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Monday, September 18, 2017


Knowing the right associates will be of immense help in your journey to the ‘promised land.’ If you don’t stand for anything, you will fall for anything. Define the caliber of people you would want to associate with, on a regular basis, and go for them.

You can use the following traits to identify the right associates:  Competence, 
Integrity, Character and Chemistry.  Let’s talk more about them.
COMPETENCE: They know what they’re doing and they’re good at what they do. An associate that is good at what he/she does will definitely influence you to be up your game. He/she will also add his expertise into what you’re doing to ensure it’s a success.

INTEGRITY: It is the foundation for enduring success. It is being perfectly honest with God, yourself and others. When you associate with people of integrity, you will never go astray. There are people you’ll tell about your idea that will even start it before you. They’ll take your idea to the market before you attempt it.

People with integrity can never be caught in this act. They’re always truthful; no matter the circumstance. Their yes is always yes.  You can lease valuable things with them & go to sleep with your two eyes closed.
CHARACTER: Associate with people that their character has been tested over time. Associating with people with the right values can ease your entrance into some high profile jobs and the market; their character has already built a platform in the market that any one allowed to leverage on it will have no stress in succeeding.

A successful business merchant, for instance,  with over 15 years experience & good track record introducing you to his business associates & customers. In this instance you’ll barely look for customers, if only you can treat these people he introduced to you very well.
Alternatively, a high profile executive introducing you to his network, finding your desired job and moving up the ladder will not be a challenge to you, if only you will work with the right values. 
CHEMISTRY: There are some people in life that no matter how you try to adjust to please them, you don’t just agree. You don’t feel at ease with them, no matter how hard you try, your association with them will even make you look weak and bad in the eyes of the world because they will always fault and attack you.
Sometimes you’ll be tempted to attack them in a bid to defend yourself; it is being said that, “The best form of defense is attack.” Try as much as you can to avoid any contact with such people; the world is watching you. Those watching you are your potential employers or customers/clients. The people you should associate with are those that you naturally flow with.

There are some people you see for the first time and you can’t help it but love each other. Always pray to meet such people, because it will help you & your dreams. Such people will maintain the serenity in you or create one for you. You need serenity to excel in life - entrepreneurship and Career.

CONCLUSION: Attaining success in any endeavor can only be made easy with the right association. You must build relationships with intent.
This post is a follow up on one of the 22 success habits discussed early on this blog and must be taken seriously. Do not treat the place of association in your life with levity, as your success in business/career depends largely on it.
Do everything within your reach to scrutinize your association!  

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