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Tuesday, August 08, 2017


Besides a salary job, Entrepreneurship is another way of getting employed. In fact it’s confirmed the best way of being employed, all around the world; it is the easiest way of becoming rich/wealthy and several employment creation.  

It is said that you can never be rich working for someone or an organization. This saying is true to a large extent, due to what entrepreneurship has to offer.

Becoming an entrepreneur means becoming your own boss. You take full charge of a business venture.

Of a truth, entrepreneurship is not for ‘boys’. It isn’t necessarily for everyone, but specifically for those who really do know what to do with it. It’s for those who dare: Those who are ready to take the bull by the horn.

Having more than enough knowledge about entrepreneurship is just a tip off the ice berg. If it were to be just being knowledgeable, professors would have been the most successful in life.

You may be very knowledgeable about entrepreneurship, but being successful in it is what really matters. Success in entrepreneurship is beyond knowledge.

Don’t get forced into it; make up your mind. One of the major things you’ll face at the beginning is loneliness- where no one seems to see what you’re seeing; it can be traumatic.   Perseverance is the key word in entrepreneurship.

Just a rundown on a few businesses you can do with little or no money:  

AGRICULTURE:  livestock, crops, support services Feed, agric chemicals, middle men, buyers

Livestock: Chicken, Turkey, Catfish, Snail, Grass cutter, Pig, Goat, Cow, Ram,

Crops: Water melon, Pineapple, Cucumber, Plantain, Leaf (Pumpkin, Water leaf, Green leaf, Uziza, Utazi, oha, Ewedu, Bitter leaf, Curry leaf ….), Okro, Yam, Cassava, Potato (Sweet & Irish),

Agric support services: Agro-allied products (chemicals & Fertilizers), Labour services, Feed production, Middle men, etc.

FASHION:  Men s native wears, Women s native, suit production9 Men & Women, Hand bag & shoes production, bead making, jewelry making, Hair extension production (Wigs, Weavons, Attachments) and so on.

BEAUTICIAN: Makeup artist, Manicure & Pedicure, Hair stylist ( Weavon, Braids, Wigs) , Cosmetics production, Barbing, amongst others.

PASTRY PRODUCTION: Bread, Cake, Meat pie, Fish Pie, Chicken Pie, Small Chops, Buns, Dough Nut, Scotch egg, Egg roll, Spring roll, the list goes on and on.

CONTENT CREATION & MANAGEMENT: Writing ( Books, Ebooks, Articles, Journals, Projects for students, Reports, Newsletters, Press  Release, Presentations, Letters, Proposals, Business plans,…..),  Editing & Proofreading and many more.

ICT: Web designing, Programming, Network Engineering, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Virtual Assistant, Back office manager, Content Management, Photography, Video Production, Computer Engineering, Cloud Engineering, and so on.   

EDUCATION: Freelance teaching, Extra moral classes setup, Coaching, textbooks & writing materials production, supply of Teachers/instructors,Train the Trainer, and so on.

FURNITURE: Household, Office, Schools, Hotels, Churches, Event centres, Conference halls, Cinema Halls/theaters and so on.

FOOD: Booker, Restaurant, Fast food outlet, Catering services (Homes, Events, Small offices/businesses, Company canteen, Airlines, Ship, Land Transport companies (, bulk sales for families, retail & bulk supplies to offices, ……….

EMPLOYMENT AGENCY: Get workers for factories, Fast Food outlets, Bakeries, supply cleaners, haulage companies & other small businesses.  

MEDIA/ENTERTAINMENT: Presenter, Comedian, Actor, DJ, Animators, Graphic artist, Continuity, Producer, Script writer, Screen player, Electronic media boards,…..

REAL ESTATE: Marketer, Facility Manager, Consultancy, Agency, Building Materials supplier, Block Industry, Water supplier, ……..

PRINTING: Souvenir, Bill Boards, cards, Signage, Stationeries, Fliers, …….  

MARKETING SERVICES: If you have a convincing skill, you can venture into this business. With this skill, you can sell just about anything. Approach some business owners and negotiate with them on the sale of their products/services. You can also recruit people to join you in the business and pay them according to their contribution.

ELECTRICAL SERVICES: Go to a neighbourhood or an estate and offer your services to homes. Offer to take care of their electrical issues for a fee.

TRADING: Buying and selling of goods and services. There are fast selling goods and services around you. Get a list of them and venture into any one or two that best suit you. Examples are:  Phones & accessories, Wears, Beauty products, Movies & Music, Food (raw, Cooked and canned),

CONCLUSION: The list is endless. There are more businesses you can do with little or no money then listed here. You can find out through observation, people around you, internet, your environment, market trends and many more ways.

Choose a business that suits you and launch into it, as quickly as possible. Do not bother about startup capital; there are other ways around your chosen business.

You can sell/supply with little or no money. All you need do is get buyers and liaise with a supplier or producer to make the products available to the buyer and you get your commission.

You can save up from your commission over time and gradually launch into the business.   

If you do not have the required knowledge and skills to go into your chosen business, you can become an apprentice or learn for free online.

After learning, let the world know what you do. Do proposals letters, text messages, Whatsapp messages, emails, Newsletters, Calls, social media messages, etc, to prospects.

Remember, everybody cannot say no. You will definitely get someone or an organization that will say yes to you; that will be your turning point. All you need at the beginning is consistency and perseverance. Set your eyes on your goals and not the difficult times in the business.

Wishing you all the best!


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