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Saturday, August 26, 2017


Okro Soup is one of the popular, quickest, easiest and cost effective Nigerian soups to prepare and has always been my best soup.

It is a very nutritious soup enjoyed all around the world by mostly black people, including toddlers; it’s one of the first soups introduced to them.

Some people argue that a lot of work goes to the preparation of this delicacy. But the truth is: it can never be compared to the work that goes into soups like Afang, Edikang-iko, white soup, amongst others. For Okro soup, once the vegetables are ready, it cooks in no time.

It is being prepared differently by different ethnic groups in Nigeria, Africa and the world and this affects the taste, outlook and nutrients.

In this post, we shall be looking at the best way of preparing okro soup to get the real taste.


-1kg/ Beef/ Assorted/ Goat meat/Snail (choose one or combine)
-250 to 400 Kg okro.
-Dried fish
-1 milk cup of Periwinkle (optional)
-Pumpkin leave
-Palm oil
-Grinded Crayfish (handful). You can also add ungrinded crayfish
-Grinded Pepper (preferably fresh)
-Diced Onions. (Some people cook without onions).


1.Steam your meat with onion, seasoning and salt.

2.Cut your dry fish, wash and add to your meat at the tail-end of the steam. Also wash and add your periwinkle at this point.

3.Dice you okro – the smaller the dice, the more effective the okro in your soup.

4.Thoroughly wash your pumpkin leak and cut into tiny pieces.
Grind your crayfish and pepper.
5.Get an empty pot and add water. Ensure the quantity is something that will just level out with your meat and fish.

6. Add palm oil, seasoning & salt and allow toboil for 5 mins. Note: the quantities should be enough for the soup.

7. Add pepper and crayfish and allow to boil for 5 minutes.

8. Add your diced okro and steamed meat & fish. Stir and allow to boil for 5 minutes. At this point, please, do not cover your pot fully. Leave it half open.
9. Add your pumpkin leaf, stir and allow to boil for 2-3 minutes. Still leave your pot half covered. Ensure your salt & seasoning is to taste.

10. Your soup is ready. Even at this point, leave your pot half covered; okro soup is better left half-covered. Ensure you keep to this rule when you want to warm it.

You can now serve your soup with swallow or any other complementary food.

Note: Okro soup should not be keep for days, except it is being refrigerated. Even at that, it loses its nutrients if keep for long.
To get the real taste of okro soup, the following should be avoided: Ice fish, kpomo, ogbono and  stockfish.

For instance, using stockfish or ogbono to prepare Okro soup affects the texture, taste and the appearance, though some people see it as one of the normal ingredients for the soup. Okro soup should be okro soup and ogbono soup should be ogbono soup.
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The basic ingredients for Okro soup are:
Beef/ chicken, goat meat, assorted and the like.
- Dry Fish (not iced dry fish)
- Okro
- Pumpkin Vegetable (the best for okro)
- Palm Oil
- Crayfish
- Pepper
- Seasoning
- Salt (to taste)

For those that do not have access to pumpkin leaf, you can use other leaves that go with okro. Ensure you wash them thoroughly.
CONCLUSION: From my personal experience, it is medicinal. You can use it to treat cough without drugs. Just take it for 2-3 days, preparing it well and fresh. Do not cook the vegetable for long, so as to allow it remain fresh.

To treat cough, you can use it in place of stew to eat yam, plantain, rice, potato, swallow and the like. You can also eat it without anything to go with it.

Whether for pleasure or treatment enjoy your okro soup, until I come your way with another meal.

Have A Blissful Weekend!

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