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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


In our last post on 20 tips for your career success, we had 10 tips. In this post, we shall be discussing the next 10 tips.

11. COURAGE: you must be bold enough to take action, even when you’re afraid. You can’t afford to be timid. Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. “A timid person is frightened before the danger, a coward during the danger, a courageous person after the danger.” - Jim Paul.

Learn to take calculated risk and sometimes step out of your comfort zone. You can adapt SWOT analysis in managing your risks.

S – If I stay on this job or level, what are the advantages?
W – If I stay, what are the worst things that can happen?
O – If I leave, what are the opportunities out there?
T – If I leave, what are the negative things that can happen?

12 . COMMUNICATION: You must know how to communicate. It is not the same thing as talking. You must know how to be diplomatic with your words. You don’t talk authoritatively to your boss, you rather appeal or suggest to authority.  Learn how not to pour out your emotions in writing to an authority.

Whatever you write, you cannot ‘unwrite’ it. Learn how to lift people with your words. Know how to do self-talk regularly, say something good to yourself, say something good to other people. Don’t be rude to people, respect people. When you talk, say something meaningful, something constructive.

13. HONE YOUR SKILLS: Learn everything possible about your job to become an expert in your field.  Know your job inside-out. Try to shoot to be among the top 5% professionals in your field; when you’re an expert, you’ll always attract value.

14. BE A TEAM PLAYER: Be co-operative with others; you can’t do the job alone. Be out to give to others and willing to help others do their jobs. Always give the credit of success to others.

15. DRESS FOR SUCCESS: 95% of the first impression that people will have of you is from your dressing (Packaging). Use the top people in your organization or field as your model. Dress for where you’re going, not where you are or where you’re coming from. When you improve on your dressing, the management will notice it and you’ll be treated with respect. Good dress sense works. Dress at least one level higher than your current position.

Note: no amount of good clothing can cover up a sick body, character and competence, also work on these areas.
16. BE SERVICE-ORIENTED: Always see yourself as a servant to others; Service is the key to greatness. Learn to roll up your sleeves and be willing to do the dirty jobs.  When you add value to others, value will naturally come to you.

17. BE A STRATEGIC PLANNER: Do not plan because you’re told to plan, plan with intent. Learn to consider the consequences of your decisions before embarking on them. Plan your work and work your plan.

18. DEVELOP YOUR CREATIVITY: Be creative in whatever field you find yourself. If you’re not creative, you’ll look boring in the eyes of the people around you. Once you re off the job, think about how you can do it better when next you lay your hands on it.

19. BE EXCELLENCE-ORIENTED:  You must be committed to excellence by continually improving on your job to be one of the top people. When your work quality improves on a daily basis, it communicates to people that you’re serious with your job. You’re competing with your destiny and not man. Focus your energy on performance and not on company politics. Wherever 2 or 3 are gathered, there’s politics. Excellence is not a day’s journey, it’s a daily job. 

20. CONNECT WITH GOD:  When you do, the spirit of the Lord will make available, resources that are beyond your human understanding, so as to ease your job and announce you. Daniel, in the Bible, and his friends were spirit-filled as politicians. Whatever job you do, you need to connect with God and be spirit-filled. With the Holy Spirit, you have a better chance to succeed than the person without the Holy Spirit.

CONCLUSION:  “You work is your worth.” In this instance, your career is your worth and you mustn’t be trivial about it. Do all you can to make the most of your career; in it you’ll find the fulfillment people crave for at the market place.

Go through these tips over and again, look for areas in your career you can apply them and the sky will be your starting point. 

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