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Monday, August 14, 2017


According to Oprah Winfrey, “everyone wants to fulfill the highest truest expression of himself.”  Is this statement true about you?

She went further to explain, “The baker has the bakery as his platform to fulfill the highest truest expression of himself.”

Have you located your platform in life? If yes, how productive are you on that platform? If No, what are your plans to locate your platform?  

For me, I have this blog as one of the avenues to fulfill the highest truest expression of myself. The skills and abilities you possess, how well have you expressed them? As we all know, skills and abilities become better when they are put to use.

Locating your platform is a major determinant of your productivity level; you can do little or nothing on a wrong platform. Being on the right platform avails you the opportunity to express yourself to the fullest. 

 I’m not talking about finding your purpose here. Locating your platform is finding the right place to use your skills and abilities to the fullest, hence peak productivity.

Do you know that being on the right platform with the right skills and abilities is not even enough? A lot of people out there are with the right skills & abilities, on the right platform, yet are not productive. You don’t want to be counted among such people.

A productive person is a man of action. Nobody rewards you for your abilities or potentials; you’re only rewarded when you apply them in solving real market problems practically.  Your skills and abilities are not productive enough until they are put to work.  In other words, what you do with what you know is what leads to productivity.   
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The Titans we have in the enterprise – Bill gates, Dangote, Strive Masiyiwa, Mark Zukerberg, Tony Elumelu, amongst others - are all action oriented people that are always on top of their game; they understand what productivity is all about.

They are not only on top of their game, but fulfilling the highest truest expression of themselves.

Friend, say NO to mediocrity; it has ruined too many destinies. Make up your mind to step up your game.  

Stop idling away with your skills & abilities; look for platforms to express them and when you do, be on top of your game. It’s not about the other guy in the 'room'; it’s all about you.

Seek to fulfill the highest truest expression of yourself; in doing that, you become truly productive and find self-actualized on the long run.
Be productivity conscious!  

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