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Monday, September 25, 2017


Google and Yahoo are both search engine companies that have been around for many years. Yahoo had been in the business before Google came on board, but Google is the giant search engine company today. Why? They strive to improve their services by the day, making information more accessible, thus improving user experience.  Ever since they came on board, they have never rested on their laurels.

Improving user experience continually is a mark of excellence. The way Google search engine works a year after they started (2000) has really changed; it is more user friendly today.

Not to say it wasn’t good then, but Google never saw the functionality of their search engine, at the time, as the ultimate destination. Rather, they kept working at it and today they are where they are – a household name globally, with a market capitalization of over $600B.

Their competition, Yahoo and others, are far below $200B market capitalization and do not have as much traffic and trust from users. This is what excellence can do for anyone and any business.

For you want to excel in business, excellence is a must, it does not cost; it pays. It is not a sacrifice; it’s an investment because the money will always come back to you at least in double fold.

What then is excellence?

It is the possession of good quality in an unusual degree. To excel or surpass ordinary standards in whatever you do. I love defining excellence as a persistent improvement on the best.

To be a notable organization or individual, excellence must speak in all you do- product quality, service delivery, customer care, environment, dressing, communication, timing, office or shop furniture, staff management, work condition, equipment, relationships, amongst other.  

To be an excellence oriented person or organization, go for quality first before quantity in all you do. You don’t have to compromise your service to grow a very large business. If you keep delivering at an extraordinary level, it will get to a point where you will not be ignored. The more you do it well, the more people show up to patronize you. Even at your work place, you cannot be a person of excellence and be ignored.

There is a general myth that you must have a large amount of money before you can achieve excellence. Excellence is not a big deal but little, little things make it up. For me it is a going concern.

Insisting on excellence has a cost and being ordinary also has a cost. Don’t ask “what will it cost me to do it”. Rather ask” what will it cost me if I don’t do it? Can I afford not to do it?

I’m saying this because you might be tempted to keep your money. In keeping your money, you may be losing out in some funds coming ahead; poor quality or ordinary goods/servcies retards growth. When you ignore excellence, you lose so much without knowing.

One might be asking, “must I be a person of excellence to make it in life?” The answer is Yes. Yes because things keep changing and improving every other day and you must have the excellence culture to keep pace with the changes. How? The culture must emanate from you, then to your business or your job.

The truth is, excellence begins from within you, as a person, before it can reflect on anything you do. That is why your sense of perception is very important. Your perception about yourself is more superior to what you really are. When you see yourself as someone that cannot settle for less, it reflects in everything you do.

I want to give you an instance using the private school setting. Check on the private schools around you or the private schools you know. The standard at which each and every one of them operate is according to the perception of the proprietor or proprietress. The schools are a reflection of their proprietors and proprietresses.

The schools you see as outstanding, do a research on the proprietor or proprietress, you will realize they are people of excellence. You cannot give what you don’t have.

Excellence is first and foremost a thing of the mind. Something has to happen to the mind. The shift in your mind is what will cause a shift in whatever you lay your hands. If you choose to be excellent in whatever you do, you will naturally attract like minds and there are things that will never come near you. If peradventure they come, they will not stay.

A writer once said, “Today’s success will be tomorrow’s failure if not improved upon.” Always bear in mind that today is fast joining the past; the things around us are improving on a daily basis. When you compromise improving on yourself and what you do, you are indirectly relegating yourself to the background.  

Yahoo messenger has been there before Facebook and other chatting platforms came on board, but Yahoo never saw any need to improve on what they do. I could remember vividly, in 2002, I used to be on Yahoo messenger, chatting with some distant friends, on a regular basis. If Yahoo had insisted on excellence in what they do, they would have been on top of their game today.  

There are better ways of doing what you do right now that the world is applauding you. Do not let the praises around deceive you; it can be better. If you ignore improving on what you do right now, someone somewhere will come up with an improved and better version and customers and employees, being who they are, will always drift.

Customers and employees are always on the lookout for better experiences on the goods and services they get/consume. Resting on your laurels today because you think you have the best product or service, is only an indication that you are on your way out of the market.

Resting on your laurels means you have arrived. Those who think they have arrived are yet to begin the journey, in reality.  In my post, Success Habits For High Flyers, I did mention that Excellence is not a destination, It’s a never ending journey; you keep working at it. It must be your watch word, that is, your core value.

 You are not getting enough patronage in your business, maybe because you haven’t imbibed the excellence culture. If you do, patronage will naturally flow. You are not being promoted in your workplace, maybe because you haven’t paid attention to excellence. When you do, your promotion will come to you with speed.

You are yet to get a job or a better job, maybe because excellence is not perceived in your CV and your presentations during interviews. When you do, you will be the preferred candidate for every recruiter.  

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