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Wednesday, September 06, 2017


Have you had about Job Show Africa before now? Have you or anyone around you benefited from it. A good number of job seekers in Nigeria, especially in Lagos are benefactors of this program.

I got to know about The Job show Africa in 2014, then it was called ‘The Job Show.’ The host of the program, Mr Bimbola Adewole started this show in 2013. He’s a humble and simple gentle man, who is selfless in the discharge of his humanitarian responsibilities.

In an event I attended at Trinity House V.I Lagos, in 2014, Mr Bimbola narrated how he started the show. According to him, “my wife wanted a job and I asked her to get a directory and send a text message to potential employers, that any one that calls first will be her employer. True to my word, we did send the messages together and her current employer called her. She was fixed for an interview and the rest is history.

At that point I realized as much as people are looking for job, there are also employers looking for employees. There and then I decided to connect both parties using the media. The first people I approached was City FM (105.1) and they agreed to give me airtime for free. I started the show and as the demand grew, I requested for more airtime which was granted. Today, I’m on more radio stations and still counting.

Do you know the present name of the show, The Job Show Africa, is not just for the fun of it, as the show covers recruitment in other African countries? Employers send job request to Mr Bimbola on a regular basis and testimonies abound from job seekers on their job successes through the show.

Are you a job seeker or do you have any job seeker around you? Why not connect with The Job Show Africa get the answer to your job search? Let the job seekers around you know about the show and compel them to identify with the program. I said compel them because upon hearing it, they might treat it with levity.  

I first had about it from a friend and decided to give it a try and it worked, though I have always been   business freaked. It was after I got the job that I attended the program where Mr Bimbola talked about how the show started. 

To be candid, at the said event, I saw some companies that came for recruitment. I vividly remembered coca-cola,  a number of banks, amongst others came around for recruitment.

Over the years, several of such program have been organized by The Job Show Africa and several job seekers across Africa have gained employment.  The Job Show Africa is real! Take advantage of it, especially those in Lagos.

Countless job vacancies have been filled through this show and more are yet to be filled. The job you seek might be gotten through The Job Show Africa. Every job is for free on this platform and will always be free. You don’t pay a dime.  
To connect to the show Africa by Mr Abimbola Adewole, tune in to the following radio stations:

City FM 105.1 – Monday, Wednesday & Friday- 10:30am

Top radio 90.9 FM – Monday 7pm to 8:30pm

NTA2 – Wednesday – 8pm.

There are other stations as well. You’ll get to know them when you follow the show.
Click here to view this testimony

Mr Bimbola speaking, “The show is targeted at stakeholders in the job market -Job seekers, Employees, Employers and Entrepreneurs.”  Why not give it a try and share your story?

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