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Saturday, September 02, 2017


My former Boss never liked rest and he transferred the pressure on us, his staff. The pressure  was so intense that we worked every day of the week. We had no social life and barely had time for ourselves & families. It was even a shocker to him when I told him I wanted to get married; he least expected it, due to our very tight work schedule. My colleagues too were a bit surprised that I could meet my husband, in spite of what we were going through at work.

My boss would never listen to advice from anyone around him, including his wife, to take some time off and rest.  He once had a warning in Owerri, Imo State:  He slumped in church and was rushed to the clinic. The doctor kept him on bed rest for over a week and it was obvious he wasn’t happy about that; he missed some business deals while on bed rest.
In spite of his experience, he came out and continued his ‘marathon lifestyle’; he valued work over his life. Tragedy stroked when he was invited to present a speech in Abuja. He slumped again on stage and was rushed to the clinic where he was confirmed dead by the doctors.  -  Anonymous narrator.

“…… and God rested.”  If God will make out time and rest after creation, who are you to say no to rest?

When we value work over our lives, we put our lives at risk.  With this mindset, not only will our lives be at risk, our job also will be at risk. Why? It’s in resting that renewal can come for better productivity.

A lot of us work and work without considering ourselves, which is very risky. For some, it’s something we cannot control, while for others, we deliberately imposed it on ourselves. Both parties run with it maybe because of the benefits that come with it.

In all we do we must bear in mind that it’s only the living that enjoy the benefits we crave after.  Some people are so busy that they don’t eat at work for long hours, even when they do, they eat in motion. Check your eating pattern: If you always eat in motion, there is a problem.

A man who works without resting is not in control of his life or his life is out of control; as such you live your life at deficit. Living your life at deficit means you’re not leading yourself, something else is leading you; this can be disastrous. To lead yourself, you must be able to gain control of your life per time.  

I once worked in a place where I worked from 7am to 10:30pm every other day, including Saturdays and Sundays. I tell you:  I lost my peace. Though my pay was more than every single staff in the organization, at the time, I wasn’t a happy person; of a truth, I didn’t have a life. I had to do the needful to regain back my life.

Maybe you’re in such condition; you can still do something about it. There are many ways around it: Negotiate with your boss, get another job or resign for good. Money cannot buy life.

To be more effective in your life’s pursuit, you must learn to observe the Sabbath. It must not be on Saturday, but you can choose any day of the week for your rest; 7 days a week without resting will make a person weak and ineffective.

At the moment, you may think nothing is happening to your level of productivity, that is, you are still very productive. A time will come when the effect of not resting will play out in your life and the consequences might not be funny.

Sabbath is a commandment and something you plan along with life. A commandment is something you obey without negotiation or questioning. You obey without a second thought. Obedience is what is required of you.

Do not be deceived by the volume of work stirring at you, work will always be there for you to do. Hard work is very important, but no matter how hard you work, you cannot do or exhaust all the work at once. Always bear in mind that you are more important than the work.  Remember, you don’t have two lives to live.

Just as sleep is naturally compulsory, make rest compulsory for yourself, so you’ll not be laid to rest.  Not you!

When you rest, you’ll be more effective; resting opens and renews you for better phases of your pursuit.  Therefore in all you do, you must observe a break at some point before you start again or continue.

One major thing you need to do during your Sabbath is deep thinking.  At this level you reason better, ideas flow, you get answers to some lingering questions, solutions to some tough problems show up, your body & mind are renewed, you’re opened to possibilities, amongst others. The beauty is that, you come back to work refreshed.

If you don’t observe Sabbath regularly, you’ll need a longer period for a retreat.

Today being Saturday, what are your plans about resting? Do you still have an array of activities? If yes, when do you intend resting?

We all need mental stability and rest is one major way of attaining it. Do something about observing rest and you’ll come to realize the benefits are enormous.

Have A Beautiful Weekend!

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