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Tuesday, September 05, 2017


Where are you heading to in your career?  It’s not every bus you see at the garage that is going to your destination. Neither does every road lead to your destination. You must know your destination, as well as your route. In other words, you must have goals for your career success.

Career success emanates through career development, which is a life time journey of building and making productive use of your skills, knowledge and experiences.

In the course of building your career, the sum of all the relationships and events in your life, family, friends, education, work and leisure activities are of utmost important; they determine the success of your career to a large extent.

In our last post on career development, we discussed choosing a fulfilling  career. Choosing the right career alone does not guarantee career success. There are keys, when properly applied, will lead to your career success.

Below are 20 tips for your career success: 

1. INCORPORATE YOURSELF: See yourself as a company and be the CEO in your mind.  See yourself as an entity that is going to succeed.  

To make this style work for you, you must have a healthy self-esteem, which is non- negotiable. Do not think or behave like someone with a low self-esteem, even when situations are not favourable. Refuse every thought in that direction; success is first within and then without.  Nobody may believe in you; you must believe in yourself.  Think and act like a CEO. 

2. MAKE GOOD DECISIONS: “Decision is the hallmark of destiny.” Know that your decision determines your destiny:  The decisions you took yester years brought you where you are today.  Better decisions will take you to your desired place in your career. Know when and how to make the right decisions. Choose the right career for you.

You must have goals for your life and career. Goals for spiritual life, health, family life, Education, finances, etc.  What values are you going to live by? Define your values.  Don’t let anyone define your values for you. If anyone does that for you, he or she is defining your life. Financial independence and friendship must be values for all.

3. HAVE INTEGRITY:  You must be a man or woman of integrity.  Be perfectly honest with yourself, God and man.  Integrity is in short supply in some countries in Africa, such as Nigeria. Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Make sure you do a job you love and are passionate about, so as to maintain your integrity.  Make sure you care about and love the people you work for/with.

4. WATCH YOUR ATTITUDE: Your attitude is the sum total of you thoughts, emotions, feelings, words and actions. Your attitude determines your altitude.  Take responsibility for your attitude; it is responsible for your success in life. When things go wrong in your work place, don’t join the crowd murmuring, speak out! You must choose how you respond to life. Always have a positive attitude. A pessimist sees difficulties in every opportunity, while an optimist sees opportunities in difficulties. Work on your attitude!

5. HAVE A SENSE OF URGENCY: Stop procrastinating. “Procrastination is the thief of time.” “A King’s business requires haste.” Develop the attitude, “it must be done now.”  “First things first.” Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg ceased their opportunities while they were still in school. Develop the ability to set your priorities right by focusing on the things that are more important and doing them fast.

Develop a reputation for speed and reliability. Start a task and finishing it in no time. To thrive on this path, you must learn the power of concentration. Know how to handle distractions tactically. In other words, be diplomatic in handling distractions.

6. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: There are 2 types of customers in every organization – internal and external. Your co-workers are your internal and first customers. You must understand the people you are working with. There’s a direct relationship between how much how you relate with your co-workers, especially your Boss, and how much you earn. You must be loyal to your Boss and your organization.  You don’t compete against your organization.  Always learn to please your boss in most cases.

7. ACCEPT 100% RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR CAREER:  Don’t thrust your career progress and development to your HR.  Learn new skills, patterns, etc. Don’t only take responsibility for yourself, also take responsibility for your Boss and your company. Research has shown that the top 3% of those at the top are those that see the company as their own. This will facilitate your upward progress in your organization.

8. WORK HARD: Hard work doesn’t kill; its negative emotions that kill. Hard work always pays. Smart work is even better. Smart work says, “mental work must precede physical work.”  Learn to go the extra mile by doing more than what you’re being paid. The more you do the job, the more you get better at it.

9. CONTINUOUS SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Keep working on yourself. You cannot advance beyond where you are now until you learn new skills. It will always pay you.  When you keep improving on yourself, pay day will definitely coming.  Longevity in service doesn’t guarantee job security; it’s the strength/value of your skills that really guarantees job security.  The more you sharpen your skills, the more better jobs come your way.

10. YOUR ASSOCIATION: If you flock with Turkeys, the best you can be is a “fine Turkey.” “If you move with 6 millionaires, you’ll end up being the 7th millionaire.”  Redefine your association. If you associate with people with negative attitude, things will be difficult for you.  If you keep scratching with ‘turkeys,’ you cannot fly with the ‘eagles.’ Don’t be sentimental about your destiny. Access your friends’ circle once in a while.  Be willing to let go off people that will pull you down.

To be continued….

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