hear what the happy Customers are saying:

“They have shown me that they are prudent business men. They are considerate and reasonable.  So, for me, far as long as I have dealt with Pertinence, they have kept to their words.” – Mr BabaTunde Oluseyi  

“With Pertinence Limited you don’t have fears. Once you pay for your land, you must get your allocation. Nobody should be afraid that if you buy land from Pertinence ABC Gardens your land would not be given to you. The land is safe in the hands of ABC Gardens.” - Mr Ekhalialu Macaulay.

The Directors of Pertinence Limited are on like other African business men, in that, how they made it is no secret. They are ready to share it with anyone any day, anytime. To proof this fact, on the 27th of April, 2017, the company organized an event tagged, From Zero To Hero Reload.

The event was organized for the general public to come and learn how they grew the business from zero naira to a multi-billion naira company. The event was a huge success as it was an ‘eye opener’ to attendees.

Pertinence is known for responding to her Corporate Social responsibilities (CSR) in her host communities and other areas. In spite of her contributions in her host communities, she has catered for the needy in areas such as health, education, accommodation, business startup capital, human capital development, and many more.

The company has succeeded in having satisfied and happy customers, happy Partners, happy staff  and you too can be one of them. Why not decide to invest  with us or join the winning team?   

Wow, it’s been five years of Grace, Mercy, Favour, Wisdom, prosperity, happiness, strength, positive impact and many more.  According to Mr Olunrusheyi Sunday, “ By His grace we have done about 10% of the journey; he who has taken us thus far will lead us till the end.”

Long live the management of Pertinence Limited, the staff, Partners, Customers, Other stakeholders and prospects. 

Watch out for the next Promo Launch in 4 cities in the United States this Summer -August 2017. The venues and dates are as follows: Orlando Florida – 11th, Washington DC – 14th, Maryland – 15th, New York City – 24th and Houston Texas -28th.  Time: 5pm (Nigerian time).

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