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Friday, August 25, 2017


Exam is a British movie written by Simon Garrity & Stauart Hazeldine and directed by Stauart Hazeldine in 2009, focusing majorly on job seekers 
In this psychological test movie, 8 candidates got to the final stage of a job selection exercise of a prestigious position in a company I would call X.
Every job advert comes with some hidden requirements, one of which is paying attention to detail. The point in this movie is that every job seeker should pay attention to detail for every job advert they are interested in.
They finalists of the job selection got stuck in the middle because they seemingly did not pay attention to detail. 
This should serve as a lesson to every job seeker; hidden details could be more important than the expressed details, in most cases. 
Do well to read every job advert carefully with the intent of spotting out the employer’s hidden needs, so you can sort them out and be on the safe side.
This movie is inspirational for everyone, especially job seekers. Everyone is expected to watch this movie because we may need the knowledge someday; you may need to hire others, even if you are not a job seeker at the moment.

Click here to watch on youtube.

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