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Wednesday, October 04, 2017


This isn’t exactly a conclusion, but an observation; it’s true to a large extent:

It’s awesome to gain admission into the higher institution and you feel a lot special, but when you’re actually in school, you’re one of 500,000+ other admitted students nationwide.

Upon graduation and entering into the job market, you find yourself competing with thousands of graduates for the same jobs and you feel less special very fast, in spite of your ‘super grade.’

This is particularly true when you are at the first stage of a job interview and you realize you are competing with Masters & Ph.D. holders, foreign universities graduates, well experienced candidates, and the like. Your ego drops a bit, if not totally.

What then is the solution? It’s very simple:  keep your own sense of “what makes you special”, and nurture that throughout your job haunt and career. As a matter of fact, you are expected to have discovered what makes you special right from your undergraduate days and work on it.

Unfortunately, the system in Nigeria and most African countries, do not have room for that, and so we go through school without knowing our major strengths and comparative advantages.

Someone told me many years ago, how that he was invited for a job interview. On getting to the venue, the recruiters kept them waiting for hours on end, and they ended up spending the entire day waiting for the interview to be done. To their greatest dismay, someone came up and addressed them, saying the interview has been rescheduled, that the new date would be communicated them.

Though most of the candidates were angry; they could not express it, but for a lady. She insisted the company compensated her for wasting her time. Initially, it was like a joke to others, but when she persisted with her claims, saying she wasn’t moving an inch if nothing was done, it dawned on everyone that she was really in for business.

Guess what! She became the qualified person to man the position. Why? The recruiters were looking out for a trait. A special requirement for the job, and the lady ignorantly displayed that trait. That makes her special among everyone. Audacity!

At the interview panel or chat room with recruiters, you need to act the position you’re ‘contesting’ for; going by qualification, job experience and written test, almost every candidate is qualified. Needless to say, a good number of them are highly connected.
So, the solution is to display ‘what makes you special’ that suits the job.

CONCLUSION: Think on these- Boldness, daring, people-skills, strong business acumen, strong analytical skills, flexibility, eye for detail, adaptability, communication, delegation, amongst others.  

Get to know what makes you special and develop it, for in it lays that ‘big job’ you’ve been dreaming of. It’s not so much of the qualifications you bag, but much of what makes you special.

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