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By: Lolia On: 10:38:00 am
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    ‘Agha’ (Catfish) as popularly called in my mother tongue, reminds me of my growing up years at home – the Niger Delta.  It’s one of the fishes I loved eating, back in the days, though there were people that never liked it at the time and the major reason they had then was the smoothness of the body.

    In spite of all, it is obvious that a majority of sea food consumers still love it. Fishermen celebrate their catch when it’s more of Catfish. You can rarely see a fish farmer not producing cat fish; it is the most produced of all domestic farm fishes. From all indications, it is the fastest selling fish in the market, especially in Western Nigeria.

    I’ve come to realize that Catfish pepper soup is being prepared differently in the West, as compared to what is done in Southern & eastern Nigeria, and the process affects the taste on the long run.   


    Here, I will be talking about the process, with less emphasis on measurement.

    Ingredients: Catfish, Pepper (fresh or dried), onions, spices, Salt, Seasoning, Leaf and water.
    1. Get your Catfish from the market, Grocery store or supplier.  

    2. Clean it thoroughly. You can ask the sellers to do the cleaning and cutting for you, for a token or for free.

    3. Rinse thoroughly

    4. Boil water. About 50 degrees  Celsius. Make sure the water is not too hot; else it will peel off the skin of the fish.

    5. Pour the water on the catfish.  You will see some mucus floating on the worm water.

    6. Take the fish off the water carefully and put in an empty pot.

    7. Divided your ingredients into 2 and add to your fish in the pot: Salt, Pepper (fresh or dried), onions, spices, seasoning, etc. Do not add your leave yet. Some people add tomatoes (fresh or Tin).

    8. Add a drop of water to your pot to sustain the steaming.

    9. Steam/season for 5-10 minutes.

    10. Remove pot from fire.

    11. You can remove fish from pot after steaming or use another pot.

    12. Add water to an empty pot: A quantity that will be at same level with the cat fish, when the fish will be added finally.

    13. Place pot on fire and add the half ingredients you left initially. Please do not leave out your salt.

    14. Allow pot to boil for 5-10 minutes.

    15. You can now add the fish or pour the boiled substance on the fish, that is, if you left it in a pot.

    16. Place on fire and add your sliced leaf (curry, Scent leaf, uziza, utazi, etc,). It could be a combination of leaves or a single leaf, depending on your taste.

    17. Use your spoon to arrange your catfish in the pot. There’s no point stirring.

    18. Allow pot to boil for 4-7 minutes.

    19. Your Catfish pepper soup is ready.

    20.Serve while still hot and fresh.

    It can be eaten with:  Soft drinks, White rice, Boiled Yam, plantain, potato (sweet & Irish), beans, and so on.  There are times some people take it with swallow.

    Do try this style and see the difference in taste.

    Note: The reason for cooking the water and Catfish separately is to prevent the fish from being in shreds at the end of your cooking. 

    You can prepare this during the weekend for yourself,  family, guests, friends and the like. 

    Have A lovely Day!



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