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Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Ajayi: Thank God for the life of Chief Augustine. 
Bernard:  Why?

Ajayi:  He’s a success. Bernard: How?

Ajayi: Can’t you see how wealthy he is?

Bernard: How do you mean?

Ajayi: Are you blind? Can’t you see his wealth?

Bernard: Is that your definition of success?

Ajayi: I was at his coronation some years back. I saw and heard things. How else do you define success? 

Bernard: I suppose you’re aware he’s a renowned drug peddler and a sponsor to some politicians in the country. He was among the people that looted the Central Bank treasury 5 years ago. Even before he went into drugs, he defrauded most people he did business with and was taken to court. 

Ajayi: So what?  As long as he’s wealthy, he’s a success.

Bernard: How can you say that? Do you have values at all?

Chukwuma:  Values indeed.  Let me tell you: Values without wealth is disaster. I don’t know why you’re bothering yourself when everyone knows he’s a success.  Don’t let people hear all these jargon you’re saying o! Come to think of it: How much do you have?

Ajayi:  Chukwuma, please leave Bernard alone, he’s losing his mind. Everyone cannot be wrong.

Bernard: What a society!

Which school of thought do you belong?

One of the major determinants of success, especially in developing countries, is the accumulation of wealth by all means. So, in these countries, the pursuit and accumulation of wealth precedes any other thing. 

Hear this:  Those who define success on these terms are defaulters in the true wealth creation process. Pursuing wealth by all means makes people end up accumulating wealth that are like candle wax.

True wealth is the fruit of virtue – hard/smart work, deep thinking, knowledge, humility, integrity, good relationship with God and man, giving, amongst others. These are the wealth creation virtues.

Deep thinking makes for innovations for solutions to the ever increasing challenges at the market place and mankind in general.  It’s on the platform of deep thinking that most businesses are birthed and most problems in organizations are solved. Also, in our personal lives as well.

How can one possess these virtues?

It is in the pursuit of wisdom that you possess or accumulate the virtues that attract wealth. These virtues that attract wealth work in synergy to give value at the market place.

With wisdom, the entrepreneur knows how to conceive ideas, birth ideas, manage his employees and customers, as well as anything that has to do with the rise and fall of his business.

In the same vein, wisdom gives the employee directions on how to deal with his boss, subordinates and customers for harmonious delivery of value. Therefore, wisdom builds virtue, Virtue give value and value attracts true wealth. No Wisdom, No Virtue, no value, no true wealth.

Can you purse and think about your style of wealth creation?

Do you strive to make money at all cost or you strive to create value in all you do?  It is written, “Wisdom is the principal thing. In all thy getting, get understanding.”  How do you get understanding?  Understanding what?   Where does understanding come from?

Understanding comes from knowledge. There is no understanding without knowledge.  The place of understanding in the wealth creation process cannot be overemphasized.

Do you want to be wealthy? Go for knowledge in any area of interest or area of business/career.  Don’t only get knowledge, strive to understand; its understanding that facilitates wisdom when the need for wisdom arises.

In a layman’s explanation, Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge. How can you apply the knowledge you don’t understand? It’s in understanding that you will know when, how, where and what to apply knowledge.

Knowledge correctly applied creates wisdom, wisdom creates virtue, virtue creates value and value creates true wealth.

One strong virtue of wealth creation is Integrity and I want to lay more emphasis on it; it’s a great access in life. Having it guarantees you success in business/ career and life in general.  

Dear friend, how can you explain the route you took to where you are right now?  Is it worth hearing and emulating? Or it’s just for your ears alone.

There are no shot cuts to true wealth creation. What problems are you solving genuinely at the market place?  The bigger the problem you solve genuinely, the higher you go and the more wealth you accumulate.

My Executive Directors always say, “Without integrity, you lose more than you gain.” When you under deliver your promise in business or in the workplace, it may be better off in the time being, but the losses on the long run cannot be measured with the initial gains.

In our life time, we have witnessed people without the true wealth accumulation virtues crash with time.  Why not strive to build those true virtues, so as to be exonerated from a ‘melt down.’

Even those that are still standing, it will soon tell on them.  Watch out!

Say no to ‘sharp practices’, they’ll short change your glorious destiny.

In response to the conversation above: Everyone can be wrong! That everyone believes or indulges in a particular thing does not make it right.

The pursuit of wealth accumulation as the true determinant of success points to the fact that there is a misappropriation of values.  Build the virtues that aid true wealth and see how your wealth creation process will be on autopilot. 

Lacking Integrity, which is one of the major virtues of true wealth creation, means you are in pursuit of wealth rather than wisdom. Be wise!

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