Friday, 11 August 2017

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By: Lolia On: 9:49:00 am
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  • Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins, is one of the 3 books recommended for this month is a classic released in 1986.

    When you hear the word Power, what is it that really comes to your mind?

    There are 2 popular ideas of power:  Having enough physical strength to exert on things and the ability to have superior standing over others.  

    Contrary to these 2 notions about power, Tony Robbins talks about the ability, as an individual,  to take control of your own life so as to become an agent of positive change in your world.

    I think this is the kind of power every single player in the Enterprise should desire.  

    In this book, Unlimited Power, Tony explores several different techniques to accelerate personal development and change, which includes conquering phobias and emotional scars.

    These techniques are largely devoted to controlling your state or emotional response to different situations at different times, to achieve positive results.

    Some of the techniques includes: finding a role model to emulate (modeling), connecting a state to a physical action or other stimulus (anchoring), and mental exercises to change associations.  

    He has used these techniques to help countless people improve their performance, including Military men, career professionals, Business owners, Youth and a number of adults in his seminars and workshops.

    This book should be taken seriously, as it contains valuable content that will help you take full charge/responsibility for your life to affect your world positively.

    Unlimited Power will be better appreciated when you dedicate your time to do the exercises and activities described. To get the promised benefits and make your time worthwhile, I’ll urge you to get the book this 421 pages long book and make it your companion this season.  


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