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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


A $135 commodity exchange set up by integrated Produce City Limited in Edo State.

Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Produce City, Mr Pat Utomi, speaking to News men in Abuja said, “The concept of a wholesale-produce market is to enable the farmer to fully dispose his produce, instead of today where he loses 80% of his output that rots before it can reach the market.”

He further explained that the exchange was the first agricultural commodities exchange accessible to nearby growers of cocoa, palm nuts, rubber, cassava and local manufacturing companies.

This is a welcome development in the Agricultural sector of the country as sector and the economy at large is expected to experience a boost.

A good number of Nigerians have made a fortune from agriculture; more are going into it. In the last 3 years one can barely count the number of individuals around that have gone into it.

The sector seem to be experiencing a boom in the midst of the recession plaguing the economy. It is one of the top 3 investors’ haven in Nigeria for now, ranking with ICT and Oil & Gas.

A client of mine that runs a super market business is head over hills on crop farming right now.  While discussing with him, he said to me, “from what I’ve seen thus far, crop & livestock farming are 'gold mine' in today’s Nigeria. ”

 In spite of shift taking place in the economy, we still have some individuals that despise the agricultural sector for reasons best known to them. But I think such reasons are not tenable if they are real entrepreneurs/investors.  
Are you an Entrepreneur, Aspiring entrepreneur or an investor? The agricultural sector is the real destination right now. There are more than enough businesses in this sector.

Think about it!

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