Saturday, 12 August 2017

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By: Lolia On: 11:03:00 am
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  • The Call of the Entrepreneur is really a life changer.  Testimonies abound on how lives have been transformed by this movie. Several businesses have been birthed after an encounter with this movie. 

    There has always been this argument that entrepreneurs are in business for their selfish desires/interests.  Some are seen as virtuous while others are seen as vicious. 

    All the same, looking at our society, the activities of the entrepreneurs have shaped our lives directly or indirectly. We cannot but say, entrepreneurs are called.

    The movie addresses some key concepts about the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship: Innovation, risk taking, quest for financial freedom, economic drivers, trends projections, great minds at work.

    The movies tries to point to the fact that greed is not peculiar to entrepreneurs but to everyone. 

    The Call Of  The Entrepreneur shares some stories of real-life entrepreneurs from around the world, such as The United States, Asia and the like.  

    Different people in different economies at different times transformed insignificant or minute ventures into something worth commendable and beneficial to their various economies. 

    Come to think of it: Why do these stories matter to us? Find out from this 58 minutes movie. 


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